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faster faster sister

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faster faster sister

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faster faster sister
  • Within Temptation Faster
    "I can't sleep, 'cause it's burning deep inside Like gasoline, on fire running wild No more fear, 'cause I'm getting closer now So unreal, but I like it anyhow I go faster and faster and faster and Faster"
  • Idlewild Faster
    "Purple Sky, sky, sky I am the night and this is your soul and Purple in the sky, in the sky, in the sky I am the night and this is your soul and Purple lover, the lovers go out Tonight in the night and"
  • Rachael Yamagata Faster
    "I can't talk to you You think I'm lost inside my mind You're like an old tattoo And I know you'll fade in time I'm not the girl you think you know I'm not the girl you waited for I'm not the one for you There's"
  • George Harrison Faster
    "Chose a life in circuses Jumped into the deepest end Pushing himself to all extremes Made it - people became his friend. Now they stood and noticed him Wanted to be part of it Pulled out some poor machinery"
  • Kid Ink Faster
    "Faster /4x Say you wanna live faster faster, I got what you asked for All the girls standing in the line for the bathroom You ain't that shy baby, don't be actin' bashful Hands all in it like I'm pickin'"
  • Tub Ring Faster
    "And I Believe That Before You Die You Get A Fraction Of A Second To Explore Yourself And In My Life I've Always Wanted Much More So In My Time To Explore I'll Need Much More Traffic Is The Enemy"
  • Plain White T's Faster
    "Im just as nervous as you last night I took one look at you and I got this feeling youre the right one Now you don't know what to do time ticks away and you got to choose you know which feeling is the"
  • Kip Winger Faster
    "Little city carved a grave in the palm of her hand Zig zag dirty mirrors in the back of her van Feel the rush it's beginning to hit Transamnesia, Hong Kong fever She's gotta go faster Once bitten twice"
  • Third Eye Blind Faster
    "Horny & burnout now is how it always ends for me Chemicals wear me down in your summertime bacchanalian I saw you go Faster Than the morning comes She walks away like a lady It's always the fallen"
  • Seven Mary Three Faster
    "As I step out into space. I wonder what you would say. If you knew that I was here. Perfecting my mistakes. I poured that gasoline. Last drop to the machine. And I drove that metal. As far away. Do you"
  • Manic Street Preachers Faster
    "I hate purity Hate goodness I don't want virtue to exist anywhere I want everyone corrupt I am an architect, they call me a butcher I am a pioneer, they call me primitive I am purity, they call me perverted Holding"
  • Big Drill Car Faster
    "Should of known better You already upset her Play boa constrictor Who's the victim? So buckle down now Nobody's allowed now You stupid dream chaser Memory eraser An opportunity to discuss these things"
  • Bree Sharp Faster, Faster
    "The leather boots I was born in Are tattered, torn out and worn in My skin is cracked as the desert ground The dusty road that's ahead will Be my board and my bed till What I am looking for is found And"
  • GBH Faster faster
    "A rapid night, and I'm feeling good,I paid enough an' I guess I should.I've gotta get up, I've gotta go,It's two o'clock, I've gotta go, my watch is slow.Faster faster, the race is on,Faster faster, I"
  • Fingertips Move faster
    "Full of sorrow and painI waited for the dayI was born to loveSomewhereThere's a place for us to goYour strength is in your handsAnd your beautiful soulWe have to move faster and faster to know where we"
  • Richie Kotzen Go Faster
    "I've been racing ever since I was 15 It ain't nobody ever catch me Yeah, I was hustling and taking that money We made it look so damn easy! You can't slow me down, slow me down I only got one speed I'm"
  • Keith Urban Faster Car
    "Figaro, figaro Anytime that you want what you need Close your eyes and say my name Call on me and I'll be there for you No matter what they say Rain, hail or shine I got my eyes right to the sky Waiting"
  • Raptile Go faster
    "Hook: Yes, Get in my car, yes, I luv my ride, And my sound is loud, till I fuckin die, This is life or death, I keep fightin back, Everybody go, ey,yey,yey,yo Yes, get in my car, yes, I luv my ride, And"
  • The Fold Faster Still
    "And it takes me away, as if it's only in my mind Same old set of feeling happen faster still My friend I hardly knew you though I tried so long ago I've been thinking it over, or at least I'm trying to Remembering"
  • The Sleeping Running Faster
    "we've been begging for a better place frantically shaking in disgrace we're all viciously fighting in every state but now i'm leaving we're all begging for a different way violently shaking from our mistakes still"

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