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final contdown
  • Anything Box Final
    "Anything Box The Diary: Page One Final (claude s.) ...and so another evening Comes to a desperate close. No one to say goodnight to at This hour... I had a distant foresight of What could have been real. If"
  • Buitres Final
    "Yendo hacia el cadalso de mis das con un inmenso animal en mis hombros voy inventando un final para escaparme de ti. Y por no decirte lo que debiera voy inventando un final para escaparme de vos. Una noche"
  • Dir En Grey Final
    "The Final Suicide is the proof of life So I can't live Let's put an end... The Final == Romanized Japanese == hodoketeshimau ito o mitsume... moji ni dekinai hidari te desu. chi o nagasu"
  • Mademoiselle K. Final
    "1ere partie solo quitare... 2eme partie mme quand j'ferme les yeux jvous vois les gens et j'imagine vos vies o vous tiez l juste avant pourquoi vous tes venus ici ? 3eme partie (x5) mme quand j'ferme"
  • Starmania Final
    "Paroles de Luc PLAMONDON - Musique de Michel BERGER Ah..... Quelle heure est-il en ce moment ? Est-ce la fin du monde ou le commencement ? Ou le commencement ? Ah... Maintenant, pour moi tout s'claire Je"
  • Sector Seven Final
    "I look back at many times, and still I cannot explain why Those memories thought vain, they become useful here and then My conscious won't let go, that pain inside me has a home Those haunting thoughts"
  • Children 18:3 Final
    "Oh hide me, would you love? Until all have gone Horsemen riding, shouting, laughing To their hunting song Somber words would feign contentment With eyes half drawn But in my secret place the voices Push"
  • Moenia Al Final
    "Qu puedo decirte que no sepas ya? A favor o en contra no te va a importar Por qu no lo entiendes? o no quieres mirar? Prefieres cortarte, prefieres separar Y al final solo es amor Al final solo no es"
  • Dannii Minogue Final Countdown
    "We're leaving together But still it's farewell And maybe we'll come back To earth, who can tell I guess there is no one to blame We're leaving ground (leaving ground) Will things ever be the same again It's"
  • Paul Westerberg Final Hurrah
    "All of the sun That New York will allow Is taking one last bow and left Let's throw this night to the fuckin' wind Don't ever want to hear These words again If only we had I wish we did You're my latest"
  • Sonic Adventure Final fight
    "Sonic: "Here it comes!" You are the Hero of this Universe! You can safe this World! You take the Wave into Hyper, you cannot loose on this Way! Shadow: "Biolizard! DIE!" *SCRATCHING* Final Fight comes,"
  • Norther Final Countdown
    "(Europe cover) We're leaving together, But still it's farewell And maybe we'll come back, To earth, who can tell? I guess there is no one to blame We're leaving ground (leaving ground) Will things ever"
  • Jim Reeves Final Affair
    "This is my final affair It's over and now I don't care I've been in love and I found It hurts when your heart's kicked around. This is my final romance I know it's not worth a chance I'm bluer than I"
  • Primal Fear Final Embrace
    "I came back tonight From the field of the fight They collected parts of death A dimension unknown I heard screams 'till the dawn What's the sense behind this mess? I'm feeling so lonely I'm desperate"
  • Sinister Final Destroyer
    "From the ashes of depraved skulls The common smell is intoxicating Dark clouds form the mortuary Dungeons of dead are illuminating Under pressure of vengeance The frontier is far beyond imagination Believers"
  • Hatebreed Final Prayer
    "Destruction - in its purest form No limit to the vicious damage done Corruption - injustice with no remorse Heinous disregard, our future's uncertain But as life comes from the earth It must return to"
  • Azrael Noticia Final
    "Una terrible enfermedad me quiere matar me quiere matar Nadie a mi lado, no hay solucion quisiera escapar de aqui. Miles de pruebas sin explicacion no puedo escapar, no puedo escapar Largas esperas, avanza"
  • Obituary Final thougths
    "Sigh on to you just lost the blow Sigh on to you Sigh on to you My friend Fell thoughts of soul's descend Final Thoughts Sigh on to you My friend Might be is this the end The pain hurts the fear inside"
  • Turbonegro Final Warning
    "owners of cars closers of bars cross country stars this is my final warning breakers of deals stealers of meals sealers of seals this is my final warning all you squares in the dead zone beware in the"
  • Tokio Hotel Final Day
    "And now we're here again Up on your roof so high The whole world can just go to hell For all I care tonight I can feel the end is near It all has come, as we had feared And if our final day has come Let's"

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