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five for fighting

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five for fighting
  • Five for Fighting Five For Fighting - Ten Miles From N
    "How have you been in the shape you were in I'm suprised that you got where you're going Who would believe What a date you would be If I knew I'd have thought about knowing And in between now and the last"
  • Sons Of Thunder Fighting
    "I'm the preacher-man I tell you the truth Now open your Bible and read with me the word Go from second Timothy chapter two verse four, says The soldier never sleeps, must be ready to fight Fighting, always,"
  • Yellowcard Fighting
    "Said Id move on and I'd leave it alone But before I walk out there is something that I need you to know I got lost in the blink of an eye And I could never get back, no I never got back... You were not"
  • Bunny Wailer Fighting Against Conviction
    "Battering down sentence, Fighting Against Convictions (2X) I find myself growing in an environment Where finding food is just as hard as paying the rent In trodding these roads of trials and tribulations I've"
  • Matt Dusk Five
    "Just Five minutes to your house It took five hours to say goodbye Five weeks to wonder why And five months of just rain I had a path That led me home It gathered no moss But now I'm alone There"
  • Machine Head Five
    "I remember, it was the month October In a garage, i was standing scared and sober I could smell your breathing, and the pain your leaving So ashamed, i feel it And now i am left to fate For all the times"
  • Five Five megamix
    "Five bad boys with the power to rock you Blowin' your mind So ya gotta get into Five what you waitin' four If you wanna three two one Let's do it With the power to rock you Everybody get up singing 1,"
  • Dami Im Fighting For Love
    "Hold me close when you love Love is all I fill you up Hold my hand, Feel the spark Start a fire in the dark When the times, when the times are getting rough When you feel, when you feel it's all too"
  • Gob Squad Fighting For Peace
    "Did you come to do some good? Or did you come because you should? Civilized? Don't think so. How come you play so rough when humanity's your job? I see right through you. Ready to crash and burn? It's"
  • Judas Priest Worth fighting for
    "You said I could never find a way to ease your mindThat where I'd go you'd wind up in the dustI tried so hard to have you reach another side of meInstead you went to nowhere and forgotSo I wander onAsking"
  • Whitmore Fighting For Today
    "We're waiting for anything What ever the day might bring Whatever that fills my mind I'm thinking of old times past I'm thinking about the last Time I ever got to see your face It's all about the times"
  • Nine Days Worth fighting for
    "Summer burns June to JulyAnd we undress and take the diveNo one holds the hands that hold themselvesRemember who we are todayWhen sunburns soothe and years have fadedWe collect the moments on a shelfAnd"
  • Pirates Of The Mississippi Fighting For You
    "I don't know, If I can recover, How can we be friends, if we cant be lovers, It's killing me, thinking of you with him Call it Pride, call it stubborn, But I won't give up, til i know theres no other"
  • Aura Noir Fighting For Hell
    "Attack crush all the sons of christ with our fierce and invincible might Ah, this lovely sight I have waited for Master of storms marching to battle Creator of evil fighting for hell Storming through the"
  • Steeleye Span Fighting For Strangers
    "(Hogg's "Jacobite reliques") Cam ye o'er frae France? Cam ye doon by Lunnon? Saw ye Geordie Whelps and his bonnie woman? Oh, weren't ye at the place called the Kittle Housie? Saw ye Geordie's grace a-ridin'"
  • The Shins Fighting In A Sack
    "Just last night I woke from some unconscionable dream And had it nailed to my forehead again To keep this boat afloat There are things you can't afford to know So I save all my breath for the sails."
  • Wayne Jeff Artilleryman And The Fighting Machine
    "The Artillery Man And The Fighting Machine Journalist: The hammering from the pit and the pounding of guns grew louder. My fear rose at the sound of someone creeping into the house. Then I saw it was"
  • Oasis Street fighting
    "Everywhere I hear the sound of marching feet, boy Cause summer's here and the time is right for fighting in the street, boy But what can a poor boy do 'cept to sing for a rock 'n' roll band Cause in sleepy"
  • UFO Fighting man
    "Hearts of darkness Falling down, it's raining stones Fate is driving Now there's no meat on the bone There's a hurricane a coming, what a bitter pill There's a distant drumming, coming over the hill She"
  • Sepultura Fighting On
    "Weight of the world Each have to carry there own Nothing's for certain But to carry your own From the first birth of life till our final last breath You never thought that you could make it this"

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