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fear factory

  • Fear Factory - Big God - Raped Souls
    "Intro: In America today Every 25 fucking Seconds someone Is viciously raped Someone is Brutally violated 250 Times a day Someone is murdered Someone's life is taken In America This is America This is"
  • Factory - Bruce Springsteen
    "Early in the morning factory whistle blows, Man rises from bed and puts on his clothes, Man takes his lunch, walks out in the morning light, Its the working, the working, just the working life. Through"
  • Invisible Wounds (The Suture Mix) Fear Factory - Fear Factory
    "Dark bodies floating in darkness No sign of light ever given Imprisoned in a world without a memory Unconscious or am I conscious? Cut from the heart I am part of Sometimes I feel as though I'm frozen"
  • Nightmares Factory - Dreamaker
    "When the night falls on my crystal heart My eyes weigh. I am feeling so tired But tonight stay away! I don't have to dream again He's waiting for me In the depths of my dreams I can feel you...You are"
  • Fear Campaign - Fear Factory
    "Hate, war and terror, murder, disaster Rape, drugs and violence, lost in our failure Fear is suffering, intimidate to obey Fear is control, suffering is hell Police enforce obedient behavior Manufactured"
  • Factory - The Vines
    "Days are long but the minds are strong In the factory Heads are down and all the people frown In the factory I'm so down I put my head around every noose I see Days are long but the minds are strong"
  • Factory - Martha Wainwright
    "These are not my people, I should never have come here The chick with a dick and the gift for the gab I know a place, I've seen the face And I'll take the coast from factory to factory Ah These nights"
  • Factory - B.G.
    "What's Happenin' Mayne? This Lil' B.G Your number one Hot Boy And I got my Chopper City boys ridin' with me You know what I'm saying And we bout to fuck the game up on some real nigga shit. Look I'm official"
  • Factory - Simple Minds
    "In passage of time To a cigarette burn In the book that I read To the sentence I learn Up and down Going round Going round 'till we drown again I'm gonna set myself up I'm gonna up to the top Up to the"
  • Factory - Samiam
    "Old steel factory casting shadows What it meant to me no one could know Kept him away from me and I was greatful And to the bar across the street where he made last call (Chorus) Big man Beer can"
  • Factory - Pacifier / Shihad
    "if you want a vision of the future imagine a boot standing on a human face speed is our god speed: 'the new cannon of beauty' caught in static ecstasy we climb... keep moving onward keep moving forward keep"
  • Factory - Pony Pants
    "no boss, no managers, no heirarchy just cutie worker bees as far as the eye can see walls painted pink, or covered with fliers whatever you need to keep you totally wired all the time, all the time it's"
  • Factory - Antichism
    "Pump your filthy greed into the water that we drink Your profit margin floats into the air we breathe We choke on your corruption We are sick from your pollution Poison is all a factory produces for our"
  • Factory - Kisschasy
    "Right, is it right to take a life for the taste Of a mother or her child Do you think? Don't you think about the pain they face? Just to end up on a plate Can you taste the factory inside your chest? It's"
  • Factory - Stan Ridgway
    "Now, I know I had somethin' to say But the problem is, to say somethin' Uh, you've got to say it And I still don't remember a thing Since the funny gas come out of that pipe next to me I guess they didn't"
  • Factory - Wall Of Voodoo
    "Now I know I had something to say But the problem is to say something, uh, you gotta say it And I still don't remember a thing Since that funny gas came out of that pipe next to me I guess they didn't"
  • Factory - John Mellencamp
    "Be yourself, boys Let's get this show on the road Well I'm up every morning by 6:08 Take the Voltswagon bus up the interstate Feel Charlie Manson just like ... I'm diggin' real hard for some money to"
  • Factory - Aus Rotten
    "Strapped piece of meat to a chair Strapped piece of meat to a cross We play god to determine your future We play god for the sake of all Inject the meat with a venom Inject the meat with a hormone We stand"
  • A factory in the desert - Icicle Works
    "It rolls in like a cold wind,It fills me up with fear,The icy fingers clutch me,With each motion that I hear,Though dilligence caress me,Deliverence unfold,The distant bells are ringing,In a small town"
  • Fear - Primal Fear
    "Centuries Of Blood And War The World Is On Its Knees Empty Heart, Fanatic Brain Incurable Disease Unfounded And Senseless Hate Is Poisoning Your Nation You Live In Sin, You're Spilling Blood Your Soiling"

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