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flying thing from space czwarta klasa tumaczenie

  • Czwarta klasa na obcasach - Voo Voo
    "Kto tak skacze do sufitu Jak czterdzieści cztery pchły? Kto zapomniał dziś zeszytów? My!!! Która klasa na klasówce Chowa ściągi w temperówce? I na lekcji i na przerwach Naszej pani gra na nerwach?"
  • Flying - Neulander
    "She was a lonely girl, doesn't have a lot of something to remind you. Lives in a lonely world, she's always been there riding right behind you. She travelled around the world, going about it all the"
  • Czwarta B. - Anna Treter
    "Miała bardzo dużo piegów rude włosy śmieszny nosDobra była z angielskiego i z fizyki też jej szłoNie mówiła nigdy wiele w domu troje było ichOjciec był nauczycielem i miał na nich dobry wpływ Klasa jej"
  • Greetings From Space - Amanda Jenssen
    "Greetings From Space I am lost without a trace Without a face, number or name Here we could stay It feels nice to get away from all the pain The world has gone insane It's all the same handshakes and names Circulating"
  • Fish - Ghostface Killah
    "(feat. Raekwon, Cappadonna) (, You know they're killers themselves,People die for them. You know, guys that I fooled with were killers themselves These are the men who lead the crime families of America."
  • Warriors From Outa Space - Terminal Choice
    "we had a motor crash on our crummy flight we maked a forced landing on planet earth and we were so impressed by the type of nature we have never seen anything like that we saw the animals and"
  • Slime Creatures From Outer Space - Weird Al Yankovich
    "Things just haven't been the same Since the flying saucer came Now the aliens are on the loose Well, we tried to hold 'em back Tried to ward off their attack But our atom bombs were just no use They were"
  • Flying Saucer - Wedding Present
    "She waited there just like she said she would But it was all too much when she said that she loved me I felt right there and then as if I could Reach out and touch the stars above me And I surrender I"
  • Nobody Flying - We're About 9
    "I'm sorry to disturb you, Mister - he said - But there's nobody flying this plane, And I have flown this airline before. There's usually somebody in the front seat Who is in charge of my well-being. There's"
  • Flying Whales - Gojira
    "Waters of chaos have invaded all space The flood on Earth again I have to find the whales that once did guide us to dry lands of life I won't despair I'll break this dark around Under the heavy sea I'll"
  • Space Invaders - Hitnhide
    "A few minutes ago Scientists picked up a signal from outer space, It appears to be an alien song. Space invaders In the air, In a flying saucer, You can take me there, Space invaders In the air, In a"
  • Space Invaders - Hit'N'Hide
    "A few minutes ago scientists picked up a signal from outer space It appears to be an alien song! (Chorus:) Space invaders in the air In a flying saucer you can take me there Space invaders in the air In"
  • Flying - Nice Little Penguin
    "Here I am, I'm on my own For the first time, really on my own So will I make it, will it work all right Can I make it through the night And I go... OOoooohh..... OOoooohh..... OOoooohh..... I am flying In"
  • Space Cruiser - Saint
    "Out on a baron street Just outside of town The spaceman and his fleets They're all touching' down They're not from outer space Nor the ocean or sea Air defense stand by What you spot report to me Space"
  • Flying - Michael Nesmith
    "Silks and Satins and velvet soft evenings and penthouse nights Way down below me the maze of the city streets shine. I hear the soul and the heart of the city. It pounds. While I fly up here; I'm two thousand"
  • Outa Space - Beenie Man
    "Machel montano and beenie man Intro: Beenie: Aye ah serious thing wha ah gwan now You see wha ah gwan Space ah gwan Cause the dance too ram You no see wha ah gwan Well this is beenie man Machel: And who Beenie: Xtatik Machel: Now"
  • Flying - Azn Dreamers
    "Everyday I used to feel the pain And everyday I used to wait in vain, again and again And everyday I used to long for tomorrow, Till your love took away my sorrow I used to wish upon a star Just to find"
  • Flying - Chris Isaak
    "I was playing a club by the Eiffel Tower. Taking a break for half an hour. A girl from the bar came out to talk. "Come on" she said "Let's take a walk". Monday was the day we met. Tuesday I was flying. Wednesday"
  • Flying - Living Colour
    "I jumped out the window to get to the parking lot I'm writing this little song on my way down Never in my life have I felt a heat so hot I had to get out Such a lovely day to go flying The sky's so clear,"
  • Flying - Dark Moor
    "Only with you I want to stayFlying across (the) space awayI am feeling like a real kingAnd beneath us is everythingI haven't treasures nor estatesBut I offer something greatOver the tops of oldest treesYour"

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