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farewell farewell

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farewell farewell

  • Farewell - Clan Of Xymox
    "All these helpless fallen angels Evading commonplace Dreading a thousand nameless evils In the dark shimmering rays The one with all the intuition Knows now there's nothing gained This cycle needs no repetition I"
  • Farewell - Avantasia
    "(Gabriel:) Days had come, winters had gone, and we gambolled like siblings in Paradise. I was your knight, holding you tight as a brother when I saw your crying eyes. Time went by and we had to say goodbye. Staring"
  • Farewell - Kate Rusby
    "One dark and stormy winters night The snow lay on the ground The sailor boy strode on the wharf And the ship was eastward bound His sweetheart standing by his side Shed many a bitter tear And as he pressed"
  • Farewell - Alias
    "farewell, so long, 'coz i was wrong i guess farewell, so long, 'coz i was wrong i confess i miss the way you miss the way you'd dance with me i miss the way you miss the way you'd dance with me so farewell,"
  • Farewell - Kamelot
    "winter's close... and the mountain high i'll start my journey now on this planet we call earth we belong i want to know why did god make me feel there is more to be answered maybe god cannot remedy our"
  • Farewell - Boris
    "Farewell It's long gone, gone away Words were almost lost and gone I felt it was far away; even if it was near I felt I could reach at least Ready made answers are here, sitting like a gu deposit And"
  • Farewell - Freedom Call
    "Together we march in time Forever for the kingdom Farewell to everyone Brothers we are wild on the run Riding high the final race We've never done before Challenging our destiny Brothers we are wild on"
  • Farewell - Nicole C. Mullen
    "I'm telling myself so I'll know I speak to my heart like a daughter Someties it's hard to let go Sometimes the staying is harder So farewell broken heart This is where we must part Fare the well cloudy"
  • Farewell - Down Below
    "Our hopes were a little to high for us Our dreams, too close to reality And their screams, not loud enough for us Enjoyed our lives and now"
  • Farewell - One Dead Three Wounded
    "He said, "I'm sorry for a sad farewell." My heart is weak; it sways between the cynical and proud. I have to turn my back on you and all of this. This was a daytime promise and the sunlight bids adieu."
  • Farewell - Kids In The Way
    "I close my eyes to yesterday All the memories start to play Oh, the skies were so blue And it's me and it's you Growing older and older But now you're gone I must be strong And find a way to carry on Farewell,"
  • Farewell - Falkenbach
    "A cheek was beckoned By a tear A hand on a sword And a whispering to hear A word never spoken A deed never done Time now is near Farewell my son... Hail to thee Great Valkyries Lead my son to Where he"
  • Farewell - Ebony Ark
    "In the magic path Of your emotions You always sowed The seed of lowlines The seed grew in my heart And never can I now Forget the tree that grew in my soul Why did you allowed me Into the darkness Now"
  • Farewell - Europe
    "(Joey Tempest) There was a time, when I was satisfied There was a time, when everything felt right But now's the time for me to decide And I've only got one solution in sight Don't know where I'm going But"
  • Farewell - Gamma Ray
    "Do you rememberHow we used to play like kids in the sunNowadays, there's no light to seeAnd we're feeling coldSo the time has comeTo say farewell my friendsMy fate is calling loudNow I know - it can get"
  • Farewell - Summoning
    "Who can find you clear springs of waters, but I can! Who can tell you the age of the moon, but I can! Who can call the fish from the depths of the see, yes I can! Who can change the shapes of the hills"
  • Farewell - Godgory
    "I won't kneel everytime you call I can feel that you crawl I won't back everytime you cry Misery Time won't heal everything you do You got me in your claw Why do you bringing me down Help me With a smile"
  • Farewell - Yardbirds
    "Looking at the world around, For the very first time. Never seen it all before, Hope it's not all mine. On Monday morning all alone, I woke within my house of stone. I ventured forth unto the day, These"
  • Farewell - The Yardbirds
    "(Chris Dreja / Jim McCarty / Jeff Beck / Keith Relf / Paul Samwell-Smith) Looking at the world around, For the very first time. Never seen it all before, Hope it's not all mine. On Monday morning all"
  • Farewell - Sentenced
    "Ive dragged myself through the blood and mud and with burning eyes pushed the love away No, Im not the kind of man whod play for keeps -The enchantment lies in the moment of goodbyes For eternity -My"

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