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flawers byonce

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flawers byonce
  • Babyshambles France
    "The ideal girlto London from Francecame over then left meshe left me entrancednow I have to get byonce again on my ownnothing but memoriesSo I remember your eyesthat unique shade of brownwhile these blue"
  • Libertines France
    "The ideal girlIn London from FranceCame over then left meShe left me entrancedNow I have to get byOnce again on my ownNothing but memoriesSo I remember your eyes that unique shade of brownWhile these blue"
  • Miley Cyrus Cattitude (feat. RuPaul)
    "nasty, nasty turn up your gratitude turn down you attitude I love my pussy it means I got cat-cat-titude you don’t feel what I am saying now you don’t feel what I am saying now turn up your gratitude turn"
  • Grateful Dead Promontory rider
    "Promontory Rider, Territory Ranger.Promontory Rider, whats makes you ride so high?Put a loving star back in an empty sky.Once the wind was warm and sweet, the ladies in lace.Up there on the prominence"

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