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firework for madagaskar 3

  • Firework - Katy Perry
    "Do you ever feel Like a plastic bag Drifting through the wind Wanting to start again Do you ever feel Feel so paper-thin Like a house of cards One blow from caving in Do you ever feel Already buried deep Six"
  • Madagaskar - Quebonafide
    "Ojciec kręcił lewy biznes, zawsze latał w maskach Moja mama miała wizję, mama łaska Starsi kumple jedną misję, złoto na nadgarstkach Wieczne dzikie życie jak jebany Madagaskar Jak Madagaskar, mada mada"
  • Firework - Kind Of Like Spitting
    "Your carelessness has got us filing in. I see you, why don't you see me? Hotwired into a picket fence. I see you, why don't you see me? They all bring their blankets to see the fireworks, in the sky"
  • Celebrate (Pingwiny z Madagaskaru Soundtrack ) - Pitbull
    "Mr. Worldwide Let's celebrate I just wanna celebrate I just wanna celebrate Tonight we're making history I just wanna celebrate We've been around the world, say ain't so Work hard, play hard, all day"
  • The firework - Cajun Dance Party
    "If it's not happening then he will stop,But she must say, or he may not,Is that her heart beating, or is that his again?Is that her smiling, or a reflection of his own toothed face?Time and time again"
    "Ojciec nie szedł na łatwiznę Całe życie pracka Moja mama maiła wizje: lepsze jutro Jacka Starsi kumple lewy biznes, potem na wakacjach Mieć to lepsze życie z Jackiem Keidy wpada kaska Jak wpada kaska Wpada,"
  • 3 Minutes - The Busters
    "3 Minutes to put notes and words together that sound like a tender love letter to draw closer to each other 3 Minutes to explain you some good story that makes you think ,you feel sorry to ignore about"
  • 3 Strikes - Hot Boys
    "I got popped in 94' them people caught me with some coke But I pleaded as a user so the judge let me go Now I'm back on the streets with six months of probation Can't go out the state so I can't take no"
  • 3 Strikes - Hot Boy$
    "I got popped in 94' them people caught me with some coke But I pleaded as a user so the judge let me go Now I'm back on the streets with six months of probation Can't go out the state so I can't take no"
  • 3 days - Renton
    "I was with a devil Was I with an angel? I was so happy Was I in danger? 3 days to love made a mark Ive never been do happy why? For 3 days more with you Id give away my life its true! Who said red bull"
  • 3 Balloons - Stephen Lynch
    "Call from my car to say I'll be there in awhile Short plane ride and I will get to see your pretty smile Nothing on the radio I fiddle with the dial Then I see a sign the airport's just another mile I"
  • 3 Words - Guy Sebastian
    "If actions speak louder than words I'll be speechless I'll show you that i can do what i can do if i saw that id say its the one that works Then I'll sing it forever for you Cos im not someone who confesses"
  • 3 Words - Cheryl Cole
    "I met a guy at the club, I let him know I'm love, I met a girl at the bar, I let her know who you are. I told her you are the love of my life and, one day your gonna be my wife. We are gonna have some"
  • 3 Killas - The Game
    "The Game (Chorus) 3 Killas on the rise, come through scremin homicide when we ride (when we ride). 3 Killas on the rise, come through screamin homicide when we ride (nigga westside). 3 Killas on the rise, come"
  • 3 MCs - Bush Babees
    "(feat. Q-Tip) Hey yo, MC am I People call me Man I'm everywhere like air, so watch as I expand Live and direct from out the Flatbush lands 'Cause I got more rhymes than the beach got sand (who you"
  • 3:16 - Slim Thug
    "(*talking*) Yeah, Slim Thugger, Boss Hogg Outlaws Got plex, with the Boss, ha Something you gotta deal with baby, ha, fa sho (Slim Thug) What's up motherfuckers, it's the show stopper Lil Yo dropper Kappo"
  • Level 3 - Genitorturers
    "What took so long to get to level 3? Oh, was it hard to finally find me? What could it take to turn you oh so bad? Was it me that wrecked your courage Cuz your sentiment was had? Right here, all along Right"
  • 3 Cigarettes - The Sleeping
    "3 cigarettes deeper and deeper I've been drinking more and eating less It's a mess without you laying here It's a mess without you laying here I know it can be all right if I just wait it out and try to"
  • 3 Way - Eve
    "Phone ringin'* Eve: Hello Erex: What's up shorty, what's goin' on? Eve: What's up E? Erex: Everything alright? Eve: Yeah, I'm chillin'. What's up with you? Erex: Yea, I'm jus chillin'. Everything alright"
  • 3 Lions - The Business
    "Your tv image sofa and beers Your gobbing off about Brittany Spears Eaton Cambridge they paid for it all You're just a wanker but you think your cool Your shit and you know it Your a middle class wanker"

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