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  • A familar face - Ocean Blue
    "Back in the spring When I thought of those things I dodged the questions I ducked the clouds There were shadows in my heartland Back in the fall when I knew it all The wrong seemed right And the right"
  • Found Weekend - Winterpills
    "Found Weekend familar light pillow's wet much confided and cried and repaid too much room in this room all the furniture's taken away found weekend you will live forever apple's still crisp on the"
  • Bottle Let Me Down - Merle Haggard
    "Each night I'd leave the barroom when it's over Not feeling any pain at closing time But tonight your memory found me much to sober Couldn't drink enough to keep you off my mind CHORUS: Tonight the bottle"
  • Saccharine - Sunday's Best
    "So who is the new toast of the town? Who is new face of rage? Why do need familar sound? Why do we need another anthem for the crowd? "We want it and we want it now!" Why do I smile when I know it's"
  • Here Comes That Feeling Again - Counting Crows
    "here comes that feeling again you're always around me this island life never ends it just circles inside me and when we're older we'll go back to being friends but oh, here comes that feeling again i"
  • Look What You're Doing - Dottie West
    "I know you think you are hurting me and I must admit this is true But the hurt I am feeling I know I'll get over but look what you're doing to you This world holds so many temptations and I have had one"
  • More than a feeling - Bosson
    "I woke up this morning and the sun was gone, Turned on some music to start my day. I lost myself in a familar song, I closed my eyes and slipped away. Chours: It's more than a feeling (more than a feeling)"
  • Magpies - Lucie Silvas
    "Mind's gone blank thinking what I should be doing Don't think I don't hear what you say Gonna stop walking backwards today Familar voice sends me over the rainbow This time I'm not gonna lie Gonna find"
  • Mouthwash - Kate Nash
    "This is my face, covered in freckles with the occasional spot and some veins. This is my body, covered in skin, and not all of it you can see And, this, is my mind, it goes over and over the same old lines And,"
  • Heart Upon His Sleeve - Murray McLauchlan
    "I've worn out my welcome In the local bars I've walked the sidewalk lookin' In the windows of familar cars I know exactly what ya look like But I only see the dust you leave It's a bad sign when I feel"
  • Charmed - Dynamite Boy
    "What should I say To show you I felt the same What can I do to make you see the proof? Now all my angst Is gone and I give my thanks To whatever you see that brought you back to me And everyday looks bright Cuz"
  • Just a motion away - Gino Vanelli
    "Sometimes you win sometimes you loseAint turnin back for me and youDont look over your shoulderNo time for regretsYou got your demons I got mineOur paths have crossed at a crucial timeSuddenly were olderScared"
  • Boondocks - Little Big Town
    "(Chorus:) I feel no shame I'm proud of where I came from I was born and raised in the boondocks One thing I know No matter where I go I keep my heart and soul In the boondocks I can feel that Muddy"
  • Bad girls club - Jeanette
    "So lonely inside Darkness day and night My blood is freezing in my vains, yes in my vains Sadness everywhere No one out of there Nobody to bring back my smile (oh)in a while Bridge: Damn, damn, damn I"
  • Won'cha Take Me For A While - Bachman-Turner Overdrive
    "Something in the way she smiles that melted my heart And that old familar feeling started haunting me There was something in the way she cried and I fell apart So I reached out to touch her She was meant"
  • Lloyd (Intro) - Lloyd
    "Ladies and gentlemen (Lloyd) You know I, I love the people Cuz the people love me (hahaha) Dats right, this Young Lloyd And Uh, this goes out to that special girl You know who you are (love the people) Sing"
  • You And Forever And Me - Little Texas
    "(Porter Howell/Stewart Harris) (Track 4 - Time 3:44) The moon is off my shoulder The sun is in my eyes Almost to my hometown It's just another mile Memories surround me Of an old familar time Life was"
  • Three Cheers For Ottawa (Go Leafs Go) - Adam Sandler
    "Heres a little story about a hockey team who may just win the stanley cup but only in there dreams The team is from ottawa the senators is there name soon to be inducted in the golfing hall of fame they"
  • A Guy Is A Guy - Doris Day
    "i walked down the street like a good girl should he followed me down the street like i knew he would because a guy is a guy wherever he may be so listen while i tell you what this fellow did to me i walked"
  • I Can Love A Man Like That - Anita Cochran
    "Anita Cochran Back To You I Can Love A Man Like That (anita cochran) Staring out my window, who is that i see He sure does look familar, and he's wearing boots and jean Can't tell you where i saw him,"

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