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  • Fifth Angel - Fifth Angel
    "In a land far from nowhere With a false god as a king They rejoice and sing In the night their chanting rings In the dark mist they wonder If it's true, the distant spell They look to the sky And they"
  • Fifth Of Fifth - Genesis
    "As daybreak breaks the mist upon the earth It came to pass that beauty settled there forever more And as the steam clings close to things to come It came to pass that solid rock did part for humble life Once"
  • The Fifth - Brad Martin
    "(Kenny Beard/T. Mullins/Don Pfrimmer) Brown paper bag, a new empty bottle, sits by the bed on the floor Rusty old motel, the plaster is falling, the wind's whipping under the door There aint enough whiskey"
  • Fifth Avenue - Adolphson & Falk
    "A promised phone call home to A Minnesota mining town From a tired hungry kid Whom the Greyhound just let down On the January snow in his canvas tennis shoes The kid just took his first walk down the great"
  • Fifth Avenue - Adolphson Falk
    "A promised phone call home to A Minnesota mining town From a tired hungry kid Whom the Greyhound just let down On the January snow in his canvas tennis shoes The kid just took his first walk down the great"
  • Fifth Disciple - La The Darkman
    "(Triple Darkness, Fifth Disciple, La the Darkman) (La the Darkman) Yo, yo, it's surprising, how I throw lines like Joe Theisman Franchisin, then pause for the rap Heismann My enterprisement, constantly"
  • Fifth Floor - Saint Etienne
    "Can't stop the fire; / you wouldn't want to lose it, anyway. / Can't stop the fire, / your things are here to stay. / Remember when we used to laugh? / We did it all / for nothing, / yeah. / Can't stop"
  • Fifth Fret - The Connells
    "He heard about those two. He heard it from the back wall Then he slowly turned his head back toward set. He always thought he knew that they might hit on something. Then he reached on for the remote and"
  • Makina Fifth - Ugress
    "Refusing to obsession and Relax violently act surprised In and out of love The stones given from birth Couldn't wait for a smile Spun off in a brand new car WTF across the eyes In a messed up land From"
  • Fifth Wheel - Avail
    "Tripped all over my friends At once as they were starting to unwind Had a feeling I was losing 'Cause as they moved along I was falling far behind I've got a frame full of Good intentions that I Left back"
  • Fifth estate - Strike Anywhere
    "Don't follow and burn the future believing teachings which defend a past conveived to deceive us, to elevate a ruling class we dream with all the love that you threw away we dream truthseeking in the movement"
  • Fifth Period - Leathrmouth
    "Repent! repent! repent! repent! Going down. (Repent) Drowning in. (Repent) Our blood today. (Repent) It's always the same. (Repent) Drowning in my blood, Drowning in our blood, Nothing is the"
  • Fifth Dimension - B.o.B
    "Ooohhh B.o.B, Whats up whats down, Ladies and gentleman, we are enterin, the 5th dimension, Right on right on, B.o.B. B.o.B give it to em Girl im eons and eons beyond these be-ons, another human like me"
  • The fifth illusion - Rotting Christ
    "Excavate the ancient tomp Expansion of my doom Converge to the empty coffin A kingdom under catacomb Furrowed background Self - Abnegation And a flute to paint the atmosphere The fifth illusion Self delusion"
  • Take The Fifth - Spoon
    "Wendys walking out alone and its saturday night all the boys act tough but theyve gotta bite when they do theyll get more than a slap on the wrist and its clear whos promoting her own myth so ill take"
  • The Fifth Horseman - Prefab Sprout
    "You do not have to see me to know that I'm around Pupils dilate, the anxious heart will pound If you've a problem sleeping, well that's a danger sign It means your troubled heart will soon be mine The"
  • Fifth Of July - Eddie From Ohio
    "Looking out the fishbowl At this Beethoven bust Ever since the canine No one's looking at us But I bet, with a running start, We could leap out of the water A two-foot drop to the Oriental rug And no one"
  • The Fifth Inquisitor - Arkhon Infaustus
    "Let them all come to me, infamous lethargy Bestowing the black scourge upon all abominations The red light of abhorrence shines and turns the vaults into heavens Cursing from the pool of mutilation we"
  • 5D (Fifth Dimension) - The Byrds
    "Oh how is it That I could come out to you And be still floatin' And never hit bottom But keep falling through Just relaxing and paying attention All my two-dimensional Boundaries were gone I had lost"
  • Requiem (The Fifth) - Trans-Siberian Orchestra
    "VOCA ME BENEDICTUM ! SANA MEAM ANIMAM ! VOCA ME BENEDICTUM ! SANA MEAM ANIMAM ! (Beethoven believes that if Theresa were to have discovered that he was becoming deaf she would most certainly have left"

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