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  • El Fallo Positivo - Mecano
    "El fallo positivo anuncio Que el virus que navega en el amor Avanza soltando velas Aplastando las defensas por tus venas Me prohibiste toda pasión Sin dar ninguna clase de razón Porque sabas que yo no"
  • Chagrin Falls - The Tragically Hip
    "By design by neglect for a fact or just for effect when they met where they connect at the confluence of travel and sex more a trip than a quest plunged into the deeply freckled breast where to now? if"
  • Falls Apart - Thousand Foot Krutch
    "It falls apart from the very start It falls apart It falls apart Everything around me falls apart It falls apart form the very start It falls apart Seems like everything I touch Falls apart Everything"
  • She Falls - Cast
    "The warth of the sun, it feels healing Warming the cold in my mind An ocean of space sends me reeling Easing my passage through time Leaving it all behind When she is gone she is gone And when she fjust"
  • Me Falla - Juancho Style
    "Me falla Cada vez que yo te veo mami el corazón me falla Yeah, a mi me falla, oh, oh siento que falla Cuando tu me faltas nena siento que el mundo me estalla A mi me estalla, siento que estalla Coro Desde"
  • Sugar Falls - Tapping The Vein
    "What am I doing here? What am I waiting for? Will somebody fall from Heaven, And join me on the floor? Why am I holding out, pretending it might make sense? I will not understand this Any better then If"
  • Night Falls - Fair Warning
    "Shadows in the distance - Dreamy days long gone I can see them rising - To guide the setting sun From the edge of nowhere - As I'm waiting for their call When the night falls Walking by the ocean - Driving"
  • Night Falls - The Nightwatchman
    "She want him, want him not to go He said I, Ive got to go She whispered I, I love you so He said I, Ive got to go [ Chorus ] Night falls on the river valley Night falls on the minds and fields Night falls"
  • Falla Girare - Jovanotti
    "(Jovanotti, Sergio Della Monica,Domenico Canu, Alex Neri, Marco Baroni) Lo sai che apparenze non ingannano E i cigni dentro all acqua non si bagnano Lo sai c una febbre che ti fa guarire E che ci sta"
  • Falls Apart - Stabbing Westward
    "I'm tangled and broken Left scattered on the floor Its useless now There pieces Can never make me whole You wither You blister I watch you burn and peal It's not like you Can save me It's not"
  • Brightness Falls - David Sylvian
    "Baby, baby I hate to go Don't leave me alone with this sorrow The body's heavy The getting's slow Lost in moments Caught in moments The night is starless And stands below And I need you by my side Baby,"
  • Falls Apart - Hurt
    "I messed up again when I tried You spend all your money then die And, oh! By the way. With all you did nothing has changed So lie like a waste by the side As everything just falls apart 'Cause everything"
  • Trust Falls - Tiger Lou
    "These old streets all have a history And years from now they will tell Tall tales about the mystery Of how we did trust falls But never fell Yes we did trust falls But never fell These are the corners"
  • Time falls - Cajun Dance Party
    "Time, it falls it falls it falls and i'm wondering what for,New and new and new and new, it's what's round the door,it's time, it's time, it's time,it's time to be small,Day comes and i'm wondering, i'm"
  • Falls Apart - Sugar Ray
    "She falls apart by herself No ones there to talk or understand Feels sustained, dries her eyes Finds herself, opens the door inside People see right through you Everyone who knew you well Falls apart,"
  • Ruby Falls - Guster
    "Tonight Where do we go from here? The road to Ruby Falls has reached the end And now we're digging in the sand They're promising that help is on the way Love, confession number one Impossible and sorry And"
  • Twin Falls - Ben Folds
    "Christmas, Twin Falls, Idaho's her oldest memory she was only 2 it was the first time she felt blue cafeteria, Harrison Elementary beneath a parachute saw her without shoes Seven-Up, I touched her thumb"
  • Twin Falls - Built To Spill
    "Christmas, Twin Falls, Idaho is her oldest memory She was only two It was the first time she felt blue Cafeteria, Harrison Elementary Beneath a parachute I saw her without shoes 7UP I touched her thumb"
  • Darkness Falls - Nasum
    "It came alive in the wreckage It broke all shackles ever forged It came so close to the carnage It carried our remains through the visions of silence, starvation and subjugations To bring us back to life To"
  • Winter Falls - Gaia Riva
    "Clouds have been watching me for five hours and now sunlight streams down on you making heat without sound On the grass I have seen someone's traces still lived lives younger steps from the past and"

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