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far from the innosence or left today

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far from the innosence or left today

  • Innosence - The Smashing Pumpkins
    "Innocence innocence finds you there innocence innocence doesn't care any way you choose the sun, are the son i choose hold me now i won't let go innocence innocence lets you go innocence innocence lets"
  • They Left Today - Lightyear
    "(Don't ya know?) I start to look back Back track to better times then I find People clinging on to what was once (People hanging on to what was once) A new scene in a kid's dream Now a barfly and a has-been Their"
  • Today - Name Taken
    "Did you take me up this morning? From underground where you left me Your eyes leave me without recognition Know that all the idle skies have been come to me who you used to be Hold your Breath you know"
  • Far From Yours - O.C.
    "Uhh, yeah, phenomenon, yeah (Yvette) Ooooh, yeah, baby far from yours, ohh yeah Verse One: O.C. Yo, time is most limited I'm back on the scene O replenishes, potency like four or five Guinnesses Hennessey's"
  • Far From Coach - Wiz Khalifa
    "And the kush became so strong And the flights became private And the bread became so long Fast money and fly whips We high, don't stop the smoke And we fly G5, we so far from coach Now you see why, when"
  • Love It Or Left It - From Autumn To Ashes
    "These are the keys These are the keys To a pulse that Ive been monitoring She loves to dream She loves to dream But dreamers chase and never obtain A victory A victory A vicious hand on a violent streak Learn"
  • Die Today - EARTHGANG
    "Tell me baby if I die today (Die today) Would you come and kiss my cold face? (My cold face) Would you run up in my bank account? (My bank account) Would you go and give my heart away? (My heart away) I"
  • Left - Five Iron Frenzy
    "Johnny's got a grip on a blissful life, He sucks on the smoke from the dope in his pipe. Wrapped around his fingers, a noose is loosing slack, strangling his forearm to fill his veins with smack. P.C.P."
  • Today - Rebeka
    "When I was a child I was smiling wide And used to sing and ride On the blackest horse In my magic world I used to play with my dad Watching weird cartoons Finding groovy loops In strange Japanese tunes It"
  • Today - John Frusciante
    "Today will not be happening We've come to far away from being to be at all We're putting the law back in your hands Today we're setting our sights for a new land Lean into me 'cause there's no signs on"
  • Today - Everlast
    "Yesterday, just a dream I don't remember Tomorrow, still a hope I've yet to endure I'm out of time I'm out of rhyme I'm out of reason Season's change and leave me out in the cold The story's old The tale"
  • Far From Paradise - Seoan
    "Far from paradise Your life may change The white dream May betray you Days are longer In this new era Time's running behind you Without looking back Far from paradise Never say From this water I shall"
  • Far From Reality - Natural Black
    "Never you lost your way Or past your way Oh! yeah! you got to know what your doing Mmmmmmhmmm! life is a long journey Chorus: I met this girl the other day and when i check her She was, far from reality I"
  • Far From Home - Neil Young & Crazy Horse
    "When I was a growing boy A-rocking on my daddy's knee Daddy took an old guitar and sang Bury me on the lone prairie Uncle Bob sat at the piano My girl cousins sang harmony Those were the good old"
  • Far From Home - Neil Young
    "When I was a growing boy A-rocking on my daddy's knee Daddy took an old guitar and sang Bury me on the lone prairie Uncle Bob sat at the piano My girl cousins sang harmony Those were the good old family"
  • Far From Here - Jackson United
    "I could get used to this Just pile everything up on me In burying Knee deep and rising, rising From a ripple to a tidal wave Three steps to an early grave Turned the key and walked away Three words I"
  • Far From Me - John Prine
    "As the cafe was closing on a warm summer night And Cathy was cleaning the spoons The radio played the "Hit Parade" And I hummed a long with the tune She asked me to change the station Said the song just"
  • Far From Reality - Anybody Killa
    "This is how it´s bout to go down belive it or not I´m still here all u haters time ta shed anotha tear cuz I´m back in dis bitch like ur moms ex-boy friend all up in ur face with sum brand new nonsence"
  • Far From Distance - Useless ID
    "Never Really Thought You'd Come You Did, A Line Torn Right Between Us Repeated Glance In Your Eyes Can't Stand It, Soon I'm Going On So For Now I Know As Far As Friendship Goes Love Goes Really Bad"
  • Good From Far, Far From Good - April Wine
    "April Wine Attitude Good From Far, Far From Good (myles goodwyn) Published by mfg sing sing music/socan - ascap I don't go thinkin' it's right, for somebody else I know how it is, i can see for myself,"

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