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finish resultd 06.10.2021 jp 4d

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finish resultd 06.10.2021 jp 4d

  • 4d - Diesel
  • 4D - Udora
    "I think you will feel no painWhen heads fall, eyes close, blood dripsSoulless automata cure me, cure me'Cause I am no longer what I used to beI'm deadDyingDiseasedDisabledI need to justify thisFor measure"
  • 4D kaiwai - Base Ball Bear
    "shinbotsusen kara mieru keshiki yoku niteiru kono heya e hizashi ga akaku kirari shiroi shibuki no mau machikado de wa yoru wo omowaseru iro de samatta kokoro ga moete hirusagari shinita gari no kanojo"
  • JP - Jestem porz - Bosski Roman & Piero (feat. M
    "JP- jestem porządny, jestem porządny. JP, Firma. 1. Wielu tak naprawdę nie wie, o co chodzi nam z tym JP. Przede wszystkim jestem porządny, przemyśl dobrze moją zwrotkę. Wielu głośno krzyczy jebać,"
  • Finish Line - Porter Wagoner
    "Our love just runs in circles never turning for the best With seperate dreams we can't complete in our race for happiness And trouble built within our hearts till love has been tore down And loneliness"
  • Finish Line - Lou Reed
    "Wind blows snow outside my windows Crowd below runs wild in the streets Two rented brothers race down two separate alleys Heading for the finish line Down in the train yard out by the stockyard Butchers"
  • Finish Last - Stellar Kart
    "People change and plans get changed and Everything changes but You Everybody moves around and Everything gets pushed around but You You always stay the same, stay the same I want to finish last Last in"
  • Finish Him - A.W.A.S.
    "We are on our journey home to see God sitting on the white throne. And some day we'll see his face so we run to that holy place. We love our God Jesus Christ our King. In Heaven we will sing. I hate the"
  • Finish Line - Seven Nations
    "People used to walk these hills people used to walk these streets around this town and they used to feel complete that was until they were replaced by sheep What were they thinking? What were they feeling? Anything"
  • Finish Line - Yellowcard
    "Hello friend, it's been too long, And every town sings the same sad song. Hello friend, it's been too long, And every town sings the same sad song. Without you here this hotel year, We'll sure slow"
  • Finish Line - Busta Rhymes
    "This is dedicated to all those who don't see it coming... You can live true baby, you can live trife Whatever way you chose you got to leave your life Aiyyo you're running out of time, and you bout"
  • Sunburst Finish - Utopia
    "Ritual dancer spins away Lost in a whirling dervish ballet Musicians playing Out of tune in perfect harmony Traveling down the sandy track Compass in hand, guitar on my back Trying to find the Secret truth"
  • Finish Line - Off By One
    "I know I could be the one you want Its just that you don't know it yet But soon your gonna see, I would wait a million years for you Walk around the world, where you Are is where I'll be Until the end,"
  • Golden Finish - Phantom Buffalo
    "Oh the boat goes slowly now I won't ever feel the way it does Oh the boat over my shoulder I won't ever know what it knows It only lasts a minute I can hardly keep these thoughts inside my head, Inside"
  • Finish Line - White Lies
    "Lyric Video"
  • Perfect Strangers (ft. JP Cooper) - Jonas Blue
    "You’re looking at me like you wanted to say When I saw you yesterday I’m not wasting your time I’m not playing no games, I see you! Who knows the secrets tomorrow will hold? We don’t really need to know Coz"
  • JP na Stoprocent (gość. Popek, Bosski) - Sobota x Matheo
    "Nie wiem czy jestem porządny ale jebać psy Jestem pewnie niewygodny, wieszasz na mnie psy A co na to ja? Na 100% nic Nic! W gniewie nie wiesz skąd te wąty Ale ciągle jesteś zły Już od wtedy kiedy ziomuś,"
  • Film me finish - Apollo 440
    "Throw the weight of your life behind Blindingly light conversation Our very first beauty contest On the edge of starvation Film me finish me off: film me Film me finish me off: finish me off Some"
  • Let Me Finish - Sarah Brightman
    "Just what time of night do you call this? No, I'm not all right. I've said this before but you haven't heard. Let me finish, I said let me finish. (How long did it take before you rung the doorbell?) Hair's"
  • The Finish Line - Snow Patrol
    "The earth is warm next to my ear Insect noise is all that I hear A magic trick makes the world disappear The skies are dark, they're dark but they're clear A distant motorcade and suddenly there's joy The"

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