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favorite place to go

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favorite place to go

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favorite place to go
  • J Church My favorite place
    "Floyd calls me on the phone, And I usually don't mind if he won't leave me alone, But today has been a busy day if there is such a thing anyway, My cats look bored, They're hunting down flies on the kitchen"
  • LL Cool J Favorite Flavor
    "Uh-huh, eh-heh Lay back on this one (yeah, you know how I do baby) You only a customer When you walkin in the presence of hust-lers Uhh, I'm laid back in the cinnamon Range Two decades and ain't a damn"
  • Mary J. Blige Favorite Flavor
    "Uh-huh, eh-heh Lay back on this one (yeah, you know how I do baby) You only a customer When you walkin in the presence of hust-lers Uhh, I'm laid back in the cinnamon Range Two decades and ain't a damn"
  • Beth Hart Favorite Things
    "Laughin' till it pisses everybody off Pullin' up my dress at a dinner meeting Kissin' till my lips are ready to fall off Screamin' all night then just say I'm singin' Yeah these are some of my favorite"
  • Leona Naess Favorite Ghost
    "Walls are building Bridges crumbling Summer's caving in Seas are rising And friends analyzing Well, someone's letting go And I'm somewhere in the middle of the shadows in the meadows Trying to let"
  • SUICIDE ALI Favorite Song
    "Afurederu seiteki shoki shoudou toiki de komaku ga odoru mederu bisho no yubisaki wo kande shitataru chi wa kono ue naku bimi Let's sing a favorite song, and go to the hell. Let's sing a favorite song,"
  • Bartek Grzanek Favorite Son
    "You brought me here Into this world I heard you’re laughing When you left me alone My favorite sky, you can’t deny I you favorite son Despite my fears Whole of my faults I was fighting for nothing But"
  • Incubus Favorite Things
    "I'm thinking of my soul's sovereignty, and I know everything you hate in me. Fill me up with over-pious badgerings, to throw them up, oh, one of my favorite things. Remember all the lessons fed to"
  • Nine Days Favorite song
    "What if everything you had Was like a castle made of sand Why don't you open up your hand and hold on tight What if everything was wrong and no one knew your favorite song there is no one left to sing"
  • K's Choice Favorite Adventure
    "There you are Your beauty consoles me I've gone far And I almost didn't find you And I almost lived without you There is nothing in this world I'd rather do Than live in you Here we go Our favorite adventure You"
  • MU330 Favorite Show
    "I'm not your favorite show anymore it seems my ratings have dropped faster than shows with singing cops way too many commercials she said she's acting and she wants to direct some side shows she said she's"
  • O-Town Favorite Girl
    "Mmmmm, Mmmmm Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Mmmmm, Yeah It was like there she was (she's so) This sweet lady (lady) Man, she was lookin' so tight That it drove me crazy (insane) And I'll never go"
  • Twiztid My favorite
    "Man Ive Been Smokeing This Shit For Some Long (So Long)I Smoke Shit You Cant Even Pronounce Shit Like ?You Ever Smoke ? You Aint Never Smoked That Shit First Time I Snatched You Up I Took You In My Lungs"
  • J Church Favorite phrase
    "Everything moves so fast, Now where was it I saw you last? It must have been [...?] or at the show, You looked at me with sad, sad eyes, And it always takes me by surprise, You're asking me things I just"
  • Quadron Favorite Star
    "Told me there was no rules When you came out of the blue Guarded myself from mornings Crushes don’t come with warning Never have you looked so cute As when suggesting me To start something new Labelled"
  • Leo Sayer My Favorite
    "the first time I met youI knew that I was gonna fallyou took me you shook meyou put me higher on the wall but I love it you're my favoritewon't change it for anything at allI can't do I won't do won't"
  • Audio Learning Center Favorite
    "I bought your album You're my new favorite band I love that third song - yeah Let's hear that one again And I learned all your words So I can sing along You're my favorite band You write my favorite songs I"
  • Neko Case Favorite
    "Oh lie I thought you were golden I thought you were wise Caught you returning To the house you caught fire But I know that I was your favorite And I said Amen Wise, found favorin' heaven And I at your"
  • LIZ PHAIR Favorite
    "Don't look sexy but it just feels right Not too dirty and it's not too tight Why I never threw it out, I'll never know exactly why Keep it in the drawer beside my bed It's faded pink now, but it used to"
  • The Bates No place to go
    "My best friend has gone forever He dont like me anymore Im drinking all alone now OH GOD, IT`S SUCH ABORE OH GOD, IT`S SUCH A BORE Id like to talk to someone but noone answers the phone Im lying in my"

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