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flat of the blade

  • Flat - D:a:d
    "Small ideas on little minds Many fish of many kinds Easy cash'n'lots of leisure Above primal law; the prize of pleasure It pulls you down It's perfectly clear There's and end To even the worst career... Everybody"
  • Blade - Clouds
    "Got a blade to my face Got an axe to my hips Got me some horny lips Gotta Get a clamp round my waist Gotta Gotta Gotta Gotta Gotta fix my form Get a plough for my thighs Get some glue for my eyes Get"
  • Blade - Imperanon
    "From the flames of a burned down heart, Ripped off and torn apart,Life to ashes and life to death,I twist the blade and take your breathIn the twist of blade I feel, the passion to hate arising,Cruellest"
  • Blade - Frameshift
    "For heritage love and pride And for this land I'll give my life Guard against the raping flag Here's a blade now you're a man From horse to flaming arrow You may take a mortal blow They will underestimate"
  • Blade - KRS-One
    "Only a few... will understand and appreciate what's about to happen Das EFX come in!!! Verse One: Das EFX Well it's the super duper rhymer rhymer I'm about to set it Niggaz best forget it let it be"
  • The Blade - Azrael
    "Pain, your life is only a book of pain but your life it isn't very plain this possesion of hate need to be dread say for your defense "All for one" to be free. (Puente) And all your lies, all your f**king"
  • The Blade - Silent Force
    "Chaos is raining tonight They feel a fight out in the cold Abused, and not know the truth Is he the one that will destroy you? Take-you down-and cut-you with-his knife The blood flows Fight-him back-one"
  • The Blade - Front Line Assembly
    "~~~~~~~~~~~~ "I don't think that..." "Any means necessary for survival" "Stick 'em up motherfucker..." "I don't think that..." "I don't think that the real violence has even started yet" "Bwahahahahah" "Stick"
  • The Blade - Sacred Rite
    "Pushing land behind us as we march to break the dome A million years will bring us miles closer to their homes Remnants of forgotten lands remind us of our goal The lives of all the people are now tales"
  • Flat Top - The Goo Goo Dolls
    "Flat top intervention Bringing home the new invention See it there in pieces on the ground A television war between the cynics and the saints Flip the dial and that's whose side you're on Sleeping on the"
  • Flat stuff - Greg Brown
    "Sundown like a showtuneTrumpets play full blastTo create a great impressionAh, but it doesn't seem to lastFlat stuff, flat stuffWay out to the way out to the setting sunThe muskrat and the bullfrogThe"
  • New flat - Nits
    "East west home's best There's no place like home No letters in the box No voices on the phone Elevator up and down Floor one to ten When I'm almost on the street I go up again New flat! Big table small"
  • Still Flat - Built To Spill
    "and you tell me this and you tell me that no matter how the thing grows it's still flat and you showed me this and you showed me that because of where you came from you know where it's at another Marxist"
  • Myers Flat - Beborn Beton
    "Just have been stopped by the highway patrol, must have been a few miles more than I ought to go. Cop drags me out of my velvet Van, feel the cold metal of his 45er, "Freeze man!" Black leather and silver"
  • Flat top - Iris DeMent
    "Flat top interventionBringing home the new inventionSee it there in pieces on the groundA television war between the cynics and the saintsFlip the dial and that's whose side you're onSleeping on the white"
  • Flat top - Goo Goo Dolls
    "Flat top interventionBringing home the new inventionSee it there in pieces on the groundA television war between the cynics and the saintsFlip the dial and that's whose side you're onSleeping on the white"
  • Flat Line - Enchant
    "My hands are shaking; head is spinning No mistake, the end's beginning Body's aching, I feel like breaking down Looking left and searching right The pressure mounting, my skin's too tight Though I've made"
  • Paradise Flat - Status Quo
    "She was sold at the paradise flats Tell me, what d'you think of that? No goodbye, just a pat on the back Well I know she's made her mind up That she don't need me around I'm trying just to see what you're"
  • Demons Blade - 3 Inches Of Blood
    "The trumpets sound The End The crack of seals break Impending devastation brings the fall The sun it turns to black The weak will burn The leader comes with the evil sword The sun it sinks Into the sea As"
  • Blade Of Doom - Dreams Of Sanity
    "A flashing blade of ancient times my hands were clenched around its heel an evil wizard's spell would leed my life to bitter endless nights For as it was cursed to drink the blood of any human living"

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