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flasz peer
  • Chevelle Peer
    "I'd like to leave this In my youth Pick me up on your way Send away virus Drink sight is water Drink sight is water Watch him sell mugs to bikers To make a million dollars Place you stamp here Send out"
  • Pretty Ricky Peer Pressure
    "Can I put a little peer pressure on you Are u ready, cause I'm ready, Can I put a little peer pressure on you Cause I know you want it, And I need it How you doin baby, lemme introduce me, ima blue"
  • Mobb Deep Peer Pressure
    "Chorus: repeat 4X The pressure... (you gotta find a way to deal with) dealin with the peer pressure Verse One: Havoc As a young black teen, everyday I, deal with the pressure and mixed up is how I"
  • De La Soul Peer Pressure
    "Uh uh uh Everywhere I go (What happens) People ask me (What, what) Yo dealer, you smoke weed (No doubt) And I just tell em' YEAH! Two weeks later, they smokin' weed That's what I'm talkin' about I ain't"
  • Mc Chris Peer Gynt
    "Hello, my name's mc chris I am white and I rap I know that you think my voice is kinda annoying But when it is on a mic It is nice, kinda like The wind through windchimes at night Now knight me The Boy"
  • Bif Naked I'm Yer Peer
    "I'm yer peer, don't cha get it? I'm yer peer, or else forget it I'm yer peer, won't take my clothes off for you You got a soundcheck well, so do I You say you wanna party but I don't get high You try to"
  • James Bay Peer Pressure (ft. Julia Michaels)
    "Seven texts, 2AM Halfway dressed, they're all saying call me up You can't sleep, you're testing me Bad but sweet and I'm just tryna keep it together And now you're sayin' put your hands on my body just"
  • Mobb Deep Peer Pressure (The Large Professor Remix)
    "Chorus: repeat 4X The pressure... (you gotta find a way to deal with) dealin with the peer pressure Verse One: Havoc As a young black teen, everyday I, deal with the pressure and mixed up is how I"
  • Vic Chesnutt A feather at a wall
    "ChaosOr is it preordainedGlorious glockenspielVain hideous gamePartySuch a lonely hostPlaying with paperdollsNothing approaching a peer groupFill us full of wonderA feather at a wallMixing the miasmaAlmighty"
  • Jacques Brel De Burgerij
    "Dronken, dol en dwaas Beet ik in mijn bier Bij de dikke Siaam uit Monverland Ik dronk een glas met Klaas Ik dronk een glas met Peer En sprong er aardig uit de band Die klaas hij voelde zich een Dante Die"
  • God Forbid Network
    "Prey to your god So sinister and yet so commonplace Subconscious network The Erie light you worship so readily Peer in your eyes and in your mind. So sinister and yet so commonplace Subconscious network So"
  • Dead Kennedys Chickenshit Conformist
    "Punk's not dead It just deserves to die When it becomes another stale cartoon A close-minded, self-centered social club Ideas don't matter, it's who you know If the music's gotten boring It's because"
  • Operation Ivy I Got No
    "When you're Dying - giving up hope Living for smoking dope Singing that same old song Yeah yeah yeah it's always the same I got no - nothing in mind I was trya new adventure Buying that old peer pressure Wasting"
  • Snuff Dehumanised
    "Hatred, sympathy, apathy Its all right there to choose from Where you gonna start drawing the lines up Where you gonna start fucking it all up Start blending with ignorance Start leaning with indifference Peer"
  • Waylander Born To The Fight
    "Blooded to the battle Born to the fight Sowed in the soul Thrill of the fight Taking no prisoners To die for a cause Honour and glory To win without loss Prowess and power Stealth and speed Practice of"
  • Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio This Is Darkness, There Will Be Light
    "This is darkness Who will bring the light Can you peer through the crucified I am not one Blessed be life There will be light Looking through the glass Seeing what's not to be seen Frozen angels whisper Is"
  • Ernest Tubb I'm Sorry Now
    "I'M SORRY NOW (Cliff Johnson) '58 Peer International, BMI Because you love me I broke your heart dear I wasn't faithful to every vow But since we parted I found I love you Please forgive me I'm sorry"
  • Grey Skies Fallen Silent Cry
    "A silent cry visits the heavens You crack a smile as it fades to infinity Unheard by all, my fate secured I fall to my knees and cover my face With tears in my eyes I peer through my fingers An empty call"
  • Hope Conspiracy Ashcroft
    "(The Suicide File) If what it boils down to is that "you're either for us or against us" I guess I've got a tough, tough choice to make cause hollow patriotic actions and reenactments don't move me and"
  • Donna Summer To turn the stone
    "The moon retreats behind a silver cloudas darkness throws its cloak towards the earthand mystery replaces what thought we knewTo turn the stone, to turn the stoneThe one dimension only shows one sidebut"

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