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favorite dress

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favorite dress

  • Favorite - Neko Case
    "Oh lie I thought you were golden I thought you were wise Caught you returning To the house you caught fire But I know that I was your favorite And I said Amen Wise, found favorin' heaven And I at your"
  • Favorite Things - Beth Hart
    "Laughin' till it pisses everybody off Pullin' up my dress at a dinner meeting Kissin' till my lips are ready to fall off Screamin' all night then just say I'm singin' Yeah these are some of my favorite"
  • Favorite phrase - J Church
    "Everything moves so fast, Now where was it I saw you last? It must have been [...?] or at the show, You looked at me with sad, sad eyes, And it always takes me by surprise, You're asking me things I just"
  • Best Dress - Arden Jann
    "Arden Jann Miscellaneous Best Dress drinking whiskey from an open toed shoe farm hand and an evening glove puttin?on a kiss that will last until dawn i'm going to town with my best dress on bare buttin?on"
  • Best Dress - Jann Arden
    "drinking whiskey from an open toed shoe farm hand and an evening glove puttin?on a kiss that will last until dawn i going to town with my best dress on bare buttin?on an apple crate bench do my face"
  • Her Favorite Song - Mayer Hawthorne
    "riday night and the scene is bright at (avilon) I walk straight to the bar in a party dress, yes I told the bartender pour a shot and make it strong because she need it, tearing up she proceeded to be"
  • Your Favorite Actor - Kind Of Like Spitting
    "I am a star how heartly moving I read my lines straight faced in the mirror you are my camera slouched over coffee i'm faking artsy we're playing dress-up now and the rain is washing out the snow we play"
  • Bright Red Dress - Subb
    "I'd let you wear my best T-shirt Cause you're my favorite grocery clerk I'd do it all, hold nothing back I'd give you all, you're heart should lack. (your heart should lack) And if you cry, just think"
  • His Favorite Christmas Story - Capital Lights
    "He met her up in Delaware in 1937. She was wearing red lipstick to match her pretty dress. December 24 at a quarter till 11's when he finally gained the courage to ask her to dance. It was the night"
  • All Her Favorite Fruit - Camper Van Beethoven
    "I drive alone, home from work And I always think of her Well late at night I call her But I never say a word And I can see her squeeze the phone between her chin and shoulder And I can almost smell her"
  • Favorite - Audio Learning Center
    "I bought your album You're my new favorite band I love that third song - yeah Let's hear that one again And I learned all your words So I can sing along You're my favorite band You write my favorite songs I"
  • Favorite - LIZ PHAIR
    "Don't look sexy but it just feels right Not too dirty and it's not too tight Why I never threw it out, I'll never know exactly why Keep it in the drawer beside my bed It's faded pink now, but it used to"
  • Summer Dress 2 (Iodine) - Plus/Minus
    "She's telling herself He won't be the same as when I left him The ring's still on the shelf I know that he's learned just how to treat me Iodine treats me fine cleans away the memories of all the times"
  • Dress - PJ Harvey
    "put on that dress i'm going out dancing starting off red clean and sparkling he'll see me music play make it dreamy for dancing must be a way that i can dress to please him it's hard to walk in the"
  • Dress - PJ Harvey
    "Put on that dress I'm going out dancing Starting off red Clean and sparkling, he'll see me Music play, make it dreamy for dancing Must be a way that I can dress to please him It's hard to walk in the dress,"
  • Dress - Bif Naked
    "On the t.v. Rosanne is all upset because she has to go to some dumb party with Dan and she has absolutely nothing to wear and Dan isn't very sympathetic and I feel bad for her cuz I feel the same way about"
  • Dress - Taylor Swift
    "Our secret moments in a crowded room They got no idea about me and you There is an indentation in the shape of you Made your mark on me, a golden tattoo All of this silence and patience, pining and"
  • Dress - Treble Charger
    "Going crazy Can't keep things in my head Spinning around in front of me A figure of speech coming back to haunt me now Feelings how they flinch even after so long Don't know why you talk to me I'm not"
  • Dress - Abingdon Boys School
    "{|-100% | | == Romanized Japanese == kagami no mae de kimi to madoromu usubeni no yubisaki sono te wa fui ni yowa sa wo misete kuchibiru wo fusaida ano hi kimi to yakusoku wo kawashita ima wa futari"
  • Dress - Buck Tick
    "Kagami no mae de kimi to madoromu usubeni no yubisaki Sono te wa fui ni yowasa o misete kuchibiru o fusaida Ano hi kimi to yakusoku o kawashita Ima wa futari omoidasezu ni Taikutsu na uta ni mimi o katamuke"

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