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  • The 1975 I like America & America Likes Me
    "i am scared of dying you’re set on fire am I a liar? no gun required i am scared of dying no gun required my skin is fire so desired is that desire? is that on fire? am I a liar? or should we lay down? my"
  • FIVER Ocean (feat. Jackson Foote)
    "The sun comes up Your hear is down I see you watching me The time goes out And girls come in The rest is history And we do this every night Party until we see the light On the ocean side The girls are"
  • FIVER, Monika Lewczuk Wild
    "Every day, Every day, I used to wake up sadly in fear Looking back, Looking back, It wasn’t me You did make me feel save No failure, no more chance And I’m becoming wild Something I’m gonna try, try I’m"
  • Paula i Karol Heartwash
    "Let’s get up Do you want to come over Figure what’s all about Let me rest my hair Let me off if it’s over I’m not so good in work it up This fucking world is die I’m leaving You’r hesitate is pass Believe"
  • Imelda May Kentish Town Waltz
    "Do you remember we traipsed around From pub to pound shop through Kentish Town Only a fiver to our name The drunk on the doorstep had more to our shame Living over the offy had its trials The fights"
  • Chris Wood One In A Million
    "Bateman kept a chip shop And his daughter Peggy Sue She cleaned the fish and took the orders She chopped the tatties too. And the frier there was Billy Smith He sweated and he sang As the orders sizzled"
  • Tech N9ne(feat.Calico) I'm A Playa
    "Mothafucka I'm a playa (*18X*) I'm a playa, I'm a playa I'm a playa, I'm a playa, I'm a playa I'm a playa, I'm a playa, I'm a playa Oh oh oh I'm a playa (Ya, Tecca Nina is a playa) If you see me lookin'"
  • The View Face For The Radio
    "You have a face for the radio, But I know youd like to see it in a show, Claiming to be the next best everything, Which way will you go? Youre a little smarter than most of us, You run so fast sometimes"
  • Kate Bush There's go the tenner
    "Okay remember, okay remember That we have just allowed Half an hour To get in, do it and get out The sense of adventure Is changing to danger The signal has been given I go in The crime begins"
  • Eddie Reader The Exception
    "In a paparazzi photograph she was stepping from a car The tired eyes betrayed the smile of the faded singing star At the publishers reception on the launching of her book She told the grimy details and"
  • Notorious B.I.G. You'll see
    "Intro: Puff Daddy (Don't stop, I'm not finished yet [8x]) Do you ever ask yourself, when are they ever gonna stop? Do you ever ask yourself, when are they gonna stop making those hits? Do you ever ask"
  • GBH I shot the marshall
    "Feel depressed, walking home,could have used a megaphone.Inanimate objects getting me down,mechanical failures all around.I shot the Marshall,in self-defence.I shot the Marshall,got no regrets.It shouldn't"
  • Goldie Lookin Chain Bedsit
    "Dipper NanHe's the Maggot, He tucked me up-tight-shrewd-don't give a fuck,The Maggot,One in a million,Trust my luck-I wish it was a billion.MaggotOh Dipper!Dipper NanWhat?MaggotGive us two's up.Dipper"
  • Espen Lind The last day of my life
    "Los Angeles, at the corner of sunset and fairfax, walking west Ooh, I love the smell of violence in the evening. Hey Bob George fuck off alright. I just got my grand wake up call. 7 pm I woke up with a"
  • Groove Armada But i feel good
    "But I Feel Good But I Feel High [ x 6 ] Deeper down than this y'all Deeper down [ x 4 ] Yeah i was just following a Friday trying to get home find a phone geezer lighter the futures brighter trying to"
  • Ian Dury Thank you mum
    "Thank you, mum Your rascal son Has seen the error of his ways I stole your purse and smashed the crocks You done my trousers washed my socks Dragged me screaming to the doc's Drink your medicine, chicken"
  • Grateful Dead Heaven help the fool
    "I was born in a flatland,USA and all my dreams led me to L.A.Another chase of rags to riches, I learned to throw some fancy pitches.I found out what ain't and which is just exactly cool, well all rightHeaven"
  • Boomtown Rats Dave
    "Dave'd called me up yesterday Everything he loved had moved away I felt despair come crawling through that phone I know the feeling but don't get me wrong Dave I've always thought that you were touched"
  • Aerosmith Rock in a hard place
    "It was a take it or leave it kinda Saturday night I wish I could love you till the cows come home, make it right If it's a make believe I say it ain't, tell ya then Cause if it's a dream I'm in please"
  • View Face For Radio
    "You have a face for the radio, But I know you'd like to see it in a show, Claiming to be the next best everything, Which way will you go? You're a little smarter than most of us, You run so fast sometimes"

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