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final masquerade

  • Final Masquerade - Linkin Park
    "Tearing me apart with / the words you wouldn't say And suddenly tomorrow's / a moment washed away 'Cause I don't have a reason, and you don't have the time But we both keep on waiting for something we"
  • Masquerade - Symphony X
    "Shackled in darkness - the forbidden portrait confined toit's frameUnbroken silence - a total misfortune and shameRagin obsession - this mask of oppression, it hides youragression from viewThis tearing"
  • Masquerade - Hyde
    "Lord, please shine your light down upon me Lord, grant me good fortune don't shun me Take all this unhappiness from me Say, am I crazy? Well, GOD BLESS ME! Now Lord, save me a place there upon the ark I"
  • The Masquerade Ball - Axel Rudi Pell
    "See the Sun over the rainbow And the rain comes falling down Holy nights, the spirit of the temple They appeared to take the crown Evil shadows were passing through the air No one knows if he is there The"
  • Finale - Andrew Lloyd Webber
    "Phantom: Masquerade, paper faces on parade masquerade hide your face so the world will never find you Christine, I love you. Christine: Say you'll share with me one love, one lifetime Phantom:"
  • Masquerade - Backstreet Boys
    "This scenes so hypnotic Smoking mirrors, lights and magic Paper faces in gold There's solider boys, beauty queens Everyone's a mystery It's got me losing control Yearning, I'm yearning for the one to steal"
  • Masquerade - Bonnie Pink
    "Anata yosomi shinai de Tsukamaru kara Masquerade Kanojo kamen no shita wa Honno asobi Masquerade Itte shimau anata Ugokenai watashi Namida mo koe mo denai Watashi ni wa nanimo nai Masquerade Anata damasarenai"
  • Masquerade - Clan Of Xymox
  • Masquerade - Running Wild
    "Masked souls and blackest minds, mandrakes of the dark Pitch and poison in their veins, they wear the evil's mark Corruption, hate and deepest scorn they teach "Obey and work!" the holy law they preach They've"
  • Masquerade - Machinae Supremacy
    "I've tried to find some common ground Somewhere I can be unbound By the preconceptions we have found. True strength is choosing your own side When different worlds collide. Do you stay silent To seem"
  • Masquerade - Nasum
    "A governmental promise is just a disguise And a bad excuse for their real intimidations It's just a fucking masquerade! A restrained government is just another slave In the red-tape society that leave"
  • Masquerade - Andrew Lloyd Webber
    "CHORUS Masquerade! Paper faces on parade . . . Masquerade! Hide your face, so the world will never find you! Masquerade! Every face a different shade . . . Masquerade! Look around - there's"
  • Masquerade - Swing Out Sisters
    "(Swing Out Sister) A thousand words can hide Behind averted eyes Emotionless In a web of lies Forbidden thoughts you keep Awake you when you sleep The truth is blind To your cold deceit Turning your face"
  • Masquerade - Phantom Of The Opera
    "Firmin: Misseur Andre! Andre: Misseur Firmin! Firmin: Dear Andre what a splendid party! Andre: The prolouge to a bright new year. Firmin: Quite a night, I'm impressed. Andre: Well one does ones best. ANDRE/FIRMIN: Here's"
  • Masquerade - Sinner
    "Down in the old castle out in the swamps Darkness drops all over the land The clock strikes twelve The midnight masked-ball ... is about to begin Masquearde Living in a masquerade In the middle of all"
  • Masquerade - Uriah Heep
    "A masquerade of dancing shadowsAppear before me through my mystic windowAnd soon to be seen I saw presentedBecame a vision that I saw resentedI stood and watched its image changingThe unseen hand was rearrangingAnd"
  • Masquerade - Nicki Minaj
    "Feel the beat of the drum Move like ya really wanna be number 1 You can beat out the comp Run like ya really wanna be at the top Adrenaline rush 'cus... You have been identified as a hustla' Topic of the"
  • Masquerade - Wyclef Jean
    "(feat. Bumpy Knuckles, M.O.P.) The streets is mad right now (Tell em' why we mad!) Rappers whatever you call yourselves pack your bags and get outta town (Get outta town! Get out!) Cause I'ma strike"
  • Masquerade - Yngwie Malmsteen
    "You never show yourself You're living in disguise You keep on runnin' And you'll run until you die Someday you'll realize You made a great mistake The devil in your eyes You're just a big fat fake"
  • Masquerade - Anzen Chitai
    "Kirei ni yureru anata no me Tooi yoru o mitsumeteru Kotoba wa kaze ni kesarete Tame sareteru kuchibiru ai no furue ni Anata wa usotsuki na bara Ima kokoro nakushita mama Karete shimaitai no nara Sono mune"

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