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fellow traveler

  • Fellow Traveler - Ginny Owens
    "You can't change who I am Or the way that I think And I won't change how you live Or the words that you speak But neither of us is a stranger To joy or pain And no matter how we're different We're very"
  • Traveler Suite - Blues Traveler
    "PART I - INTRO "Instrumental" PART II - SETTING SUN She is all I ever wanted She could make me lie I don't think she's dead or anything, but I still feel haunted Something in the way she said goodbye This"
  • Traveler - Wishing Chair
    "I'm the daughter of my father Though a poor one it seems For I spent my wealth and property And put my faith in dreams Now I fly like a sparrow On the wings of mystery I am a traveler I'll see what I can"
  • Traveler - Screaming Trees
    "It's a broken morning outside Go easy on my mind cos you're this dream I'm hanging' on And I'm trying' to meet the dawn And the longest way I traveled From the darkness to the light Lord it's been a million"
  • Traveler - Agent Steel
    "The lonely... They travel on and leave behind, The sands of time, The wind forgot The spy... He leaves his mark and then moves on The hatred, That people show is like their mirror The echoes..."
  • Traveler - Vader
    "["...and the Elder Lords set Their seal upon the Gateway and the power of the Old Ones prevailst not against its might." - Liber Logaeth (translated by Dr John Dee)] Creature, that howling in darkness From"
  • Universal Traveler - Air
    "I know so many places in the world I follow the sun in my silver plane Universal traveler If you have a look Outside on the sea Everything is white It's so wonderful Universal traveler So far, so far So"
  • Unknown traveler - U.D.O.
    "I've passed the lonely gates of Babylon I've touched the ancient pyramids I've seen the golden face of Taj Mahal I've felt the sea of Atlantis I've counted bricks along the China Wall I've rode the Slopes"
  • The traveler - Guru
    "Somethin to motivate to Somethin to motivate you The more travellin I do The more wise I become I'm the traveler, I go place to place They see my face, then I'm gone I'm the traveler, I go place to place"
  • Cincinnati Traveler - Hem
    "{{instrumental}} {{Song|No Word From Tom (2006)|Hem|star=Green}} In the sawed off light Shooting down across the quarrel Onto Lee They will rise and fight On the Bay and on the Sorrel To the North"
  • Arkansas Traveler - Michelle Shocked
    "Hey farmer! You been livin' here all your life? Not yet. Hey farmer! Where does this road go? Been livin' here all my life, it ain't gone nowhere yet. Hey farmer! How do you get to Little Rock? Listen"
  • The Arkansas Traveler - Children
    "Children Lyrics Miscellaneous The Arkansas Traveler Oh, once upon a time in Arkansas, An old man sat in his little cabin door And fiddled at a tune that he liked to hear, A jolly old tune that he played"
  • Traveler In Time - Blind Guardian
    "The Morning Sun of Dune The Morning Sun of Dune The holy war's waiting for the morning sun the morning sun the morning sun The morning sun of Dune there's no tomorrow the apparation of this land and it's"
  • Traveler In Time - Fates Warning
    "Old man time, Wisdom and Rhyme Seeker of reason, reaper of time Born to a spell he walks the beaten path To hell, rusty shackles of time burden his mind Once on his side time turns to defy. In a flash"
  • Dear Time Traveler - The Scene Aesthetic
    "I'll approach you and wait, it's been several weeks coming and I'd give it up, give it away to be able to tell you how I really feel and how I'd give it up to hear you say cause were counting the seconds"
  • Yellow fellow - Opus
    "Yellow fellow hello hear what we are saying Time is right a new age to bear Hear what we are praying The future is back and the pasttime is dying Take the yellow fellow flag out of your bag Keep the flag"
  • Fellow Man - Kelli Ali
    "Stone cold city lights Glittering gold Where we headed to day? So much beauty in every soul And I just wanna say... Gonna give a smile Gonna shake a hand It's time to love My fellow man Gonna get on"
  • Fellow Travellers - Procol Harum
    "This life is a journey From shadow to shadow We are all fellow travelers To the end of the day This life is blindness Fill it with kindness Love marks the times as We pass on our way All of us needing Something"
  • The City And The Traveler - Hem
    "When I saw a light Carve a crown into the quarry Over me I'm a king at night And a poor man in the morning How will anybody know me? Hide the key in the roll-top drawer Walk the countryside from"
  • Fellow King - Trial Kennedy
    "Gonna raise a feeling it's not my own Holding off a beating that's not condoned Too many people are leaving home Holding off a beating, now I'm alone Then it's over, and over, the night is a closure"

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