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fish past-die antwort

  • Keine antwort - Laith Al-Deen
    "Sag mir, glaubst du, das hier ist fr immer weit du wie viel zeit uns bleibt wie viele Tage wir verschwendet sag mir, wie viel davon, wie viel davon hast du bereut nie so richtig drber nachgedacht es hat"
  • Die Antwort Bist Du - Die Arzte
    "Wer macht, dass ich nicht mehr alleine bin wer gibt der grten Unordnung den Sinn wo ist der Engel, der mein Leben verschnt das Mdchen, das ich schon so lang ersehnt Wer hat genau die gleichen Hobbies wie"
  • Die antwort bist du - Die Aerzte
    "Wer macht, dass ich nicht mehr alleine bin,wer gibt der grssten Unordnung den Sinn,wo ist der Engel, der mein Leben verschnt,das Mdchen, das ich schon so lang ersehnt.Wer hat genau die gleichen Hobbies"
  • Fish Paste - Die Antwoord
    "Uh This one's dedicated to all the haters out there Jealous of us because, we're better than you Yo-Landi Vi$$er, bring the spice Jou ma se poes in 'n fish paste jar (De-de D D ja-ja ja-ja J!) Jou ma"
  • Fish - Ghostface Killah
    "(feat. Raekwon, Cappadonna) (, You know they're killers themselves,People die for them. You know, guys that I fooled with were killers themselves These are the men who lead the crime families of America."
  • Flying - Michael Nesmith
    "Silks and Satins and velvet soft evenings and penthouse nights Way down below me the maze of the city streets shine. I hear the soul and the heart of the city. It pounds. While I fly up here; I'm two thousand"
  • Flying - Jack Bruce
    "There's a sky somewhere far away Where the fallen angels play I can feel their music round me Sounds like they're free You can see them burning out in the night Turning shadows into light There are times"
  • Keine Antwort - Nena
    "Du hast nicht angerufen du hast nicht nach mir gefragt ich hab solang gewartet und gedacht was du wohl machst Ich hab dich angerufen aber du warst niemals da seit Tagen ist mir komisch dabei ist alles"
  • Die Antwort Weiss Ganz Allein Der Wind (Blowing In The Wind) - Marlene Dietrich
    "Wieviele Strassen auf dieser Welt Sind Strassen voll Trnen und Leid Wieviele Meere auf dieser Welt Sind Meere der Traurigkeit Wieviele Mtter sind lang schon allein Und warten und warten noch heut' Die"
  • Dead Fish - Rigor Mortis
    "Thrown in a meat grinder shredding the flesh Is it human intestines or is it dead fish' Locked in a freezer destined to die Hung up on a meat hook and waiting to dry Wouldn't you like to meat Dead"
  • Fish Magnets - Trace Aber
    "F I S H MAGNETS (Start song) Maybe in another life You could buy fish magnets Pull away before you die Watch out, you'll have an affair And it feels Yeah it feels like Fish Magnets are too far away And"
  • Small Fish - Porcupine Tree
    "The first thing that I saw as, the fisherman smiled at me Were empty people dressed in grey, floating out to sea The rain lashed down in darkness A lizard blinked an eye And time stopped in the silence The"
  • Tuna Fish - Emiliana Torrini
    "I am lying in my bed Watching spider eat the fly I say "How is that is breakfast TV for you" A little later I'm sitting by the window looking out The red army is really blowing up the street I'm too"
  • The half intelligent fish - Three Fish
    "The half-intelligent fish thought: "My guide is gone. I should have gone with him.But I didn't and now I've lost my chance to escape. I wish that I had gone with him."So the half-intelligent fish mourned"
  • Happiness & The Fish - Our Lady Peace
    "I confess Everyone is overweight And I'm obsessed Talking is just masturbating Without the mess Addiction leaves you sad today & unimpressed I can't remember all the names Everyone you meet today Is just"
  • Talking Fish Blues - Woody Guthrie
    "I went down to the fishing hole And I set down with my fishing pole Something grabbed my hook and it got my bait And it jerked me out in the middle of the lake Some jump, I got sunk Baptized on credit Fishing"
  • Flying Away - Zucchero
    "Stand You've got to make a stand Take your cards and then you play your hand Fate may call Tears may fall Through it all You'll do your best to stand Until you understand And the sorrow falls away so far"
  • I'm Flying - Becky Taylor
    "I'm flying Look at me way up high Suddenly here am I I'm Flying I'm flying I can soar, I can weave and what's more I'm not even trying High up, and as light as I can be I must be a sight lovely to see I'm"
  • Flying high - Galleon
    "I was standing on the mountain top Dreaminof an eagle Looking across the rocky landscape I could feel my spirit leaving Gilding on the high warm winds Through this desert land Restless like an old ghost"
  • Flying Pyramids - Magic Kingdom
    "Awaken by nightmares, tragedy's visions and cries Out of the darkness,something is spying on the world Forgotten secrets, government's lies We will never know the truth, Area 51, Hangar 18 Hidden evidences"

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