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five finger death punch the tragic truth

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five finger death punch the tragic truth

  • Tragic - Orange 9mm
    "There's always one of them in the bunch Socializing and sticking lies in Acting like nobody got a clue to the scenerio When the truth comes out they're scrambling To dodge the ball All of this none of"
  • Tragic - Erasure
    "(A. Bell / V. Clarke) Speak. Spell. What's that word again? In. Out. Of my head again. Clear. Cut. Charmed I'm sure again. Merrity! I wish for thought. Oh, wise men indeed, are fools who believe. Her"
  • Death Before Dishonor - Five Finger Death Punch
    "To the haters, the takers, the liars, all the vultures and the bottom feeding scum The FCC, the FBI and every tin god with a badge and a gun You talk and talk, you preach and bitch but your words don't"
  • Five Finger Discount - Steppenwolf
    "Words and music by John Kay You say that everybody takes And you just take it faster To play with other people's coin You really seem to master Will you tell me if you can How you cut out the middleman? I"
  • Five Finger Crawl - Danzig
    "You leave me cold You leave me cold Five fingers crawl Around the room The more you want It seals your doom The more they take Extend your vein Five fingers crawl And ends the game You leave me cold Couldn't"
  • Five-Finger Discount - Choking Victim
    "A walk through the product store and 15 aisles to see All the pretty, pretty packages staring back at me Which is my favorite, where is my chance To remove the product and stick it in my pants And I want"
  • Hate Me - Five Finger Death Punch
    "It's not enough, it's not enough It never was or will be I never had a chance to thank you FOR RIPPING OUT MY HEART! It's not enough, it's not enough It never was or will be I never had a chance to say FUCK"
  • The Bleeding - Five Finger Death Punch
    "I remember when all the games began Remember every little lie and every last goodbye Promises you broke, words you choked on and I never walked away, it's still a mystery to me Well I'm so empty I'm"
  • The Way Of The Fist - Five Finger Death Punch
    "Break this shit down! Zoltan, open the sky! You want it, you got it Everything you needed and more You said it, I heard it Careful what you wish for Deleted, defeated everything you've ever been No"
  • Meet The Monster - Five Finger Death Punch
    "It's not that complicated and you ain't gotta believe They'll put me down in a hole before I let you succeed I've never been complacent, I can't afford to be I know you think you're special but you ain't"
  • The Devil's Own - Five Finger Death Punch
    "The Devil's own Why!? Where did I go wrong? Who was I supposed to be? No matter what I've done, you've always criticized me Where did I go wrong? Who was I supposed to be? When it's said and done, will"
  • A Little Bit Off - Five Finger Death Punch
    "I am a little off today Sun is down and something’s different Woke up a little off today I can tell, that;s something’s wrong I am a little thrown off today There’s smething going on inside me I am a"
  • Lift Me Up (Feat. Rob Halford) - Five Finger Death Punch
    "It ain't no mystery I'm all I have left I'm pushing back and running you over I've been thrown down,run around, Beaten till I hit the ground Telling you right now that its over There's no room for mistakes all"
  • Can't Heal You - Five Finger Death Punch
    "The deeper you get, the farther you fall down The closer I get, the more you dissolve You're lost inside, your pale addictions Bury you, with the demons in the ash Can't heal you, don't want to cause"
  • A Place To Die - Five Finger Death Punch
    "It's days like this I wish that I, wish that I had stayed asleep It's times like these that make it so difficult to be The light at the end, the crack in the sky there's no promise for release No way for"
  • Stranger Than Fiction - Five Finger Death Punch
    "It's stranger than fiction How you've decayed It must be so lonely Lost within your ways You're born alone You die alone The rest is yours to fill the gap The world goes on Without you here Adjust or"
  • White Knuckles - Five Finger Death Punch
    "Oh, f**k it all! Sick of being sick and tired, sick of understanding Tired of feeling sick to my stomach Demons inside command me They're saying crush it, break it, smash it F**kin' kill 'em all! Laugh"
  • Never Enough - Five Finger Death Punch
    "I'm so fed up with everyone around me No one seems to care I'm just so far gone that nothing's gonna change I'll never be the same It's always do this, do that everything they want to I don't want to live"
  • Ashes - Five Finger Death Punch
    "You don't understand me, and you probably never will I got a tendency to self destruct, and a soft spot for the filth A hair trigger temperament, a switchblade for a tongue I'm a walking one-man genocide with"
  • Salvation - Five Finger Death Punch
    "Disgusted by your weakness You have no right to live To know you is to hate you But your life's yours to give You monkey see, you monkey do You're always doing what they tell you to You're such a puppet"

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