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flight of the silverbird

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flight of the silverbird

  • Silverbird - Justin Hayward
    "I can understand The rain that falls Waves that crash upon the shore And I know that everyone Must have freedom today And baby in my dreams I see I see you walking away I can understand the moon and stars "
  • Silverbird - Moody Blues
    "I can understand The rain that falls, Waves that crash upon the shore, And I know that everyone Must have freedom today And, baby, in my dreams I see, I see you walking away. I can understand The moon"
  • Flight - Gomez
    "Caught a flight full of drugs Shoot straight out of here Touching down just in time Crawl straight into you And if all the fallen graces ride And we found the diamonds in disguise I've been wasting most"
  • Flight - Renaissance
    "I watched you to fly away today You held me close and turned away And you were gone I said I couldn't understand Why you need a foreign land What's wrong with home? I need to breathe Need to see what"
  • Flight - Peter Hammill
    "'''i) Flying Blind''' I always forget how crazy things are so sometimes it catches me off my guard when they make sense. The line on the road trail the arrow in the sky, I search for the mote"
  • Flight - Bee Gees
    "No matter how long it takes No mater how long No matter how long it takes We'll never be alone Don't wanna make a wrong headline No matter how strong They'll be watching every move you make Don't let 'em"
  • Flight - Strawbs
    "I wish I were a bird Then I could fly I'd see the crowded people As they go by I'd soar into the air And fly as high as I could see Drifting through the clouds With no-one to bother me Just looking for"
  • Flight - Autumn Tears
    "My empty eyes and weakened gaze, remove me from the sky sipping night and tasting tears, of stars that always cry the journey ends and paths unfold I danced with death and smiled I fear her kiss no longer for"
  • On The Wings Of A Silverbird - Engelbert
    "I know that I've stayed away for too long I've missed the sweet love you give me no other woman could warm me inside I need you much more than I realized. On the wings of a silverbird I'm flying home"
  • The Flight - Rhodes Happy
    "(4:49) Keys: H. Rhodes Bass, Percussion and Additional Keys: Kevin Bartlett He sees her face and is compelled to take this flight He knows her soul embodies this, his final plight His heart beats requiem,"
  • The Flight - Neurosis
    "Power Too weak to stand up the power Mentally castrated Seeking security in sedation Sedation amidst the hum of the machine Playing on Grinding on weakness Grinding on the weak Punishment for the feel Rebellion"
  • Flight Response - Days Of The New
    "Out of the blue, bonafide, Response of the brain Intense adrenaline flow, flow, out of control sudden jolt, freezing in fear trauma road, road, travelling real pain is my pill, ride it ouf if you can, can,"
  • Silverbird - The Sweet
    "Connolly/Scott/Tucker/Priest I was a young boy Yeah she was young too So in love but they don't understand Games that we played Blue shadows in a doorway Stealing time forbidden kisses I wanted"
  • Light Flight - The Pentangle
    "Let's get away, you say, find a better place, Miles and miles away from the city's race, Look around for someone lying in the sunshine Marking time, hear the sighs, close your eyes... Stepping from cloud"
  • Flight 505 - The Rolling Stones
    "Well, I was happy here at home I got everything I need. Happy bein' on my own Just living the life I lead. Well, suddenly it dawned on me That this was not my life. So I just phoned the airline girl And"
  • Free Flight - Whitesnake
    "Head on down the highway Across the county line, Ive had my fill of small town thrills Gonna leave it all behind. Free flight, free flight. Im careless in my loving, Shameless in my style, If I"
  • Flight Of Kings - The Classic Crime
    "Twenty two years have passed by As I contemplate I can recall you getting me out of every scrape What comes first to my mind Was the change that I so desperately needed to make Day and night, frozen silent"
  • Endless Flight - Leo Sayer
    "Writers: Andrew Gold keep me steady don't rock me all around lord, I don't wanna fall down understand me I wish this jet was off the ground look around you and tell me what you see are you afraid"
  • Flight 303 - Feist
    "Three oh three Three oh three Three oh three Three oh three Bring a lot of love Bring a lot of love Bring a lot of love And you knew would be left way way waiting Wear a yellow hat I catch you fallen at"
  • Flight 505 - Rolling Stones
    "(M. Jagger/K. Richards) Well, I was happy here at home I got everything I need. Happy bein' on my own Just living the life I lead. Well, suddenly it dawned on me That this was not my life. So I just phoned"

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