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falling up

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falling up

  • Falling Up - The Benjamin Gate
    "falling falling down falling down falling down stars in the sky falling down around me stars in the sky falling down around me and i will see you come again and i will praise you my God and i will lift"
  • Falling Up - Rickie Lee Jones
    "Honey-skinned girl She's light on her feet Twirling on Apollo But she's going down there for something to eat On the corner We see him coming Followed by the rabbis With their soft shoes humming We're"
  • Falling Up - Melissa Etheridge
    "I send a picture... To my very best friend And in the picture was me and my car Had another dead end If you wanna come and find me, I can leave you a sign My heart’s a little heavy, But the rest of me"
  • Falling Up - Collide
    "Spiral revelation morphias of change what a sensation growing in form imagination opens the door in between spaces oh dear she explodes fa la la lafalling down falling upfalling down and if these"
  • Falling Up - Petra
    "Words by Bob Hartman Based on Psalm 37:23-24 Standing on the corner I was losing track of time When away in the distance saw an old friend of mine He was smiling when he walked up held a tract out"
  • Falling Up - John Hiatt
    "I'm gonna lower my standards and raise my price I'm gonna take your lunch and your bad advice Until my worse idea gets the big reward Until I get out of this raggedy Ford And into a shiny new two seater Dress"
  • Falling up - The Gathering
    "With a longing heart you turn the tides andSay goodbyeWith a love that always fades you hold on so tightHold back the tearsLegacy that stays so strong is pulling atYour heartAll the castles that you made"
  • Falling - HAIM
    "I look into the moment like I’m standing at the edge But no ones gonna turn me around Just one more step, I could let go Oh and in the middle, I hear the voices And they’re calling for me now But nothing’s"
  • Falling - Marquess
    "He said: "My girl I've got the Answers here inside You're looking sad maybe Some ?green' will make you happier tonight" All the faith inside was gone, yeah When she chose the easy road All the fear's still"
  • Falling - Mike And The Mechanics
    "She lied to me I don't get it, I'm not letting it go I can't get through anymore, not this time She cheated me Of all my senses up against it this time I can't fight anymore, not this time Falling"
  • Falling - Alice In Videoland
    "This bleeding heart keeps calling Can't stop my world from falling from falling, from falling, from falling apart I made myself sick today I'm slipping away and seem to stick to the gates I lay myself"
  • Falling - Keri Noble
    "Standing here outside your door Not sure if you're home Wondering if I'm a fool Maybe I should go Usually I'm fearless But I've become undone A clown without even a disguise Now everyone will know that"
  • Falling - Keahiwai
    "I wanna tell you baby That you're the one that Im thinking of But your heart is still with her And I think she's the one that you love I only want you happy Even if it's not with me Maybe one day You'll"
  • Falling - Emmy Rossum
    "What's coming over me I've no control I hear a voice saying get a hold Of yourself you seem like Someone else I don't know Where have my senses gone, I lost my way With every touch you intoxicate Pull"
  • Falling - Wolfpakk
    "Level one - the race has just begun Level two - it´s only up to you Level three - you chase your destiny Level four - come and open up the door High and dry you´re still on the rise Is it worth paying"
  • Falling - Clay Aiken
    "Silence Long lost friend You've come to me again Night comes closing in And the loneliness within I'm older Should be wiser Still I never seem to learn I'm closer than ever To the edge And I'm falling I'm"
  • Falling - Mindy Smith
    "It seems like Out of nowhere I'm coming apart Nothing could've saved me You went straight for my heart When I've almost had enough Something about you draws me back again When I've almost given up Something"
  • Falling - Joey McIntyre
    "Left is right and right is wrong Being high doesn't turn me on One and one must not equal two Cause I'm falling in love with you You're under water I'm out of air I'm not libel for me I swear I don't"
  • Falling - New Model Army
    "I said - Father, I'm going to change the world He said - Don't you think that maybe, son. It's changed enough already? Don't try to justify the things you live by This fear you carry with you is not of"
  • Falling - PFR
    "One more death-defying trick up your sleeve Can you make it disappear? Turn the skeptic into one who believes Until I'm in the clear (chorus) Help me, I'm falling Help me, I'm falling down Help me, I'm"

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