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fallen down

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fallen down

  • Fallen Down - Godsmack
    "I can see what you keep inside. Emptyness plays stairs out your mind. Your blind. I cant see the (summers comming) I cant drink the (dirty water) I cant even (See the sunshine) All I know is Now i've"
  • Fallen Down - Assemblage 23
    "I've seen this face before It somehow looks familiar Tattered and weatherworn A sad, pathetic creature And once you stood so strong Your eyes alight with promise You vowed to carry on A heart once beat"
  • Fallen - Bree Sharp
    "Lucy is gazing, out into space She has starry eyes, starry eyes That light up her face, like an angel. Little girl, little girl questioning me. She says, "Why doesn't everyone Have what they need? Where"
  • Fallen - Rob Thomas
    "Well there's a woman sitting on the floorShe wonders what she's here forThere's a needle sitting by the doorThere's a woman with a hand to godShe's praying for redemptionHer baby's crying, she saysHow"
  • Fallen - Triinu Kivilaan
    "Your life is like a thunderstorm I saw your lightning flash Where is the girl I used to be Since the day you captured me You turned my whole world upside down That's just the way you are Noone makes me"
  • Fallen - 30 Seconds to Mars
    "Yeah, I've been to Jupiter And I've fallen through the air I used to live out on the moon But now I'm back here down on earth Why are you here? Are you listening? Can you hear what I am saying? I am not"
  • Fallen - Cryptal Darkness
    "I'm lost, I've fallen into a pain so deep Mercy is all I need a hand to save my soul I'll give you all if you want it I'll give you all if you need it If you want my pain If you want my pain Drowning"
  • Fallen - Jared Leto
    "Yeah! I've been to Jupiter And I've fallen through the air I used to live out on the moon But now I'm back here down on earth Why are you here? Are you listening? Can you hear what I am saying? I am not"
  • Fallen - Volbeat
    "Feel the sadness burning in my heart You left too early father So many things I should have said But in your mind you knew it well Holding on to what I gotta love But things still seem so dark and cold The"
  • Fallen - Mesh
    "Everyone's watching you Do you keep you're eyes down on the ground Everything's falling apart, Do the feelings just keep going round Talking is painful here, Will they always want you to appear Because"
  • Fallen - Pitty Sing
    "tart my soldiers ripping through my land Take my horses drown them in the sand And tear down my heart and tear down my heart And love me, nobody loves me So I'll just stay at home and overdose on coffee Nobody"
  • FALLEN PROPHET - Fallen Prophet
    "I'm not a prophet, just a simple poor man Open your mind, you'll be reborn again Uncovering secrets for an ounce of gold Prepare your mind for the story untold Pay to pray, It's all the same Heaven's"
  • Fallen - Nifkin
    "why can't you comprehend just take a look around why can't you see my side you just look at me and frown what i'd like to show you now is what you'll never see put me down and punish me call me a bad seed"
  • Fallen - Zox
    "Baby I do believe I'm fallen. Tumbling down, inside and out, 'Til the morning comes around. Sometimes I'm sure that I am crazy. It's taking its toll, It's making me old, With half the winter still to go. Maybe"
  • Fallen - Catamenia
    "I am gone into sky of broken dreams Never got myself to realize the pain I caused Bleeding with the thought knowing that I am the one with the lost soul... I've done things I'm not so proud of at all Forgive"
  • Fallen - Hunter
    "FALLEN muzyka: P. Grzegorczyk/P. Kdzierzawki tekst: P. Grzegorczyk I can cry when You let me cry... Even die when I see Your li(f)e... I can fall to save Your heaven... Can not sleep when I see Your"
  • Fallen - Superior
    "Still feel you near When your eyes are stabbin' me No need to read the signs- Wont foresee who I am I made my choice Officially now love is dead and gone And threatening shadows dancin' To guide me my"
  • Fallen - Elvis Costello
    "All the leaves are turning yellow, red and brown Soon they'll be scattered as they tumble down Although they may be swept up so invitingly I never did what I was told I trampled though the amber and the"
  • Fallen - Tait
    "She's a wreck Fragile and scarred Life is work and living is hard She's tired of the pain, tired of the fix She's tired of the games and the politics She's running on empty She wants an alternate"
  • Fallen Leaves - Billy Talent
    "In a crooked little town, they were lost and never found Fallen leaves, fallen leaves, fallen leaves... on the ground I hitched a ride, until the coast To leave behind, all of my ghosts Searching for"

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