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feel so good harris

  • Olé (ft. Calvin Harris) - John Newman
    "Ole, you won’t tell none of your friends about me You won’t tell them I occupy your dream and your thoughts Look ay what we’ve started I feel so good when I leave your apartment I know, there’s no telling"
  • We Found Love (feat. Calvin Harris) - Rihanna
    "It's like you're screaming, and no one can hear You almost feel ashamed That someone could be that important That without them, you feel like nothing No one will ever understand how much it hurts You feel"
  • Feel So Good - Foghat
    "Broonzy I got a letter, it come to me by mail, My baby's comin' home, I hope that she don't fail. You know I feel so good, I feel so good, I feel so good, I feel like ballin' the jack. I'm goin' down"
  • Feel So Good - Spacemen 3
    "Dont it feel so good Lord I feel so good today Dont it feel just fine Lord I feel so fine Takes me out of my mind Lord Takes me out of my mind Dont it feel so good Lord I feel so"
  • Feel So Good - Walter Egan
    "So long... I've been waiting so long Just for someone like you To happen along And I know Ooh, that I've been before When I think of your smile And I hear your song For you make me feel so good (Make"
  • Feel So Good - Ricky Nelson
    "Feel so good, like I knew you would Come on let me hold you Come on let me kiss you Let me show you what you've been missin' 'Cause I feel so good Now that you've come back home Feel so fine, little girl"
  • Feel So Good - Jamiroquai
    "Feels good Im stranded on a spaceship hideaway And something makes me think Im here to stay Im so happy where I am Feels good Ive journeyed to the other atmospheres And every breath I take just makes"
  • Feel so good - Mario Lopez
    "It feels so good It feels so right You're taking me higher everytime I see your smile With you I'm flying high up to the sky I'm in the best time of my life It feels so good It feels so right If you wanna"
  • Feel So Good - Looptroop
    "Promoe: I spit it on tours/ Stick to the causePromoters, take me to courtFuck you thought, Vsters up in this taking no shortsYou know the voices Yours truly of courseBig to'em pull it up pull it back to"
  • Feel So Good - Atomic Kitten
    "Atomic Kitten Feels so good Feel So Good It fells so good, I knew that it would Nothings gonna take this day away Cos' it feels so nice, oh so right Nothings gonna take this day Was only yesterday, I"
  • Feel So Good - Kyprios
    "Baby knows that I do not play She want something but she wont say And I'm a give it to her anyways And it feels so good... Feelin like a pessimist Im always down Theory of a pacifist passed around Revolution"
  • Feel So Good - Ashanti
    "Hey, baby, baby May I have a word with you Ive been watching you from over here And Ive been wonderin if I should get to know you Baby now, what I want to know not back and forth So baby would you"
  • Feel So Good - Mase
    "You ready mase? Party people In the place to be (uh huh) It?s about that time For us to (yeah, uh huh) Yo, what you know about goin? out Head west, red lex, tv?s all up in the headrest Try and live it"
  • Feel so good - Jefferson Airplane
    "Baby mineFeel so goodAll the timeIf you wouldThe girl knows how to loveBoth night and dayShe know how to feel so fineAll over in every wayAin't no lieIf you goI won't dieSure won't growSit 'round running"
  • Feel so good - Melanie Brown
    "Oh yeah (I love you baby) (oh yeah) - 3x yipeeOh yeah, feels so goodI'm loving you, like I shouldRemembering, how it feelsLetting go to have you nearOh yeah, feels so goodI never thought, that it couldMy"
  • Hype (ft.Calvin Harris) - Dizzee Rascal
    "It's all for a rasta! Real deal, you can see it in my posturę I feel like Leo with Oscar The price just changed, no sour, it’ll cost ya! And I;m not an imposer My style don’t borrow or foster My enemies"
  • Mr Harris - Aimee Mann
    "Aimee Mann Whatever Mr Harris So he's retired Lives with his sister in a furnished flat He's got this suit that He'll never wear outside without a hat His hair is white but he looks half his age He looks"
  • Mr. Harris - Alimee Mann
    "So he's retiredlives with his sister in a furnished flathe's got this suit thathe'll never wear outside without a hathis hair is white but he looks half his agehe looks like Jimmy Stewart in his younger"
  • Mr. Harris - Aimee Mann
    "So he's retired lives with his sister in a furnished flat he's got this suit that he'll never wear outside without a hat his hair is white but he looks half his age he looks like Jimmy Stewart in his younger"
  • J. Harris - Dillinger Four
    "I asked why I was there and my answer came in two You are a victim of a predator and this time he'll get his due The pressure it swelled in my head, there was nothing I could do I was just as much a prisoner"

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