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  • Body Language (feat. Faydee) - Randi
    "If you speak in body language I get all you trying to say I know, oh my, oh my I can be your favourite hostage, baby Let you play away You know, oh my, oh my You know your love turns my body Upside down,"
  • Nobody (ft. Kat Deluna & Leftside) - Faydee
    "Look around It's Faydee and the lady Kat Deluna Ok., Leftside, Leftside Your love, your type is the only thing I need Right here in my life You're the only one for me No more lonely nights Girl, you"
  • Habibi Albi (ft Leftside) - Faydee
    "look around ready to make some babies with the ladies Leftside, Faydee Habibi Albi let me love you like you need you deserve somebody to treat you like a queen when you come home she’s standing there"
  • Accipicchia - Amari
    "La proposta di un caffè mi trova sempre disponibile a segnare con paletti definiti qui si qui no qui dopo torno magari aggiusterò, ma ora: per togliermi d'impaccio e sciogliere ogni dubbio, affondo il"
  • Campo Minato - Amari
    "è un campo minato, i dischi che ascolti, i libri che leggi, a volte i film che guardi, spesso penso di aver già ascoltato tutte le frasi leggere che anche oggi hai preparato, arriverà anche per noi il"
  • Ice Albergo - Amari
    "Volevo fare pace, potremmo essere buoni amici, ma tu non mi lasci mai sbronzare e i posti dove andare prima o poi chiudono. Per colpa tua i miei amici hanno una band che non vuol più suonare, la gente"
  • La Prima Volta - Amari
    "La sensazione di avere viaggiato troppo, tornare solo quando qualcuno ti aspetta, è troppo tardi, sono andati via tutti, nessuno apre ne' mai ne' oramai, tenta di tranquillizzarmi, un suono grigio appollaiato"
  • Habibi (I need Your love) - Shaggy Mohombi Faydee Costi
    "Yeah, luv, it's party time Mohombi, Costi, Shaggy (rude boy) Faydee Habibi lei, Habibi lei, Habibi lei lei lei lei-lei Habibi lei, Habibi lei, Habibi I need your love, I need your love, I need your lalalalalala Let"
  • Never Ever - Faydee
    "Intro: If I dont, if I dont tell u I love u That ,that, that dont, that dont mean I dont care Drop that bass! Bout to get it started now wit your boy! Its da F da A da Y D double E, Go! Verse I: Baby,"
  • Wonder why - Faydee
    "Are you serious? How the hell are you gonna cut me any deeper, when im still bleeding? From the last time you messed up Verse I: I dont understand you How can you be so cold No I dont believe you"
  • You don't know me - Faydee
    "I Guess U dont know me But i know i know U From the scent of your skin To the way that he holds U I know you dont love me But i know i will love you If you open up for me I'll do anything for U Verse I: Don't"
  • Can't Let Go - Faydee
    "Can't can't can't go Can't can't can't go Can't can't can't go Can't can't can't go Can't live a day without you baby Oh no… If you're not here I don't know what I'm living for You stared right in my"
  • Psycho - Faydee
    "You go jump up in the air and go psycho yeah yeah yeah baby take it to the Floor baby you ain't gonna get it if your standing on the wall baby come Come come baby I got what you want baby once you get"
  • Move On (C'est La Vie) - Faydee
    "C'est la vie I wish it could be easier for You and me I'm trying to pretend like I'm not Almost sweet But the truth is I can't stand to see you So happy Happy with somebody else not me No, don't ask me Don't"
  • Sun Don't Shine - Faydee
    "I need, I need you That’s a Friday night And I’m not in the mood I’d rather be with you tonight Summer's here to stay But I’m not doing fine Cause the Sun doesn’t shine always Sun Don't Shine Sun Don't"
  • Legendary - Faydee
    "Legendary love, Forever you and me. Underneath the Sun, there’s no other place I'd rather be When it all falls down, We'll be dancing on our feet. When everyone's around, You’re the only one I see Legendary An"
  • Unbreakable - Faydee
    "Times like this I wish I never existed Nobody wants to listen, I’m screaming out for help Times like this I wish that I could let go And open up a window, free to be myself But then there’s you Standing"
  • Away - Faydee
    "I am on my way to go I am on my way to go hi, baby I’ve been thinking you can change your life tonight oh, honey you’ve got me thinking you need someone to love you right take me away take me away show"
  • Salam - Faydee
    "i don't need your love i don;t need your faith apologies say now you do it all again I don’t need the hate running through your vein I don’t need your love when I know it’s fake I don’t have time for"
  • AYWA (Feat. Valderrama) - Faydee
    "AYWA AYWA AYWA YALLA AYWA she said i wanna see you soon hands on my body she said come to me closer i said no doubt we can do it over and over AYWA"

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