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feel the light jlo

  • Feel The Light - Jennifer Lopez
    "Here I go Here I go Feel better now Feel better now Here I go Here I go It's better now Feel better now Do you remember when we fell under Did you expect me to reason with thunder I still remember when"
  • Feel - The Verve
    "This darkness cooled my light We move to different sides I poured the guilt right over my eyes As I rose to greet the sky I've never felt this before See you dead on the floor I can't recall a single"
  • Try Me (ft. J.Lo & Matoma) - Jason Derulo
    "I like the way that your body moves all over the floor I'd like to find a way to get lost in you I wanna talk to you baby Say what's on your mind But tell me anything that you wanna do Ain't we all just"
  • Light - The Benjamin Gate
    "I said a prayer for you tonight To be strong for the weak in heart I'll be the arms that hold you I will give the strength that you need (Chorus:) I'll be your, I'll be your, I'll be your light I'll be"
  • Feel - Godhead
    "Never knew there was An ordinary way Never even seen the light of day Holding back from what I thought would bring me pain Only now I see was wrong again I'm forever lost in Yhoughts within myself Never"
  • Feel - Bombay Bicycle Club
    "I can feel it now that you've gone I have made you all that I want I know you're keeping to your own sound you're running out of sight when the light goes down Said you'll be waiting 'till the night's"
  • Light - Benassi Bros
    "I am sitting in the sun I can feel the power Of a new dawn in my mind Everything is bright Love is all and love is round Like a precious flower Im a spirit floating down In the universe Light Shining in"
  • Light - Benassi Bros.
    "I am sitting in the sun I can feel the power Of a new dawn in my mind Everything is bright Love is all and love is round Like a precious flower Im a spirit floating down In the universe Light Shining"
  • Light - Alice Ripley
    "We need some light, first of all we need some light You can't sit here in the dark and all alone, it's a sorry sight It's just you and me, we'll live, you'll see Night after night we'd sit and wait for"
  • I'm Real (Cover Of Jlo) - Starting Line - Amanda Perez
    "whats my name (blowing back on this marry jane im analyzin the game) And the game done chose me (to bring pain to pussy niggaz and pussy hoes, its one in the same) Ever since u told me (there's only"
  • The Light - Soulidium
    "And now I see I see the light Freed from the night, the sun is rising again.. And I feel I feel alive It's on my face Not far from grace... not far from grace.. If it feels right It cant be wrong, it's"
  • The Light - Pedro Costa
    "It will feel like you have been there before Driving down an old dirt road A strange feeling suddenly comes over you To know you've reached another dead end In the darkness you will be searching for hope There"
  • The Light - David Gray
    "You turn out the light And the dark sucks on the embers of the fire That shoulders in the night And these tumbling boulders of desire Come rolling off the shadows of me You say I thought time was meant"
  • The Light - Common
    "Yeah.. Doo-doo-doo, mmm-mmm-mmm-mmm-mmm.. Doo-doo-d-doo, diggy-doo YO.. I never knew a luh, luh-luh, a love like this Gotta be somethin for me to write this Queen, I ain't seen you in a minute Wrote this"
  • Feel The Pain - The Damned
    "i know you're cold but i've seen it before i'd take a chance on the wine your starched white lips introvenous she drips in fear of turning blind hair to grey and some guys say shows you're ,shows"
  • J.Lo-Jenny From The Block - Jennifer Lopez
    "(LOX) We off the block this year went from a little to a lot this year everybody mad at the rocks that i wear i know i'm going and i know where im from you hear LOX in the air ya we at the airport"
  • Feel Flows - The Manhattan Transfer
    "Unfolding enveloping missiles of soul Recall senses sadly Mirage like soft blue like lanterns below To light the way gladly Whether whistling heaven's clouds disappear Whether the wind withers memory Whether"
  • Feel Flows - The Beach Boys
    "Unfolding enveloping missiles of soulRecall senses sadlyMirage like soft blue like lanterns belowTo light the way gladlyWhether whistling heaven's clouds disappearWhere the wind withers memoryWhether whiteness"
  • Third Light - Alarm, The
    "Alarm, The Declaration Third Light Your head on my shoulder Two months youve been a soldier I feel so sick inside Two months youd have been alive So no one here knows your surname No one knows from where"
  • Feel The Silence - The Goo Goo Dolls
    "You lie awake at night With blue eyes that never cry All you remember now Is what you feel The truth remains In midnight conversations I asked for this moment But you turned away Sad like a lonely child Broken"

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