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final days

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final days
  • Anything Box Final
    "Anything Box The Diary: Page One Final (claude s.) ...and so another evening Comes to a desperate close. No one to say goodnight to at This hour... I had a distant foresight of What could have been real. If"
  • Virgin Steele The Final Days
    "Nuclear waste, a can of mace A mind is a terrible thing to waste Virtual living, video sex A voice keeps saying, "this is only a test" (only a test) Online, out of time, TV crime Hey, what's your sign Thrash,"
  • Pippin Finale
    "Think about the sun, Pippin Think about her golden glance How she lights the world up Well, now it's your chance With the guardian of splendor Inviting you to dance Pippin Think about the sun Think"
  • Berman Final Hour
    "the last days approaching, drawing nearer, searchin' for an answer to save your soul, confusion now befriends you, there's no time left to think, hoping that tomorrow will still be a hero, standing at"
  • Dark Tranquillity Final resistance
    "Disaffected, left to internal struggle let ring with the cries of disaccord They told of outposts firm as trees Whispers laid no basis for the plunge to the chasm depths Seen none, nor felt the safety"
  • Slayer Final Six
    "Surrender your cloth and collar priest There's no need for your beliefs in war This is a place for heathens Into that darkness fires illuminate Grotesquely swollen by the heat A half-burned corpse hanging"
  • Dark Funeral Final ritual
    "Long have I waited, and long have I lain here alone.Cold and starving in the dark.Moment by moment I am drifting closer,To the land of the dead. An incessant noise echoes in my skull,It twines and vibrates"
  • Am I Blood The Final Scream
    "Hypocrisy, the children of life Standing shadows between the times Reacting clock is a ticking lust Things are happening too fast in rust Eat more brains than you request Suspicious child, not immortal Annoying"
  • Bill Miller The Final Word
    "Every word that you have spoken And the promises you made All the laws that you have broken Some days these debts must be repaid Every stone will be turned over Anmd we will see your ugly past You"
  • Pantommind The Final Line
    "Some day you'll find the answers but they will breed more questions Is there understanding still If you'll feel your life's intrusion as you walk on in the land of illusion In this place I'm just like"
  • Edenbridge The Final Curtain
    "an outcast of victorian society a crying jag since long-gone childhood days the dream to be an albatross with alabaster wings to be flying before the last bell rings the crushing arms of loneliness embracing"
  • Monstrosity The Final Cremation
    "(Lyrics: L. Harrison; music: Monstrosity) A dark envision (duh, it's a verb, not a noun!) surrounds the mind grasping for the souls of dead the undead come trudging up engulfing evil in your head A sacrilegious"
  • Edenbrigde The Final Curtain
    "an outcast of victorian society a crying jag since long-gone childhood days the dream to be an albatross with alabaster wings to be flying before the last bell rings the crushing arms of loneliness embracing"
  • King Geedorah The Final Hour
    ""The final hour is approaching for the people of Earth, hear this!" she said "Excuse me" And you be illin with the wordplay He said "Thank you very much I'm billing till Thursday" Once heard a beat"
  • Neverending White Lights Our Final Hymn
    "I wanted what I can't have If I forget, help me to stand The rest of our days will be there I wanted, so I pretend Pull down the voices in your head The rest of our days will be there My body's awake"
  • Evig Natt A Final Lament
    "A final lament and you'll be gone From my mind and soul Banished to an eternity of silence Echoing from all the walls The most sacred of chambers The last trace of you Screaming at me, clawing and fighting But"
  • Black Market Militia The Final Call
    "* doing background vocals (Intro: Killah Priest) My lord, hear thy prayer As we sit amongst our fathers.. (Killah Priest) From black Israelites to a liberal life, young guy from prison Fight the system,"
  • Lake The Final Curtain
    "He was a dreamer from the day he was born Now hes an old man, and his body is worn In his eyes burns a flame, all that remains Of the man that they all used to know Home for the first time, in manys"
  • Jinxed Public Static Final
    "Who is this girl? She's driving in the rain, And she's listening to the songs, That she knows will bring her pain. Reflecting on her life, Contemplating every move, She apologizes for all her wrongs,"
  • Carlos Santana Paris Finale
    "This is total junk and the opposite of what I want How life guides me has never been righty! CHORUS: But the Paris Finale Brought back memories of those days where I dream of the city that seemed... "

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