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feelin van halen
  • Nerf Herder Van Halen
    "I bought Van Halen 1. It was the best damn record I ever owned. TG&Y, 1978. Two hand tapping guitar technique, really got me off, eruption yah. Ain't talkin' bout' love. I'm on fire. Tomorrow may come, Tomorrow"
  • Van Halen Feelin
    "Outta touch most the timegotta lotta things on my mindkickin' down, where to startit's the hardest thing, oh.....grow it long, shave it offlife is hard, never softI need a change, I need it quickbefore"
  • Terror Squad Feelin' This
    "It's on now Feel threatened by this T-Squad T.S. Takin shit [ VERSE 1: Armageaddon ] We 12-cylinder-pushin drug dealer-killers, we feelin this Tec-9s with silver clips, my ?set's style? is still legit Ain't"
  • Van Halen Somebody Get Me A Doctor
    "(One, two, three, four) Ooh yeah! Ow-ow! You better call me a doctor, feelin' no pain Overloaded, down the drain Somebody get me a doctor You better call up the ambulance I'm, deep in shock Overloaded"
  • Van Halen You're No Good
    "Hahhhhh Well I'm, feelin' better, now that we're through Feelin' better baby, I'm over you (Ah) I've learned my lesson baby, and it left a scar (Ah) But now I see how ya really are You're no good! no"
  • Van Halen A.F.U. (Naturally Wired)
    "Yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah! 90 days on the road is what I need When my axe cuts me deep, I let it bleed On the stage, off my strings, down my face And all over me. Yeah! Pumpin' up for the"
  • Van Halen Why can this be love
    "Oh here it comes again That funny feelin again winding me up inside Every time we touch Hey I dont know Just tell me where to begin cause I never ever Felt so much Chorus 1: No I cant recall any"
  • Van Halen Take me back
    "I thought I saw you in the distanceI thought I'd found you once againtouched on that feelin' for an instantcould not recall just where or whenoh nosome desert island off Moroccowe had a love so hard to"
  • Van Halen Top Of The World
    "Hey, baby. Woo! I know you believe in me That's all I ever need. Uh-huh No no, nothin's gonna stop it Nothin' will discourage me. Oh, no Hey baby, uh-it's the only way out Oh, little darlin', now come"
  • Van Halen Secrets
    "She ain't waiting 'til she gets older Her feet are makin' tracks in the winter snows She got a rainbow that touches her shoulder She be headed where the thunder rolls Ow, ow, ow, she got that rhythm Got"
  • Van Halen Why Can't This Be Love?
    "Whoa, here it comes That funny feelin' again windin' Me up inside Every time we touch Hey, I don't know Oh, tell me where to begin 'Cause I never ever Felt so much. Hey! An' I can't recall any love at"
  • Van Halen Take Me Back (Deja' Vu)
    "I thought I saw you from a distance I swore I'd found you once again Touched on that feelin' for an instant Could not recall just where or when Oh, no Some desert island off Morocco We had a love so hard"
  • Van Halen 5150
    "The love line is never straight and narrow Unless your love is tried and true We take a chance with new beginnings Still we try (Oooh) Win or lose (Oooh) Take the highs (Oooh) With the blues (Oooh) Always"
  • Van Halen Aftershock
    "Oh, yeah! Alright I don't care 'bout the way that you're treatin' me And I ain't cryin' about the love I been payin' for No I ain't bitchin' 'bout the things you been puttin' down Yeah, in my street Oh!"
  • Gloria Estefan Feelin'
    "When you give what's in your heart To the one you love You want them to give their love back to you When every kiss and every smile Mean the world to you Then you've got it bad Don't need a cure for what"
  • Wonderwall Feelin
    "Chorus: You wont be half a man if you cry So cry But you dont cry You dont cry You hear my knocking at your door Why dont you open it? Dont be a fool I know that youre feelin blue I guess youve never felt"
  • Eminem I Got This Feelin
    "(Phone Rings) Eminem Hello? What Up? Hello? Yo I Can-I Can't hear you let me call you right back Verse I sense someone's tapping into my phones, why do I got this feeling in my bones, I might die soon the"
  • Boudewijn De Groot Ballade Van De Onsterfelijkheid
    "Over vijfentwintig jaar zal iedereen het zingen het lied van oude mensen en voorbijgegane dingen ook al zijn we dan vergeten wat we doen en hoe we heten of we halen wt we weten af en toe wat door elkaar De"
  • Willem Vermandere De Historie Van Steentje
    "Ik hadde nen vriend in noord Canada Ik zeg nen vriend, 't was een broere, een vader In ' t land van d' indianen, Alberta Roger Vandersteene was daar pater Kinders zit stille en hort naar mijn lied Ik"
  • Klein Orkest Ballade Van De Dood
    "- KLEIN ORKEST Er was eens een koning machtig en groot, die had slechts een vijand en dat was de Dood Waarom moest de Dood toch zijn leven bederven Waarom was hij zo bang, zo bang om te sterven De koning"

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