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fly project unisex

  • Unisex - Patrick Juvet
    "Un chapeau claqueEt des dentellesDeux chats sauvagesCouleur de mielA chaque extrmitD'une chaneQuelques toiles {x2}Autour des yeux {x2}Quelques toilesAutour des yeux{x2}Quelques opalesDans les cheveuxUne"
  • Unisex - Placebo
    "Do me right, by you And I'll do you right, by heaven Along the avenues We run, run, run, run, run, run for our lives Promise me that we will make it through Promise me that we will make it through Inside"
  • Hello (feat. Fly Project) - Mandinga
    "No ,no, no, no Don’t ever let me go No ,no, no, no Don’t let me all alone I miss you so I got to say Hello! Hello, Hello , Hello!"
  • Project Blowed - Aceyalone
    "Yo this goes out to hip hop world wide. Straight from leimert park, california, los angeles. Yo, everybody in the hip hop struggle, in the life Struggle, makin' a name for themselves, makin' History, makin'"
  • Project Princess - Tony Yayo
    "Yea ma, (wassup) i mean i kno we've been going through some thingz but we can work em out u kno u my project princess i put sum princess cutz on u or sumthin (verse 1) every man need a woman when is life"
    "I’ve been walking all day to see you I’ve been walking with sun I’ve been running all night to meet youI’ve been running till dawn I was longing whole night to hold you Putting you out of sight Putting"
  • Project Roach - Nas
    "(man talking) It is absolutely silly and unproductive to have a funeral for the word nigger when the actions continue we need to have a movement to resurrect brothers and sisters not a funeral for niggers"
  • Project Dreams - Marshmello x Roddy Ricch
    "nigga, I was down bad, now i;m on a jet for real got all this ice on me baby, told my patek to chill sipping on this codeine my baddest bitch is on x pill I want a couple million without a record deal got"
  • The Astral Project - Orange Goblin
    "Shooting star in the night sky, burning fire and light You can reach me tomorrow, you can hold me tonight Won't you let yourself go, release your heart and your soul Forget your grief and your woe and"
  • Project - Black Bomb A
    "Take it now ! Go ! I make my best for my motherfucking, for my motherfucking life I have so much to give, but I have nothing to lose I don't wanna be a pawn I rise, I grow, give to the core Project ! I'm"
  • Project - Young Turk
    "They got this nigga named Rob, and Rob is my dog His people doin' bad, sometimes I break him off I got love for the nigga ... 'round my way, they doin' bad Every time we come outside, we say, "Look at"
  • Project - Turk
    "(Turk) They got this nigga named Rob, and Rob is my dog His people doin' bad, sometimes I break him off I got love for the nigga - 'round my way, they doin' bad He ain't worried 'bout it, he just keep"
  • Project Baby (Remix ft. Vory) - French Montana
    "Vory, what up? (Vory, what up?) You know what it is (You know what it is) When you hear that (When you hear that) Haan (Haan) Coke Boys Yeah (Montana) Gangsta Grillz I come from the gutter, I'm a project"
  • Project Deadman - Project Deadman
    "PDM See the difference between us and them is we keep it underground and wicked. Something ya'll don't know nuthin about. All these groups I hear claming underground. How much you pay that f**kin DJ"
  • Eagles Fly - Sammy Hagar
    "Sunday morning, 9 a.m. I saw fire in the sky I felt my heart pound in my chest I heard an eagle cry Now I'm alive, I can breathe the air Feel the wind, smell the earth in the air I watch an eagle rise"
  • Stay Fly (Still Fly Remix) - Three 6 Mafia
    "(Intro: Juicy J and DJ Paul) We gotta stay fly-i-i-i-i-i-i-i Till I-Till I die-ie-ie-ie-ie-ie-ie-ie Yeah Remix, new Three 6 Mafia (Yeah!) Dirty South, it's goin' down!! Trick Daddy, Project Pat, Slim Thug We"
  • Project Steps - Yung Bleu
    "If you ain't gon' slide lil nigga, don't ride Straight off the project step Grew up on the project step, grew up on the project step Flooded my chain and rings in rocks All of my lil niggas came to box I"
  • Project Hallways - Mobb Deep
    "Niggaz catchin bodies in the project hallways Project hallways, the project hallways.. Project hallways, the project hallways.. Step in to my highrise hell You gots to be on the up and up Watch your"
  • Censored Project - Yyrkoon
    "Censored Project Refusing to see all of those infected minds Just to feel better in your own veins Asking yourself why and how to share all those visions And more this nightmares of that lost humanity Closed"
  • Project Niggas - Young Buck
    "(Verse- Young Buck)(Prodigy) The sound of gunshots, the smell of swisha sweets Ki's of cocaine is all a nigga see And all these niggas be lookin for a lick to hit 'cause it dont look like we leavin these"

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