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fences arrows

  • Arrows (feat. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis) - Fences
    "My old man he kicked me out He kicked me out When I told him I lived this way I lived this way, I lived this way I lived this way, I lived this way I lived this way, I lived this way He doesn't own me He"
  • Fences - Varnadeau Jeni
    "J. Varnadeau, A.S. Foster Romans 14, Galatians 5:13-15 You like your fence a picket white With a gate that opens wide I keep mine brown the natural kind Not always pretty to the eye But I cannot demand"
  • Fences - Norton
    "Little boys and little girls dream of big, big things They're taught at a tender age just what life should bring Get a job say I do and settle yourself down But what about those of us whose lives are still"
  • Fences - Social Siberia
    "I've been down by the fences I've been gambling with lives I'll be long long gone before they come I've seen troops in the tower whatching over you but you were long long gone before they came so how how"
  • Fences - Paramore
    "I'm sitting in a room, Made up of only big white walls and in the hall There are people looking through The window in the door they know exactly what we're here for. Don't look up Just let them think There's"
  • Arrows - Crosby, Stills & Nash
    "Arrows turned inward are good for the soul I have a thing about arrows And diamonds and coal Pressure turning carbon to jewels Slowly they aim at my iron mark Flaming healing arrows They beat at my heart Angels"
  • Picket Fences - Chely Wright
    "Chely Wright Little boys and little girls dream of big, big things. They're taught at a tender age just what life should bring. Get a job, say I do and settle yourself down. But what about those of us"
  • Mending fences - Restless Heart
    "You haven't said a single word to me this morningStill upset about the fight we had last nightWell life's to short for silence in the hallwayDarling won't you look me in the eye(CHORUS)Time has come for"
  • Rising Arrows - Gods Tower
    "Sunrise here we go To start the show Arrows let them rise The springtime comes Leda now you rule We hail to you Sunrise spirit comes It's born by you Rising Arrows Master here you are The Radiant We"
  • Little Arrows - Skeeter Davis
    "There's a boy a little boy shooting arrows in the blue And he's aiming them at someone but the question is at who Is it me or is it you it's hard to tell until you're hit But you'll know it when they hit"
  • Arrows Fly - Edguy
    "Faking the truth in their eyes Smile but they really deride Never give you shelter Lady all alone, naked to the bone... Make you bleed and melt into tears Down on your knees you will see What you"
  • Poison Arrows - Mike Oldfield
    "(feat. Barry Palmer) Silence In The Air Is Anybody There? Searching Every Sound Walking On Quiet Ground (Chorus) Somebody's Out To Get You! Hiding In Shadows - Poison Arrows Somebody's Out To"
  • Broken Arrows - Weezer
    "Every hour every day since youve gone far away its a rough canopy of dreams and broken arrows and broken arrows baby dont you know,know get in the car just before we go we go we go every hour every day though"
  • Broken Arrows - Avicii
    "You stripped your love down to the wire Fire shy and cold alone outside You stripped it right down to the wire But I see you behind those tired eyes Now as you wade through shadows that live in your heart You’ll"
  • Broken Arrows - Jos
    "Broken arrows along the shore Seems you intended to come back for more It was summerlove leave this town It's too cold to bathe and the leaves are brown Summerlove left this town It was too cold to bathe"
  • Poison Arrows - Away From Here
    "...If this is kissing an angel (Then Id rather burn in hell) Your lipgloss tastes like cherry (Why does it burn like cyanide?) I wont waste any time now (Straight for the jugular) Poison arrows for this"
  • Fences and barriers - Incognito
    "Whilst others wait, and wait, and waitWe glide into this jam..Youre stirin up a revolution in my mindThe closer I get to you babyYou open up the windows of my soulYou do something to me that I never thought"
  • White, Picket Fences - Sunday's Best
    "Go before we both start to say some mean shit that we can not let go. You know it's broke. I am such a train wreck. Getting attention but forgetting lessons I know. Remembering presents and cleaning"
  • Fences Of Pales - Shannon Wright
    "This drone you sound alarmingly meek Is inside my head and plummets my bed It rallies and summons me in my sleep The sun is groggy and upon your plate Arms do fumble they're out of their frame Luster"
  • Follow The Arrows - Sesame Street
    "Follow the arrows. Just follow, don't say no. Follow the arrows. They'll show you where to go. Arrows go up. Arrows go down. Arrows go through. And they go round and round! (They go round and round!)"

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