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fallen angel in the dark three days grace

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fallen angel in the dark three days grace

  • Fallen Angel - Esham
    "I was an unplanned pregnant, brought forth by a mistake Go on into a world, filled up wit lust a hate Little do I know about life, but I'm still learnin First I'mma journey through hell, without burnin Livin"
  • Fallen Angel - Band, The
    "Band, The Miscellaneous Fallen Angel Are you out there Can you hear me Can you see me in the dark I don't believe it's all for nothing It's not just written in the sand Sometimes i thought you felt too"
  • Fallen angel - Midge Ure
    "Hush with your talk now, nothing to say bout what life has done to you Cradle your young head safe in my bed and I will help pull you through Listen to every word I say to you and then you`ll know its"
  • Fallen Angel - Possessed
    "Decieving angel full of hate Outcasts will rebel Below the crust, the dark kingdom Also known as Hell Fallen angel distrusts god Exiled down below His burning lust to power all Starts his own domain Poisoned"
  • Fallen Angel - Robbie Robertson
    "Are you out there Can you hear me Can you see me in the dark I don't believe it's all for nothing It's not just written in the sand Sometimes I thought you felt too much And you crossed into the shadowland And"
  • Fallen Angel - Poison
    "She stepped off the bus out into the city streets Just a small town girl with her whole life Packed in a suitcase by her feet But somehow the lights didn't shine as bright as they did On her mama's TV"
  • Fallen Angel - Roger Daltrey
    "By Kit Hain 1985 by Kit Hain Music Ltd Publishing Intersong-USA Inc International copyright secured Out of favour Into the fire Throw my state of grace I fall to ruin You call me a liar The blight of"
  • Fallen Angel - Flesh Field
    "Innocence was lost in your embrace. All I knew, Forgotten. My disgrace. I hold onto nothing. I am without guilt. I take all you have. I take all you've built. I feel the desire to fade away inside. I"
  • Fallen angel - L'
    "I found you broken on the ground From your mouth a bitter sound That became sweeter as I approached You in your deepest agony I put you up and raised you well And more than stories ever tell I fell in"
  • Fallen Grace - Undying
    "there is a place in hell for you for each minute suffered, for each day survived paradise lost to heavens and hells have we emerged as that fallen grace? as adam who casts the first stone as eve who is"
  • Fallen Angel - The Tea Party
    "Falling from the sky baby, I must have lost my wings. I never thought I'd ever leave the place where angels sing. Oh help me won't you baby, cause I have to kiss the sky. With out the wings you gave me,"
  • Fallen angel - The Band
    "Are you out thereCan you hear meCan you see me in the darkI don't believe it's all for nothingIt's not just written in the sandSometimes i thought you felt too muchAnd you crossed into the shadowlandAnd"
  • Grace - Abby Travis
    "Grace Life's seams are sewn with dreams To befriend the fates Ties a thread to the state of Grace Once attained can't be maintained Like a foam erased leaves a trace Of the state of Grace And every"
  • Grace - Lloyd Cole
    "once you were an angel jesse honey is it hard to take does it feel so bad to be 28 you were 23 and you could do anything now you open your mouth and spit the gutter out i was walking down by the river"
  • Grace - Ruby
    "Baby comes one time and in his touch I feel a grace that only he can bring And with his kiss, I feel a grace That only he can bring, only he can bring Baby comes two times and with his touch I feel warmth"
  • Fallen Angel - King Crimson
    "Tears of joy at the birth of a brother Never alone from that time Sixteen Years through knife fights and danger Strangely why his life not mine West side skyline crying Fallen angel dying Risk a life"
  • Fallen angel - Uriah Heep
    "Fallen Angel... Fallen Angel...Everyone I see reminds me of youI keep turnin' round expectin' you to be thereI keep seein' our past through my looking glassBut fallen angel where are you nowAfter all these"
  • Fallen angel - Debbie Gibson
    "I've always tried to break through your walls of fire An angel in love can always fly much higher 'Til I looked in your eyes That's when I left the skies Take me now I'm your fallen angel You taught me"
  • Fallen Angel - At Vance
    "Now that I see myself without the shades of fear The tears of bitterness taste strange but now it's clear And I used to think I've owned a wall that's build with love But you have torn it into fragments"
  • Fallen Angel - Styx
    "(Dennis DeYoung) Hell nobody's perfect One hundred percent No saint, no Pope, no King no Queen No President But our hunger for heroes Has made us blind We seek salvation From the cup of human kind But"

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