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flick flack

  • Godzilla Flick - The Flaming Lips
    "This isn't no Godzilla flick, This isn't no Godzilla flick. People that you love, are never going to say 'hello' again. And it's only in the movies. This isn't no Godzilla flick. This isn't no Clint"
    "AC-DC Flick Of The Switch FLICK OF THE SWITCH Flick Of The Switch (1983) (Young, Young and Johnson) Well there's a love gone down on mine Suicidal voltage line She sends signals outta distress She devil,"
  • Flick Of The Switch - AC/DC
    "Well there's a love gone down on mine Suicidal voltage line She sends signals outta distress She devil, she evil She got you reelin' on a rockin' machine CHORUS: With a flick of the switch With a flick"
  • Flick Of The Wrist - Queen
    "(Mercury) Dislocate your spine if you don't sign he says I'll have you seeing double Mesmerize you when he's tongue-tied Simply with those eyes Synchronize your minds and see The beast within him rise Don't"
  • Flick Of The Finger - Beady Eye
    "Woke up this morning, I was laid out flat on the dark side, With the moon and the room on the wrong side I took a needle, sewed myself right back at the seams, I saw my universal gleam I see the wonder"
  • The horror flick intro - Chamillionaire
    "You ever seen a walking unsolved mysteryMysterious mind is why people can't figure meOw ouch oops!This lil' pistol keeps sticking meIn the side and IReally got tired of beef quicklySo why they keep picking"
  • Flicka Med Guldbruna Gon - Thastrom Joakim
    "Jag gr om alla sndagar till lrdag ikvll O klr mig fr att g p kalas I en bok som jag sparat enkom fr denna natt Ska jag skriva dom vackraste ord Sen mlar jag om December till Augusti fr att Kl mig i handskar"
  • Blues Fr En Ung Flicka - Ulf Lundell
    "Det r fredag igen nd knns det som sndag Du sitter vid fnstret drute r regnet och mrkret Du borde g ut dit till upplysta krogar och trffar Men din lust r frbrukad om du nu ngonsin haft nn Klick klack stort"
  • Anthem - Flick
    "waiting around my brain on the ground it's a dull day standing tall look down on us all. it's a gut ache i can't leave now and another day is on its way i don't want it, don't want it it's no good, it's"
  • Drag - Flick
    "all night dreaming waking up is nothing new grab my stuff I'm off to do all the things that all the things that keep me here are all the things that make me were i keep hanging on to what is getting better"
  • Electric Pear - Flick
    "wake up the first thing on your brain adjusting to the noise of flash pots screaming like air-o-planes it will sweep right through your veins come breath in the electric air cause we are the electric"
  • Freeze Burnt - Flick
    "you i won't show yeah you know doesn't make it easy on me now yeah you know if i wait to long then i'm all freezer burnt things i have done make feelings numb this isn't getting any easier on me now what"
  • High On You - Flick
    "sunshine slipping through your fingers i have not seen nothing i don't like this feeling i think i better fly i, i get by on you i get by on you i get high on you do you find it hard to face it or do"
  • Maybe Someday - Flick
    "Don't forget to smile Over me I know it's been a while since I Let you breathe Maybe Someday I'll find that one thing That makes me feel like I wanna feel Maybe Someday I'll find that one thing"
  • Pink Boo - Flick
    "your hard to get out of bed when you've been up all night have you thought about what you said have you said enough yet have you said enough yet, no. riding off with what is left of me your feeling good"
  • Radio Song - Flick
    "maybe you should move on cause lately things been going wrong i can't keep shut up tight i'm going to blow in time this is my song for the radio want the whole world to know let the whole world know maybe"
  • Some Other Day - Flick
    "i was wondering if you were still awake and i, i called you up, got scared and hung up and i'm not sure if i can understand the pain that held you back, that held you back, oh take me away i feel okay come"
  • The End - Flick
    "the monster's on the balcony and he wants to join your party do you let him in? the monster's on the balcony and swears that you're the enemy you can't let him win doesn't it feel good to be yourself"
  • There You Go (False You) - Flick
    "take it, take it all away if you feel that way leave me here to stay burn, burn it all up cause i don't care anymore i've already had enough there you go again you make it look so real but i know it's"
  • Wishing Well - Flick
    "wishing for a wishing well to grant my wish what my wish is i don't know maybe somehow it will show what i want what i want is it will it happen what i want what i want ain't always what i get waiting"

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