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fade away texas

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fade away texas

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fade away texas
  • Chris Isaak Fade Away
    "Flowers and Gardens, abandoned from view. Cry for their love, like I do. People throw their love to whisper, think of all the boys who've kissed her. But to me it doesn't matter they, fade away, they"
  • Buddy Holly Fade Away
    "I wanna tell you how it's gonna be You're gonna give your love to me I'm gonna love you night and day Love is love and not fade away Well love is love and not fade away And my love is bigger than a Cadillac I'll"
  • Diecast Fade Away
    "We both knew the answers To our misery and pain that stained our being Lost in clouds of comfort So afraid to take the fall into desolation What could make you fade away? I can't pretend that there's"
  • Blur Fade Away
    "They stumbled into their lives In a vague way became man and wife One got the other they deserved one another They settled in a brand new town With people from the same background Kept themselves busy Long"
  • Christian Walz Fade away
    "Hey, I could be the dust I could be the dust Never care to wipe away and I, I could be the rain I could be the rain on your summer holiday Now it's easy there's a big parade I told my demon go now celebrate Go"
  • Quorthon Fade Away
    "Caught between the dusk and dawn I numb myself to death yet I'm awake I'm running out of alcohol I shouldn't feel a thing yet all I feel is hate I realise as the night goes by this is not the first time This"
  • Che Fu Fade Away
    "Che Fu Miscellaneous Fade Away No I'd never, thought I'd see the day When you would get up out of here So, long time friends We remain the same Until you return one day, I will say I would never fade-away"
  • Seether Fade Away
    "I wanna be there when you call I wanna catch you when you fall I wanna be the one you need I wanna be the one you breathe Todays the day well fade away, oh Todays the day well fade away, oh Todays the"
  • Oasis Fade Away
    "When I was young I thought I had my own key I knew exactly what I wanted to be Now I'm sure You've boarded up every door Lived in a bubble Days were never ending Was not concerned About what life was"
  • Scratchingpost Fade Away
    "You make things worth it So good so far Stay a little longer cause you can't You cant leave me out But you drove away from me again, Hit the road surrounded by your friends, And here's me alone and cursing"
  • Pain Fade Away
    "Press my face in the dirt see how long I can hold my breath pour some salt in my wounds I am just someone who doesn't fit in your world how can I smile with your gun to my head how can I reach out when"
  • Pooh Fade away
    "Fade away illusion in my mind please be gone you're just a shadow of the past now a vision of what couldn't last now leave me. Fade away and vanish from my dreams every night why does you memory still"
  • Chumbawamba Fade away
    "(I Don't Want To)Some set their hearts on a rocking chairThe better to sleep out the daysBut I'm looking for a reason to kick and screamI don't want to fade awayFade away, fade awayI don't want to fade"
  • 12 Stones Fade away
    "I need you to feel exactly like I do insideBut I feel so alone againI try to find a better lifeSomewhere far away from hereBut I need you to believe in meBut I won't be afraidJust because you don't need"
  • O.C. Supertones Fade Away
    "Seems like I spent the past three years, just struggling with these ideas. And the more I learn, the less I really know. But to the things I do, I will hold tight. Because I didn't win them without a fight. It's"
  • Velvet Acid Christ Fade Away
    "no fun, no dreams, no life, no time no fun, no dreams, no time, no life another day of misfortune another day of hating everyone another day of hatred of depression on succession on the mental breakdown no"
  • Selah Sue Fade Away
    "My feelings go away, And I’m about to lose hope. My eyes won’t see the light Because my tears keep falling down. ‘cause I’m about to feel the air of life, Yeah, I was waiting too long And I’ll get you"
  • Udora Fade away
    "Distance kills my prideIt makes me numb insideBlood won't run throughout my veinsMy love slowly diesAs I forget these tiesAnd what was pure is filled with stainsIm running round the world aloneIm losing"
  • Che Fu Fade-Away
    "** No, I never thought I'd see the day When you would get up out of here So, long-time friends, we remain the same Until you return one day, I would say... Chorus: I would never fade away on you I would"
  • Sloan Fade Away
    "Trace patterns to see If we're just rewriting history The die it was cast long ago A carbon copy we could have been Buried under files that won't be seen The die it was cast long ago Everybody seems content"

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