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falling juan carlos

  • Falling - Juan Carlos Cano
    "Let me out Walk me out of here This is not where I want to be This is wrong And it's bringing me down I am holding on And I am falling apart Give me something I can feel Give me everything that's real This"
  • Ruby And Carlos - James McMurtry
    "Ruby said you're gettin' us in a world of hurt And down below the Mason Dumb Ass line the food gets worse I can't go back to TennesseeThat NASCAR country's not for me Go on if you think you must Carlos"
  • Carlos - Rodney Carrington
    "I gotta tell you this too,you know,I'm a short fucker,you know,like I said,I gotta,I work purely off personality.I aint got a problem with it.If I was tall I'd probably be stupid,I'm just guessing,I don't"
  • Carlos - Pete Yorn
    "(Don't Let It Go To Your Head) Into the roomKeep it burning throughHear what they said?Dont talk about thisIf you know how to sing it alone.Carlos works in a place that no one has goneIts howlin out tonightAnd"
  • Carlos - Gra pozor
    "Jakoś tak dzisiaj dziwnie czuje się Jakoś tak jakbym z nikim nie chciał być Dziś rano zjadłem śniadanie, poszedłem do pracy Pracuje na pierwszej zmianie Jakoś tak dzisiaj dziwnie czuje się Jakoś tak jak"
  • Letter From San Juan - DeSol
    "I can't believe what I'm going through Sent you a letter trying to get to you Been waiting so long for you to respond carving on these walls ain't helping me none I'm in a jail down in old San Juan Prisoner"
  • Juan - Coda 3
    "(Gonzalez, Coda3) Juan, dejó atrs Su espada y su dinero Juan, el quiere ms Q' ser solo el primero V por ah, sin preocupación Ni tiene casa, ni un coche sport Va, sin su Visa, sin MasterCard Todo lo que"
  • Carlos Dominguez - Tish Hinojosa
    "Carlos Dominguez, an unhappy man Always running away What are you searching for Carlos Dominguez? Why do you cry every day? I'm searching for something That I cannot find I look for a way I might find"
  • Carlos Rossi - E-40
    "(B-Legit) What's up fool, I got like 3 buck on the Rossi Let's go get perved (E-40) You don't wanna get perved, nigga You don't wanna fuck wit this Rossi shit (...) Man, don't forget the ice man (E-40) Oh,"
  • Pobre Juan - Man
    "Juan se lanzo marchandose al norte iba en busca de una vida digna cruzando Mexico por valles y por montes iba Juan lleno de fe. La historia es que Juan se iba a casar con Maria embarazada pero el no tenia"
  • Pobre Juan - Man
    "Juan se lanzó marchndose al norte iba en busca de una vida digna cruzando Mxico por valles y por montes iba Juan lleno de fe La historia es que Juan se iba casar con Mara embarazada pero el no tena ni"
  • Don Juan - Skaner
    "1.Masz w sobie coś,taki mały sexapil. Co noc wkradasz się w moje sny, Nie moge już,wciąż o Tobie tylko śnić. Zrobię wszytsko by z Tobą być! To nie Don Juan To nie Don Juan W Twoim sercu dziś zostawił ten"
  • San Juan - Daniel Lanois
    "Make me see a whole new way Make me see the new day, the new day, the new day Make me be, make me be, make me be a whole new way Meet me in San Juan, baby I'll be true Whisper sweet everything to you"
  • Don Juan - Georges Brassens
    "Gloire qui freine mort, de peur d'ecrabouiller Le hrisson perdu, le crapaud fourvoy Et gloire don Juan, d'avoir un jour souri A celle qui les autres n'attachaient aucun prix Cette fille est trop vilaine,"
  • Don Juan - Phantom Of The Opera
    "CHORUS: Here the sire may serve the dam, here the master takes his meat! here the sacrifical lamb utters one dispairing bleat. CARLOTTA AND CHORUS poor young maiden! for the thrill on your tongue of stolen"
  • Don Juan - Joan Armatrading
    "I want that very special love You hold on to I want that passion I won't play with words You could be Don Juan You could fire my desire And you do I want to hear I'm very special I want to be the first"
  • Don Juan - Suburban Legends
    "When I was a little-bitty boy Just above the floor I used to play doctor With the girls from next door They said, "Show me yours, I'll show you mine." From then on in that's how I spent most of my time. Some"
  • Don Juan - Pet Shop Boys
    "The man who's escorting Don Juan to his bride knows he is courting an impudent pride Think of his jealousy, oh where will he hide? The man who's escorting Don Juan to his bride The man who will cover"
  • Don Juan - Pimentas do Reino
    "Por muito tempo eu calei Meu corao quis sufocar Esse sentimento que floresceu, como eu te explicar? Voc sempre me viu como um amigo e um irmo Por isso eu tive medo de arriscar errado e perder de vez o"
  • San Juan - Chambao
    "Son los vientos del sur que me traen sorpresas mares de sonrisas que quitan las penas mezcla de cultura que el tiempo no lo detenga un bonito viaje camino devuelta a casa de vuelta a casa... me deje hechizar por"

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