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fallen angel just lat go you don't have b�� alone

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fallen angel just lat go you don't have b�� alone

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fallen angel just lat go you don't have b�� alone
  • At Vance Fallen Angel
    "Now that I see myself without the shades of fear The tears of bitterness taste strange but now it's clear And I used to think I've owned a wall that's build with love But you have torn it into fragments"
  • Gabrielle Fallen Angel
    "Sky is wide; trees are burnt, Been a while since you stood here, You feel cold, so alone, Yet the wind whispers hello' and it blows, When it blows Fallen angel, with shattered dreams, Trying to"
  • 2 Girls Fallen Angel
    "Forgive me, my weakness My crying last night My heart wont believe it Get out of my sight Without you I'm losing the grip on my life Last night my whole world had died I'm just a falling angel losing my"
  • Alphaville Fallen Angel
    "I hear those voices on the radio I switched it off because she told me so She's an investigator She's like an elavator Nobody told me we'd be all alone You know Somewhere my friend he'd left me In that"
  • Diamond Head Fallen angel
    "As white as lily glimmered sheLike a ships fair ghost upon the seaShame on the man who passes byThis fallen angel from the skyIf you realized just who you could beYou gotta tear it up, and give it up and"
  • One Dove Fallen
    "I don't know why I'm telling you any of this One thing is, don't ever tell anyone I told you this Don't save me, just forgive me forgive me, 'cause I was only thinking of you Just you I'm falling... Well,"
  • Uriah Heep Fallen angel
    "Fallen Angel... Fallen Angel...Everyone I see reminds me of youI keep turnin' round expectin' you to be thereI keep seein' our past through my looking glassBut fallen angel where are you nowAfter all these"
  • Nazareth Fallen Angel
    "If you've never had no one Take the word of a fallen angel If you never been no where Take the word of a fallen angel If you've ever been lonely Take the word of a fallen angel You know you're not the"
  • Goldie Hill Fallen Angel
    "If I'm a fallen angel you can't blame me for it all If I'm a fallen angel you're the one who made me fall Another fallen angel that's what you call me now Because you see me out each night breaking every"
  • Backstreet Boys Fallen Angel
    "I wanna know Yeah I wanna know I wanna know I have been fooled You were so good at that So in blue Too many pieces to put back You were the best by far How do we end up like this, yeah And even though"
  • Band, The Fallen Angel
    "Band, The Miscellaneous Fallen Angel Are you out there Can you hear me Can you see me in the dark I don't believe it's all for nothing It's not just written in the sand Sometimes i thought you felt too"
  • The Tea Party Fallen Angel
    "Falling from the sky baby, I must have lost my wings. I never thought I'd ever leave the place where angels sing. Oh help me won't you baby, cause I have to kiss the sky. With out the wings you gave me,"
  • Robbie Robertson Fallen Angel
    "Are you out there Can you hear me Can you see me in the dark I don't believe it's all for nothing It's not just written in the sand Sometimes I thought you felt too much And you crossed into the shadowland And"
  • John Entwistle Fallen Angel
    "Nobody loves the fallen angel Once he's hit the ground There's only one way to go and that's down Nobody loves the prince of evil Don't need him around So Lucifer's hiding underground. You aim high, but"
  • Meat Loaf Fallen Angel
    "I took one look and something snapped inside, I said I love your eyes You took my heart, you took my breath away, I felt my temperature rise You said you've never loved a man this way That it was heaven"
  • Elbow Fallen Angel
    "All the fallen angels Roostin' in this place Count back the weeks on worried fingers Virgin mother whats 'erface You don't need to sleep alone You bring the house down Choose your favourite shoes And"
  • Duran Duran Fallen Angel
    "From this cloud where I hang dangle in the blue I spy you all tiny creatures on the ground below For my being reckless got me strung up in the sky But love is flawed now see the lowlies cry Cut my cord"
  • Kris Kristofferson Fallen angel
    "It's sad to see we may never be the way we were before We don't believe in the magic of the music anymore And everything's older now and colder and grey Oh, darlin' I believe there's got to be a better"
  • Co-Ro My Fallen Angel
    "Rising high, in the morning and the night Feeling low, never knowing where you'll fall Hypnotized, nothing can make you feel this way No way out, cause now your trapped and can't go back Why couldn't"
  • The Band Fallen angel
    "Are you out thereCan you hear meCan you see me in the darkI don't believe it's all for nothingIt's not just written in the sandSometimes i thought you felt too muchAnd you crossed into the shadowlandAnd"

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