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five finger deadh punch'

  • Five Finger Discount - Steppenwolf
    "Words and music by John Kay You say that everybody takes And you just take it faster To play with other people's coin You really seem to master Will you tell me if you can How you cut out the middleman? I"
  • Five Finger Crawl - Danzig
    "You leave me cold You leave me cold Five fingers crawl Around the room The more you want It seals your doom The more they take Extend your vein Five fingers crawl And ends the game You leave me cold Couldn't"
  • Five-Finger Discount - Choking Victim
    "A walk through the product store and 15 aisles to see All the pretty, pretty packages staring back at me Which is my favorite, where is my chance To remove the product and stick it in my pants And I want"
  • Finger Puppetz - Bio Killaz
    "Daddy, daddy What son? Take me to a puppet show Okay YAY! Thank-you daddy Ladies and gentlemen, Welcome to the world famous Finger Puppet Show (Laugh) Finger Puppets, feature presentation Animation,"
  • Finger Prints - Beast
    "(give me back) give me back my bed sheets (give me back) give me back my sunday soul (give me back) give me back my cup of tea (give me back) give me back my self-control Give me back my mouth and lips It"
  • A Little Bit Off - Five Finger Death Punch
    "I am a little off today Sun is down and something’s different Woke up a little off today I can tell, that;s something’s wrong I am a little thrown off today There’s smething going on inside me I am a"
  • Hold my finger! - SikTh
    "Hold my finger! I do want to with you Just understand it's not right now Dont wanna fuck right now I'm chillin' with ya Can we not just lie here and make love spiritually? All Alone, with you Your eyes"
  • Hazel's Homemade Hallelujah Punch - Cledus T. Judd
    "Richard Fagan-Chris Clark At the Christmas pot luck dinner At the Holy Roller Hall They don't allow no drinkin Of any alch-ee-hol So my Aunt Hazel makes a juice Without the use of liquor And every year It"
  • Punch - Fitzgerald Patrik
    "In a small,but perfect,playpen, they practise,badly,being grown-ups, no-one makes the right decisions, throwing childish tantrums; their mummy never gave them a dummy, busy in her perfect kitchen, daddy"
  • High Five! - They Might Be Giants
    "High five! Low five! Slap me five! Down low! Too slow! When it's time to celebrate With all your friends There is something you can do Just open up your hands, and High five! (Up top!) Low five! (Don't"
  • Five Fingers - Charlie Landsborough
    "Long ago my father placed his hand upon my head As he laid each finger down he Smiled at me and said Some day son when you're a man you will understand You'll only count your true friends on the fingers"
  • Five Lessons Learned - Swingin' Utters
    "Five lovely lessons learned today Coating my throat with the dust of a new day As the saints pray their lonely way And their deadweight lays the passion to waste Maybe if I sew my heart on my sleeve They'll"
  • The Punch in the Stomach Fairy - Bad Catholic Schoolgirls
    "AG = Awesome Gorgeous' lyrics ST = Special T's lyrics ST: listen to bob barker, have your slut spayed or neutered you need a lesson in sex? baby i'll be your tutor but you have to understand i will never"
  • Finger Weg! Finger! - Asp
    "Sag mir nicht was ich brauche sag mir nicht was mir gefllt und ich will auch nicht eintauchen in deine schne neue Welt. Dein Text, so viel steht fest, macht mich bestimmt sobald nicht heil Dein Sex-Appeal,"
  • Punch Rocker - Emma Roberts
    "You can't always be fabulous or in control Sometimes you just got to roll with the punches Or the punch bowel I can handle a few new names Call Me: Punchrocker puncherella punchmaster peter punchkinhead punchy"
  • Sucker Punch - Sigrid
    "meet me in the hallway for a cup of coffee by the stairs we’re both in a hurry let’s steal a minute when there’s no on ethere both our last hoodless red you’re in my head there’s no pressure at least"
  • Punch Drunk - Dr. Feelgood
    "(wallis/brilleaux/sparks/martin/mayo) I had a house I had a car I used to smoke the best cigars The taste of oysters and champagne Now it's all gone down the drain Cause she's gone left me stretched out"
  • Tiger Punch - Hibria
    "The sirens warn the runway attack The fire burns all the tanks To stay on ground is a shortcut to death The only escape is the sky You have waited for this chance With no fear to assault Tiger Punch In"
  • Phantom Punch - Sondre Lerche
    "Honestly isn't it enough? Everytime you cross the red line My tracks go tangling Anyway where did you become Such a sneaky perpetrator Strangely rebellious You don't want to feel the phantom punch Isn't"
  • Mr. Punch - Future Bible Heroes
    "Everybody gets it sometime, sorry Virus, fire, gryoscope, lear jet, lorry Choking on a chicken bone lurking in lunch And you're dead, dead, dead! But not Mr. Punch That Mr. Punch, he's a rum one, ain't"

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