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  • FIVER Ocean (feat. Jackson Foote)
    "The sun comes up Your hear is down I see you watching me The time goes out And girls come in The rest is history And we do this every night Party until we see the light On the ocean side The girls are"
  • FIVER, Monika Lewczuk Wild
    "Every day, Every day, I used to wake up sadly in fear Looking back, Looking back, It wasn’t me You did make me feel save No failure, no more chance And I’m becoming wild Something I’m gonna try, try I’m"
  • Endless Struggle Shamos
    "With a broken nose, and a broken heart He knew things went wrong, right from the start from the day he was born, he didn't have much but it didn't keep him down, he would always be around with a fiver"
  • Electric Six Graphic Designer
    "She's a nine to fiver Got evil up inside her She's a, she's a graphic designer. Nobody does it finer Photoshop entire simplification Messiah. Crop and suicider(?) Pen tones and nine-to-niner She's even"
  • Robots In Disguise Voodoo
    "Oh-Oh-Oh-Oh-Oh-Oh-Oh-Oh I saw your face lest night on TV I chant your name all night in dreamland I spy your shadow at the bus stop I kiss your image in the paper You're voodoo I like you I like you"
  • Paula i Karol Heartwash
    "Let’s get up Do you want to come over Figure what’s all about Let me rest my hair Let me off if it’s over I’m not so good in work it up This fucking world is die I’m leaving You’r hesitate is pass Believe"
  • Murder By Death '52 Ford
    "I hit the road in a '52 Ford A pack of matches And a postcard on the dashboard The sun was set The gas gauge was low And it was time to go I met the girl at a juke joint on the fly Needed a friend the"
  • Aerosmith Rock In A Hard Place (Cheshire Cat)
    "It was a take it or leave it kinda Saturday night I wish I could love you till the cows come home, make it right If it's a make believe I say it ain't, tell ya then Cause if it's a dream I'm in please"
  • The 1975 I like America & America Likes Me
    "i am scared of dying you’re set on fire am I a liar? no gun required i am scared of dying no gun required my skin is fire so desired is that desire? is that on fire? am I a liar? or should we lay down? my"
  • Beatsteaks Shiny Shoes
    "A nine-to-fiver still-aliver a born survivor I'm changing into overdrive try to make it so hard to take it learn to fake it before I break it suit and tie yeah I wonder why yeah shiny shoes yeah dress"

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