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flipsyde somedays

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flipsyde somedays
  • Flipsyde Flipsyde
    "Thank God I woke up just another damn day First thing I'm gonna do is fall on my knees and pray We all eyewitnesses to some pain and suffering Emptyin' our souls to sin to keep on struggling All these"
  • Audioslave Somedays
    "Somedays, somedays, somedays just ain't so easy Wake up, look around just before you're feet hit the ground Where they make the oil and street, is where you stand and where you sleep Black and whites along"
  • Great Big Sea Somedays
    "somedays I feel sad and lonely somedays I feel fine somedays the clock just ticks too slowly and I wish away my time but when you come to me I realize how wonderful this life can be with you, you and"
  • Meredith Brooks Somedays
    "Somedays it goes your way your on a road you can't explain and then it all goes down the drain Your cat's hit by a car the ATM eats you card you're wondering what changed from yesterday Save me from-"
  • Ronan Keating Somedays
    "I woke this morning, shoes untight shower's burst, radio light, car won't start, it's cold outside, somedays are like that. Got the bus that never came, walked to work, lost my job, and you don't love"
  • Paul McCartney Somedays
    "Somedays I look, I look at you with eyes that shine. Somedays I don't, I don't believe that you are mine. It's no good asking me what time of day it is, Who won the match or scored the goal. Somedays"
  • JackSoul Somedays
    "I'm outta love. I'm outta tears. Small wonder after three long years. Stopped waiting by the phone for you to call. And somedays I don't even think of you at all. I do my work. Come home to bed. Just"
  • Neneh Cherry Somedays
    "Wake up without a blink To an even pace where nothing moves Except the pressure from a funky saturday Dropping like bricks on my head Or over the milkyway Starlit electric beams had only just touched me"
  • Regina Spektor Somedays
    "Somedays aren't yours at all They come and go as if they're someone elses days They come and leave you behind some elses face And it's harsher than yours And colder than yours They come in all quiet sweep"
  • Indochine Somedays
    "Je vis dans une baignoire au fond de mon jardin tout nu je prends un bain et lave mes ides noires j'vacue mon ct sombre les arbres me font de l'ombre j'attends j'attends j'attends que les temps changent et"
  • Le Maximum Kouette Somedays
    "Some days I try, sometimes i don't wanna try Some days lazyness, sometimes crazyness Some days I reach the sky, sometimes I don't wanna fly Some days I'm a tough cooker, sometimes I'm a rude rider I"
  • Pink Cream 69 Somedays I Sail
    "so slow anywhere the wind can blow how it does I'll never know and it never crossed my mind red wine - can't you see I'm feelin' fine smokin' with a friend of mine leavin' our troubles far behind lookin'"
  • Flipsyde Skippin' Stones
    "(Verse 1) And I'ma' drink and I'ma' dip and I'ma ride and I'ma' live It's just the way that I play And I'ma' think and I'ma spit and I'ma' fly and I'ma' give Until the end of my day's I'm skippin' stones"
  • Flipsyde Someday
    "Someday we gonna rise up on that wind you know Someday we gonna dance with those lions Someday we gonna break free from these chains and keep on flyin' They tellin' me it's all good just wait"
  • Flipsyde Spun
    "See we gotta get it right but we always get it wrong And it be the same old thing and it be the same old song Tryin' to fight to survive Tryin' to fight for our lives See I'm only tryin' to live I don't"
  • Flipsyde Revolutionary Beat
    "If we can't live in peace then fuck it let's die They aint tryin' to hear us then fuck it let's ride Catch a traitor then stick a needle in his eye Smash mode soilder we runnin' out of time From"
  • Flipsyde Time
    "Time, time is on your side It's a lovely ride you wanna step inside Time, time is on your side It's a lovely ride you wanna step inside We all fit to glide When the time tic Pipe rhyme sick Call"
  • Flipsyde No More
    "From the womb to the world from the world to the grave from the grave to the heavens and my spirit From the liquor to the drugs to the police and the thugs to my prayers and hope that he hears it Little"
  • Flipsyde Train
    "Sunshine feelin' static through your body you don't know what's going on Then a creep crawl the mind bends bet it all then cash in and be gone Cause it's side corners and street lights caught in this"
  • Flipsyde Get Ready
    "You better get ready cause you know we bout to go all night We do what we do when were doin' it cause we doin' it right It's just another night my brother's night I'm rollin' up a dub that's tight"

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