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falling inside the bkac

  • Falling Inside - George
    "So, here I go again, I want to say no for the upteenth time the reins, they're slipping out of my reach I'm trying to enjoy this ride, if just a little while I know I'm such a lucky girl, but too much"
  • Falling Inside The Black - Skillet
    "Tonight I'm so alone This sorrow takes ahold Don't leave me here so cold Never want to be so cold Your touch used to be so kind Your touch used to give me life I've waited all this time, I've wasted"
  • Falling - Under The Shadow
    "Can you help me? I am falling away again Lost inside all this mess, lost inside again Can you help me I am falling away again Lost the sight of the end, need to find it again I can not pretend anymore I"
  • Inside - Sting
    "Inside the doors are sealed to love Inside my heart is sleeping Inside the fingers of my glove Inside the bones of my right hand Inside it's colder than the stars Inside the dogs are weeping Inside the"
  • Inside - Trevor Morgan
    "Well hello God it's me again Falling down on my knees again I thought I'd finally gotten past myself But I'm right back where I was before And I dont want to be here anymore Cause the fire still burns And"
  • Falling - Olivia Newton-John
    "(John Farrar) You won't regret falling The bruises you get falling Will all fade away Don't analyze falling Don't try being wise falling Forget all your plans They're out of your hands You're falling,"
  • Falling, Falling, Falling - Mandy Barnett
    "My heart is breaking, darling As the many tears are falling Falling, falling, falling just for you My eyes are burning, darling While my heart is sad and yearning Yearning, yearning, burning just for you You"
  • Falling - Olivia Newton John
    "You won't regret falling, the bruises you get falling, will all fade awayDon't analyse falling, don't try being wise, fallingForget all your plans, they're out of your handsYou're falling, falling, fallingBlindly"
  • Falling - Oblivion Dust
    "Tell me your secrets Tell me your secret Is it lie, lie, lies? And give me a whisper that disappears like a sigh, sigh, sigh I'm falling from above I need a miracle of love Am I an object? Laboratory"
  • Falling - Marquess
    "He said: "My girl I've got the Answers here inside You're looking sad maybe Some ?green' will make you happier tonight" All the faith inside was gone, yeah When she chose the easy road All the fear's still"
  • Falling - Balligomingo
    "Open my eyes Open my eyes and see you lying beside me Touch your lips Touch your lips to mine you're touching me inside Lightning flashes, river swells And I'm crashing to the ground Feels like I'm walking"
  • Falling - Gabrielle
    "How could I know when I first met you I was falling in love, never wanting to Cause out of the blue you went my way So lost for words, don't know what to say It's a craving Feels like in misbehaving Feels"
  • Falling - Bananafishbones
    "This letter is out for you today Wrote all the sorrow out of myself Wrote all my sorrow far away It's been a pity far too long I see you dance in angry ways Youre screaming at the pearl in your shell Forget"
  • Falling - Emmy Rossum
    "What's coming over me I've no control I hear a voice saying get a hold Of yourself you seem like Someone else I don't know Where have my senses gone, I lost my way With every touch you intoxicate Pull"
  • Falling - Unjust
    "The sounds you make, the shine you wear Its your own special ways Of falling out, into the sun with her... I can't help falling I hear you calling The bitterness rings true The sound your breath makes"
  • Falling - Guilty By Association
    "*Verse* Sometimes we have to do things we dont wanna do Like saying goodbye to someone you love, and who loved you It breaks your heart up inside But, you couldn't let it go on, you couldnt hide You try"
  • Falling - Dina Carroll
    "Why should I hide The way that you're making me feel inside You're giving me signs that I can't deny When I look at you I've looked at love now But love never showed me the way But I look at you in a way That"
  • Falling - Richard Marx
    "I've got a secret That I think I'm ready to share It may bring us closer It may be a burden to bear It's precious and it's real And all that I can feel Chorus: Is that I'm falling As deep as any ocean In"
  • Falling - Weekend Excursion
    "It's cold inside tonight Separated from you It's hard to find the light And the warmth that I was due You insisted you were right Instead we fell apart Now behold the sign Of my self-abandoned heart Cause"
  • Falling - Moonlyght
    "I am falling in a dark hole of sin Only the dark can still enthrall me Can you feel a dead smell around All my hopes are gone forever Escape to free yourself Life of cowardice (x2) Run, our world is"

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