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fka two weeks

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fka two weeks
  • FKA twigs Two Weeks
    "I know it’s hurts You know I quit this test I can treat you … I so lonely Just think about it Coz you the only …. open like high! Flying like .. High!"
  • Second Class Two Weeks
    "There's gotta be more to life than this, sitting at home with my best friend Praying you'll still want me in two weeks time Watching the phone when I'm at home, thinking of you when I'm alone Counting"
  • All That Remains Two Weeks
    "and you neglected I called you out don't please I said we're stronger than this now you resurrected mistakes years past it seemed and they exist to still haunt you and still you feel like the loneliness is"
  • Fantasia Two Weeks Notice
    "(Verse 1) The love that me and you shared expired So there will be no renewing our contracts And I aint got nothing since I've been hired So I cant take you back I done gave love and aint got no commission So"
  • Fantasia Barrino Two Weeks Notice
    "(Verse 1) The love that me and you shared expired So there will be no renewing our contracts And I aint got nothing since I've been hired So I cant take you back I done gave love and aint got no commission So"
  • The Last Shadow Puppets Two Hearts In Two Weeks
    "His clocks are all wrong But he knows by how much Hell turn on you quick with a clinical touch With a clinical touch hell set you in fits?? And force you to bed for the fruits of the rich And hell burn"
  • Gentle Giant Two Weeks In Spain
    "Two weeks in Spain makes the year disappear easy Two weeks in Spain, you forget, bored and yet weary We're back again, drink the wine, weather's fine, only Two weeks in Spain's not enough Never think"
  • Peter Murphy My Last Two Weeks
    "My Last Two Weeks When I returned You buried my last two weeks My last two weeks Of my new times So it didn't seem like A wasted mouthful A wasted mouthful Because of a trip That was trapped inside you I"
  • Yellowcard Two Weeks From Twenty
    "Jimmy wasn't really popular He had a couple of friends back home And sooner or later they're all getting out so he had to join up alone He was dreaming of the Ivy League since he was only three feet tall And"
  • Halifax The Next Two Weeks
    "Caught in a sea of your lies I am greatful of being on the other side So get ready to cross over Let me take a moment to break the trust with the ones that you love It's cold, is this loaded, Fill me"
  • Hellogoodbye Two Weeks In Hawaii
    "you've got your airplane and i've got the plain air of here you're gone i've gone insane oh when will you reappear i'm just some new kid who can't get his mind off of you and i know that it's stupid cause"
  • Sandy Denny Two Weeks Last Summer
    "Strawbs version The dancing plants grow low Burning embers start to glow The pictures soon will fade Pictures that the flames have made Your hazy, wistful face Suddenly is gone without a trace Chorus"
  • The W's Two More Weeks to Go
    "We played this song for the millionth time today How long can this go on? Two chords and a catchy phrase have paved our way This fad is still going strong Wo, oh, oh two more weeks to go, oh, oh Two more"
  • Frank Black 85 Weeks
    "Once eric said "come gather 'round I'll tell a tale that is sure to astound" un-somnambulist that's awake see, he don't sleep talkin' takin' no break walkin' but you don't believe oo-ooh no you don't"
  • Scott Walker Two Weeks Since You've Gone
    "Two weeks since you've gone And I feel like the tramp Picking dutbins in the alley. He looks up as I pass Clutching rags from a city's restless night I could read all my sadness In faces I knew Down at"
  • Barclay James Harvest Three Weeks To Despair
    "Time now an empty shell Memories in the broken glass The daily journey to despair Where luck's poured out till nothing's left And she wants to run away Away from the light And the rain falls and the night"
  • Pepper 7 Weeks
    "You rip my guts with every sharp word, When you use that monster Hiding underneath your tongue, My words don't, they don't work on you, No, they don't work like they used to. 'Cause it's been seven"
  • Matt Nathanson Bulletproof weeks
    "Somewhere in between The beginning and the end September took the tourists And settled in for good You could hear the trains again Brooklyn girls in scarves Summer left and no one said a word We'd open"
  • Broadway Calls Three Weeks
    "Ive been a slave to this road for so long it seems, The white lines are never ending, And they haunt my dreams. I force these smiles all night, And it hurts my cheeks, My stomach turns, My hair turns"
  • Nine Days 257 Weeks
    "You could be waiting for the day that won't come And you can be so much more than, you've become And I have found my beat, 257 weeks And you could be waiting for the day that won't come You could be waiting"

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