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fashion' you in the night'

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fashion' you in the night'

  • Fashion - The Lovemakers
    "That's a nice shirt you're wearing Oooh and look at those shoes You're dressed like you don't have a worry at all (Girl:) (Why thank you) Just look at those pants How much did they cost? Girl, you've got"
  • Fashion - Heidi Montag
    "Red One! HEIDI! Ohhh Ohhh La La La We Love Designer I am, I'm too fabu-lous I'm so fierce that it's so nuts I live, to be model thin Dress me, I'm your manne-quin J'adore Vivienne I really"
  • Fashion - Lady GaGa
    "Red One!HEIDI!Ohhh OhhhLa La LaWe Love DesignerI am, I'm too fabu-lousI'm so fierce that it's so nutsI live, to be model thinDress me, I'm your manne-quinJ'adore Vivienne I really want. Pucci, Fendi, and"
  • Fashion Freak - Funeral Dress
    "They like fashion It's an obsesion Working like fools They like fashion It's an obsession To fit in with their rules Women get mad when they're too fat They wanna be like the beauties on the TV Day by"
  • Fashion Bomb - Eurythmics
    "I know her footsteps like the back of my hand I heard her coming though she was walking on sand I could smell her perfume from a 1,000 smiles away stuck in my head yeah it stuck in my brain She looked"
  • Fashion Pack - Lear Amanda
    "It was night and suddenly I felt like dancing I took a cab to show me to the disco scene He said: o.k., you wanna see those crazy. people Hastling at the door to get into Studio 54 Well, I was in and everybody"
  • Fashion Pack - Amanda Lear
    "It was night and suddenly I felt like dancing I took a cab to show me to the disco scene he said: o.k. you wanna see those crazy people hastling at the door to get into Studio 54. Well I was in and everybody"
  • Catholic Fashion - Ninja High School
    "Hell with no tercels is the worst hell. five minutes after brakes chasing windmills. we were all born short, that is why we wear heels. even the pope wants that bass you feel. he's got tinted windows and"
  • Fashion Fever - Level 42
    "Fashion fever forever brand new always out of date fashion fever it's all about you tomorrow is too late and when the fever fakes the feel you must be sure of your appeal Fashion fever forever brand new always"
  • The Latest Fashion - The Time
    "Huh! .... Morris? It's me. Listen, about last night. That guy, he really was my cousin. .... Um, it's not what you think. Oh that what you see, he's always curious about the way I kiss. .... you know,"
  • Fashion - The Robocop Kraus
    "Don't you be hysterical I know it ain't identical When you don't belong to anything To anyone It is fantastic! Super! Don't you be hysterical I know we have to get used to it It is fashion We have to get"
  • Amorous In Bauhaus Fashion - The Faint
    "Her brow: pensive Her knees: away I stand beside her But i look straight ahead And dissolve Before the night began on Herring Street A book from school kept me wandering This may take a while I might"
  • Fashion - David Bowie
    "There's a brand new dance but I don't know its name That people from bad homes do again and again It's big and it's bland full of tension and fear They do it over there but we don't do it here Fashion!"
  • Fashion - Rogue Traders
    "Fashion is the only cureIt always leaves you wanting moreFashion people know the scoreAh? Fashion!I'm just a slave to it all Walking down the street feeling like she is completeShe's got her Gucci, Prada,"
  • Fashion Tips Baby - Fear Before The March Of Flames
    "You can't make me go outside The trees are vicious The winds speak lies Arms of summer warn "rain tonight" On horseback through it I coughed to stay alive I first faught the knife that brought life to Skin"
  • Fashion - Ginga
    "When I was a young boy I stole my father's razor blade Cut off my shadow in the shade Still it follows me to the grave All alone, parents gone This goes out to all the boys and girl (they say) Stupid"
  • Fashion Zombies! - The Aquabats
    "See them creep out to nightlife You see them walk the streets These children of the undead look dressed for the endless Halloweens and this horror like production, takes total dedication of black clothes"
  • Fashion coat - The National
    "In a fashion coat I float down my citydon't you think I look pretty anymoreI'll do everything to you but I can hardly comecause I'm so afraid of you fallingI die fast in this cityoutside I die slowI'm"
  • Fashion Hour - The Audition
    "my lips were writing checks my heart couldn't cash cause it was empty with nothing but your memories your perfect smile and innocent eyes I'm sorry that you feel this way I'm sorry for taking up space I'm"
  • Fashion Faux Pas - This Is A Standoff
    "You'll fill me in cause I'm dying over what to wear and celebrate; the tight clothes pushed me to despair I've got no look, no fucking style, those extra large still make me smile I'm thinking of bringing"

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