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fight somgt'

  • Fight - The Cure
    "Sometimes there's nothing to feel Sometimes there's nothing to hold Sometimes there's no time to run away Sometimes you just feel so old The times it hurts when you cry The times it hurts just to breathe And"
  • Fight - Ben Kweller
    "He is a trucker burning the highway His heart is strong as stone Counting them yard lines, passing them hard times Riding that black tide home You gotta fight, fight, fight, fight all the way You gotta"
  • Fight - Motorhead
    "Midnight, midnight, Midnight beat the drum, Black night, black night, Black night, cut and run, Slaughter, slaughter, Slaughter, flee your bed, Quarter, no quarter, No quarter, don't lose your head, Fighting"
  • Fight - Green Jelly
    "Do you think that you can fight me? You worthless, little worm! Fight! Fight! Fight! The fighting must go through, I'll kick you when you're down, Back-stabbing shit-heads (censored???), laughing like"
  • Fight!!! - Stratovarius
    "Climbing mountains Big stone on my back Hopeless feeling Everything is black What am I Fighting for? What am I living for? That is the part that I don't know You gotta fight Fight for your life Until"
  • Fight - Doro
    "Never a day going by that I not afraid And I sleep in the dark with one eye awake I often left without a thing cause I can fake it at all I seek the truth, withstand the pain And I know what I feel (Chorus) When"
  • Fight - Doro Pesch
    "Never a day going by that I not afraid And I sleep in the dark with one eye awake I often left without a thing cause I can fake it at all I seek the truth, withstand the pain And I know what I feel When"
  • Fight - Alicia Keys
    "(from "Ali" soundtrack) Heyy Where?s your faith in Jesus? Mmhmm Mmmhmm Mmhmm Mmhmm You think I don?t understand You think your baby don?t know whats goin on How come everyone keeps tellin me What my own"
  • Fight! - Art Brut
    "Storm brewing for a long time Don't think that I can't read the danger signs What's the matter? nothing! What's the matter? nothing! Some people like things left unspoken I prefer to have it out in the"
  • Fight - GWAR
    "Cruising through town, slack-jawed tongue out You're a moron Turn on the radio. Afraido. Fire up that dim bulb And let some coke f**k piss into your ear Hit'em with a left Hit'em with a right"
  • Fight - Rolling Stones
    "(Jagger/Richards/Wood) Yeah, baby! Gonna pulp you to a mass of bruises, 'cause that's what you're lookin' for. There's a hole where your nose used to be. Gonna kick ya out of my door. Got to get into"
  • Fight - Natalia Barbu
    "Never, never, never, never Obsession, we hide in the back And devotion's finding a way When highness exists for those people who pray Every day is like a start Ups and downs, tears and laugh We never stop,"
  • Fight - Dying Breed
    "(Music: Pat Johnson & Andy Prietto) (Lyrics: Pat Johnson) Another notch upon the drainpipe repressed but not extinct A forced pry with nothing left but blame i i will not Submit to numbness Gripping throatless"
  • Fight - Amberian Dawn
    "You doubt is haunting, still you wait for the truth, Can't see the victim's you. You try to compromise, fate throws the dice, Your soul is turning grey. Fight! Or run though your life Face your enemies Stand"
  • Fight - Chiasm
    "What do you want from me? What do you plan tonight? Can you see what I can't see? Will you put up with the fight? I will remain alone this time Until I know for sure what's mine I will remain alone this"
  • Fight - PFR
    "She takes the six o'clock train It's off to work and then home again She wonders if this will ever change Clutching her pillow she hides in a dark Room in her heart How long has it been Since love touched"
  • Fight - Ducky Boys
    "I've been so outta touch Not that it Matters much Because i'm back in there and playing the same game Come up for air and I gotta see That another year walked out on me Another line on my face and i start"
  • Fight - The Rolling Stones
    "Yeah,baby!Gonna pulp you to a mass of bruises,'cause that's what you're lookin' for.There's a hole where your nose used to be.Gonna kick ya out of my door.Got to get into a fight.Can't get out of it.Got"
  • Fight - Bee Gees
    "No matter how long it takes No mater how long No matter how long it takes We'll never be alone Don't wanna make a wrong headline No matter how strong They'll be watching every move you make Don't let 'em"
  • Fight - No Vacancy
    "In our ring of love, this much is true. I Never thought that I'd be fighting you But you stole my heart you cheated and lied You weren't in my corner You weren't on my side Chorus: The gloves are off you"

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