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flower is flower

  • Flower - Sonic Youth
    "Support the power of women Use the power of man Support the flower of women Use the word: Fuck The word is love Support the power of women Use the power of man Support the flower of women Use the word: Fuck The"
  • Flower - Kylie Minogue
    "Wrapped in a blanket of hope Asleep in a bed of dreams I step into eternity It’s not part of my hand Not at all For who knows which way the wind is gonna blow I am waiting for your gentle whisper Distant"
  • Flower - Cody Simpson
    "I know I'll never be the apple of your eye But I pick you a flower if you like I know I'll never be the stars up in your sky But I'll pick you a flower if you like She loves me, she loves me not She says"
  • Flower - Spark
    "He picks a yellow flower on a Sunday afternoon The love he had for her only he and God knew The smile she gave him said all the unspoken words With a glance in her eyes he saw a love so pure (chorus) Just"
  • Flower - eels
    "Turn the ugly light off, God Wanna feel the night Every day it shines down on me Don't you think that I see Don't you think that I see What it's all about Hard to look the other way While the world passes"
  • Flower - Crushead
    "For a long time Ive been walking my way of live alone always thinking my heart is min I can do everything its my own I had my friends I had my home I had my music and I never felt alone I wanna thank"
  • Flower - LIZ PHAIR
    "Chorus (sung once through before main lyrics begin, and repeated in the background continuously through the end of the song): Everytime I see your face I get all wet between my legs. Everytime you pass"
  • Flower - Pansy Division
    "Everytime I see your face I get all wet between my legs Everytime you pass me by I heave a sigh of pain Everytime I see your face I think of things unpure, unchaste I wanna fuck you like a dog Take you"
  • The flower - Cadaveria
    ""may the angel not become a stranger"there was a time, beautifulsorrow I feel nowhope I feel, tooand still I feel love for youthere was a time, rememberand you, what do you feelall this, all this is for"
  • Flower Child - Lenny Kravitz
    "Dressed in purple velvets With a flower in her hair Feel her gentle spirit As the champa fills the air She wears rubys on her fingers Tiny bells upon her toes She's the finest thing I've ever seen Love"
  • The Flower - Cadaverous Condition
    ""may the angel not become a stranger" there was a time, beautiful sorrow I feel now hope I feel, too and still I feel love for you there was a time, remember and you, what do you feel all this, all this"
  • Hangover Flower - Abby Travis
    "There's a flower that droops and a flower that sways It stays out all night and it sleeps through the day Pungent sweet aroma fills the air Petals fall like drum sticks on a snare My hangover flower Is"
  • Flower Man - Extreme
    "He speaks of meekness being no sign of weakness Gently placing the flower in the gun Well intended pacifism a naive idealism Singing his favourite Lennon song Bleeding heart insisting preach the path of"
  • Pink Flower - Daisy Chainsaw
    "Wish wish I could be the real thing real thing there'd be no put down walk around as if you Know it's true if you knew I'd be soon cut down (cut down, cut down) Poor pink flower poor pink flower nervously"
  • Blooming Flower - Chant
    "I've gone there with you now I've got to U-turn but I don want to because I want you carefully Get a hold of yourself girl and gather all you gave It's impossible, irreversible Time spent with you is gone"
  • Meteor Flower - July For Kings
    "Meteor flower you settled in my life shine among the cut-out stars and fireflies singing careful songs across a technicolor night signals stronger pass between our silver satellites I think I want to"
  • Mean Flower - Joe Henry
    "How beautiful you've made yourself How cruel you've become, How so much like another That it's no surprise That I don't recognize you now so Beautiful and cruel You're the meanest flower You raise me off"
  • Dark Flower - Cydonia
    "Blooding greed've stained your religions leaving only hate inside your soul Hey human can't you hear? The flame of a deeping scream I'm seeing the hell through the window This game is so hard to fight"
  • Flower Lady - Phil Ochs
    "G C G C G G C G Millionaires and paupers walk the hungry streets C G D Rich and poor companions of the restless beat Bm "
  • Iron Flower - K's Choice
    "Thunder, please explain why you ask me how I am, I'm fine I wonder is it sane to pierce purple eyeballs made of china I love you like a son, like a game I have won like a toothbrush I used for the Eiffel"

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