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fallout boys

  • Fallout - Dutchmassive
    "(Hook: 2X) Don't ever push yourself against the wall Cause everybody at a time knows it gets raw And if you step, we're gonna shatter your jaw Cause if your fuckin with one kid yo, you fuckin wit 'em all (Verse"
  • Fallout - Apulanta
    "I don't know about using plastercine To close my wounds or to hold the smile on my face Meaningless hours turn into meaningless years Meaningless promises to meaningless fears Show me your answers, baby,"
  • Fallout - Luna Sea
    "Yogoreta mado glass sekaito ore wo hikihanasu Hibireta kagamini wa tsubasa nakushita ore ga utsuru Nukumori sae shiranaimama oitsumerareta ima no ore wa Tsumetai kabe wo seni dokoemo ikenai ore ga iru Kokorowa"
  • Fallout - Liege Lord
    "(Lyrics: Vinci) (Music: Truglio) I tried to escape, fallout All around me, yeah The blast of light, burning day and night It would last through time, with an unseen spark of life (Chorus:) Man and"
  • Fallout!! - Lareine
    "Fallout Kizukanai no? boku ga shikaketa wana ni Ashiba no nai anata wa mou owari dakara Imagoro ni natte "tasukete" nante teokure sa Massakasama ni ochiteku Yure nagara (me wo tojite) Daichi ni furitsumoru"
  • Fallout - Alter Bridge
    "Another rebel Runs against the grain Atoner is born He's filled with anguish Deep within he's dying everyday To find his way He is lost So consumed Can you feel him? Somewhere in the Fallout He is"
  • Fallout - Buckcherry
    "Steady like a gun I am living a nightmare Married to my fucking disease Can't stop now, wanna die in a car crash Maybe that's what I need I can't stop a deadlock I won't let ya pray for me I'm not gonna"
  • Fallout - Bride
    "SHARE YOUR LUST, INFLICT YOUR PAIN - Revelation 18:14; I John 2:16 VALLEY OF GUILT, HOUR OF SHAME - Romans 3:19: Revelation 16:15 REST A RAZOR TO THE SKIN I WATCH YOU DIE IN YOUR SIN - Romans 6:23 FALLOUT"
  • Fallout - Grave Digger
    "View your time are come The warning from the bell To late to run Let's the scream coming night In the falling of the bombs It's the fly of the worms When the flames burns high That's no one to hide Because"
  • Fallout - Slaves On Dope
  • Fallout - Made Of Hate
    "The Wave of Death has just crossed the world Burning whole flash into the dust The end has just begun Children cry prepared to die There's no hope for them Machines have gone wild They're killing innocents... Fallout"
  • Fallout - Futureheads
    "If we have to fallout, we should fallout together, 'cause we'll have to find a shelter, And stay in the shelter, it's safe in the shelter. The fall was hard, the fall was hard, The out was in....visable"
  • Fallout - Spiritfall
    "Complicate my complication but i just don't know interpreting my interpretation on the direction my life must go throwing my pride into the fire you're fueling my shame it's part of me that i never did"
  • Fallout - Sonic Syndicate
    "This is the verity for a lot of you And how you always stand From the outside looking in Now did you ever feel you are so open minded That you don't really belong anywhere Well I've been there too Why"
  • Fallout - Dealership
    "Could we get out of here? Late today you saw the way I felt. You, the same. You knew the answer to our disdain. Just shoot 'til we're the two that remain. Now we've gotta run, go pack your father's car,"
  • Fallout - Tanya Donelly
    "Honey won't you let yourself speak freeHoney won't you let yourself speak freely'Cause you're scaring me nowYou're scaring meEverything is pouring out of me nowI spread my hands to catch it but there's"
  • The Fallout - Novice
    "This is the way it used to be This is the way you used to run to me Before you let it go You let me go These were the things you used to say These were the things you said would never change Before you"
  • The Fallout - Roger Waters
    "Man: "Blimey! I...I suppose...that was it." Woman: "Wasn't it light?" Man: "Yea, terrific. You--you get terrific light with those bombs. Listen! A dog!" Woman: "What does the fallout look like, dear?" Man:"
  • Westwood Fallout - Amen
    "Its all falling from the ceiling Why come? Were so bored Its a shame were so bored Its just to let you fall out Its just a Westwood fallout Its just to let you fall out Justice to stay here Its a liar"
  • In The Fallout - Fifth Angel
    "Waiting in a cold room dark for hours And the time goes on so slow Carried by desire for survival From the crying wind that blows Day into night - you can see their fear It goes on, and on, and on Cold"

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