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five more hours deorro

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five more hours deorro

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five more hours deorro
  • Chris Brown x Deorro Five More Hours
    "What you wanna do baby? Where you wanna go? I'll take you to the moon baby, I'll take you to the floor I'll treat you like a real lady, No matter where you go Just give me some time baby, cause you"
  • Deorro Five Hours
    "(Utwór instrumentalny)"
  • The Hooters Twenty-Five Hours A Day
    "Well it hit me hard was just the other night Had some trouble sleeping something wasn't right I was out of body I was out of mind Like when you love somebody more than all the time So come on baby"
  • Alphabeat The Hours
    "I'm just waiting for the hands to take me till tonight, Round three passing, five more rounds to go. The hours are stretching like the sheets on the bed, I'm filled with distractions in my head. Do I"
  • Tom Verlaine Five Hours From Calais
    "(Verlaine) Catherine tells me there's no problem, It's all just a question of pink or blue. In this whole wide world, As I drift about, She said, "You know me, I believe in everything." Five hours from"
  • Matt Dusk Five
    "Just Five minutes to your house It took five hours to say goodbye Five weeks to wonder why And five months of just rain I had a path That led me home It gathered no moss But now I'm alone There"
  • Ram Jam Five
    "Five give me five six seven eight nine Give me more time Five give me five six seven eight nine Give me more time It's good to be alive City jam, people fly by Crazy at the wheel Anger in their eyes Sense"
  • Kitty Wells Six Lonely Hours
    "When the clock strikes one I stare at the door By the time it reaches two I'm walking the floor When the hands oh so gently drop down on the three I'm alone in a world where love used to be There are"
  • Frank Sinatra Five Minutes More
    "Writer(s): Cahn/Styne Give me five minutes more, only five minutes more Let me stay, let me stay in your arms Here am I, begging for only five minutes more Only five minutes more of your charms All"
  • Ricky Nelson Five Minutes More
    "There's a man in a suit atmy front door And he's got some paper in his hand Says I got to come down to the station And he hopes I'll take it like a man 'Cause they caught me taking what wasn't mine And"
  • Jonas Brothers Five More Minutes
    "give me 5 more minutes baby, do you think you could wait for a while I col make you … I.. baby, say yeas pelase say yes give me 5 more minutes baby I am not finish lovin’ me baby I will go anywhere"
  • Five Five megamix
    "Five bad boys with the power to rock you Blowin' your mind So ya gotta get into Five what you waitin' four If you wanna three two one Let's do it With the power to rock you Everybody get up singing 1,"
  • Blues Traveler Five To One
    "Original musician: the doors Five to one, baby, one to five No one here gets out alive You get yours, baby, I'll get mine Come and make it baby, in our prime Get together one more time The old get old,"
  • Marilyn Manson Five To One
    "Five to one baby one in five No one here gets out alive now You get yours baby I'll get mine Gonna make it baby if we try Come on, yeah! The old get older and the young get stronger May take a week and"
  • The Doors Five To One
    "Yeah, c'mon Love my girl She lookin' good C'mon One more Five to one, baby One in five No one here gets out alive, now You get yours, baby I'll get mine Gonna make it, baby If we try The"
  • Y&T 25 Hours A Day
    "Well you took me and you loved me Like I never been loved before You took me and squeezed me Like I never been squeezed before Now I come around your house Just asking for a little more I searched a million"
  • Real McCoy 24 Hours
    "24, 24, 24 hours The city doesn't sleep, 7 days a week 24, 24, 24 hours We're leaving on a fast plane 24 hours, 24 hours 7 days a week 24 hours, 24 hours I'm leaving on a fast plane Dowtown, entertainment,"
  • Beth Rowley Sweet Hours
    "Hours please be kind to me today Pass by quickly let my mind drift away But when in a lover's arms I fall I ask that you will tick no more 'Cause these are the hours I've been waiting for So, please, my"
  • Five The Five Megamix
    "Five bad boys with the power to rock you Blowing your mind so you gotta get into Five - What you waiting Four if you wanna Three - three Two - two One - let's do it! Everybody get up singing 1, 2, 3,"
  • Tom Jones 24 Hours
    "Salty skin on my back Sweat that pores like rain I can feel the attack But Im numb to pain The cold is creeping in and it chills my veins Ive got one more minute, twenty four hours to go No redemption"

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