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  • Wide Awake (feat. Gustaf Norén & Filatov & Karas) - Eric Saade
    "You keep me wide awake every day, every weekend /5x You’ve been around for a year like you just don’t care I want your love but your love’s not in the air I wanna believe I can leave but it makes me scared Yes,"
  • Tell It To My Heart - Filatov & Karas
    "I feel the night explode When we're together Emotion overload In the heat of pleasure Take me I'm yours into your arms Never let me go Tonight i really need to know Tell it to my heart Tell me I'm the"
  • Time Won't Wait - Filatov & Karas
    "Don’t try to fight You know I’m here Waiting for you I know you like me This moment here Is slipping away Just say what you want Take what you need Everything is yours Only if you want it Reach out for"
  • Kid At Heart - Filatov & Karas
    "It’s like a cool store in the ocean love id pullin’ me in push me blackout it’s a roller-coaster od emotions it’s feel like a dream but I can’t figure it out Monday, Tuesday chasing me all ways i got"
  • Highway - Filatov & Karas
    "when we were young we’re driving round, round, round this streets looking for some fun we’re going round, round, round this streets always dreaming fighting that feeling that we will never belong Everything’s"
  • Don't be so shy - Imany vs Filatov & Karas
    "Take a breath Rest your head Close your eyes You are right Just lay down Turn my side Do you feel my heat On your skin Take off your clothes Blow out the fire Don't be so shy You're right, You're right Take"

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