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  • Ferdinand - Caravan
    "My friend Ferdinand will, if he can Cross that bridge to a little girl's skirt Hands on which he's a terrible flirt Says it's good, tells me that I should Copy him as much as I can Ride into a dock with"
  • Ferdinand The Imposter - Band, The
    "Band, The Music From Big Pink Ferdinand The Imposter A a/d a a/d a (intro) A bm e d Ferdinand standing in the tower thinkin how to get the power Empress knows that it would cost her For"
  • Farmer Ferdinand Hudson - Bee Gees
    "Now it is dawn and a new day is born But with a trail of despair The new day was shining but many had gone Farmer Ferdinand Hudson had lost much more than he'd won He sat by a table and cried in his rum (break) The"
  • Ferdinand The Imposter - The Band
    "A A/D A A/D A (Intro) A Bm E D Ferdinand standing in the tower thinkin how to get the power Empress knows that it would cost her For Ferdinand"
  • The Death Of Ferdinand De Saussure - The Magnetic Fields
    "I met Ferdinand de Saussure On a night like this On love he said "I'm not so sure I even know what it is No understanding No closure It is a nemesis You can't use a bulldozer To study orchids" He said... So"
  • Take Me Out (Franz Ferdinand Cover) - Biffy Clyro
    "So if you're lonely, you know i'm here waiting for you i'm just a crosshair, i'm just a shot, waiting for you And if you leave here, you leave me broken shattered i lie i'm just a crosshair, i'm just"
  • You're The Reason I'm Leaving - Franz Ferdinand
    "Some granite wall Numbs our bones, numbs our all As we sit on skinny hands Nothing to say, nothing at all I don't know you and I don't want to You're so awkward just like me But I don't care You're the"
  • Eleanor Put Your Boots On - Franz Ferdinand
    "Eleanor put those boots back on Kick the heels into the Brooklyn dirt I know it isn't dignified to run But if you run You can run to the Coney Island rollercoaster Ride to the highest point and leap across"
  • Well That Was Easy - Franz Ferdinand
    "Well that was easy, waiting Everything's easy now And the days are oh so normal But oh baby how I miss you Oh, baby how I miss you Oh, baby how I miss you now Now... n-n-n-now.... I used to lock myself"
  • What You Meant - Franz Ferdinand
    "As I took step number four Into the close of your tenement You cast your darkened eyes so low Said we're cold as the step cement But I just don't know what you meant So Alec you may want a pill We are"
  • I'm Your Villain - Franz Ferdinand
    "You toss in a word And I'm your villain I see the passion emerge And I'm your villain But serious, you're so serious Like a waiter hating the rich, but taking their tips And if I could laugh I'd"
  • You Could Have It So Much Better - Franz Ferdinand
    "The last message you sent Said I looked really down That I oughta come over And talk about it Well I wasn't down I just wasn't smiling at you As I look at us now it seems That you're slapping my back As"
  • Fade Together - Franz Ferdinand
    "So far away Come on I'll take you far away Let's get away Come on let's make a get away Once you have loved someone this much You doubt it could fade Despite how much you'd like it to God how you'd like"
  • Outsiders - Franz Ferdinand
    "We've seen some change But we're still outsiders If everybody's here Then hell knows We ride alone I've seen some years But you're still my Caesar With everything I feel I feel you've already been here The"
  • Your Diary - Franz Ferdinand
    "Suddenly you will believe me What more was it that I could be (is you will believe me) The year two-thousand I'll be back in the dole Single but free The best well ever be You're love -- Oh I'm alone"
  • Fabulously Lazy - Franz Ferdinand
    "I've hardly seen her like before Somewhere else Nowhere else before The girl in the spotlight evermore Like no one before Forever more Bloody Marys, two for tea Bubble bath and TV All the boys from rock"
  • Ulysses - Franz Ferdinand
    "Well, I sit and hear sentimental footsteps And then a voice said "Hi, so So what ya got, what ya got this time? Come on, let's get high Come on, Lex, oh What you got next, oh? Walking 25 miles, oh Well,"
  • Turn It On - Franz Ferdinand
    "Ain't easy being this kind of lover when you never call, baby Ain't easy being this kind of lover, won't you ever call me, baby I'm dedicated, yes I'm a forgiver I'm dedicated, sure I'm a giver I'm dedicated,"
  • No You Girls - Franz Ferdinand
    "Oh, kiss me Flick your cigarette, then kiss me Kiss me where your eye won't meet me Meet me where your mind won't kiss me Flick your eyes and mind and then hit me Hit me with your eyes so sweetly Oh, you"
  • Send Him Away - Franz Ferdinand
    "I cant seem to feel the envy I should feel or maybe I dont need the sour side of love, of love No, I dont care his breath is in your hair Well, I dont care his skin is still between Still on fold of your"

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