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follow a follow you

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follow a follow you
  • Dj Ross Follow
    "No desolation no hesitation I feel security You're my philosophy you are my rising star I want the way you are I fell in love the first time I saw you Now I believe that dreams can really come true I think"
  • Delirious Follow
    "I've found love, as deep as the oceanAnd your eyes, they hit me like a trainAnd your words serenade me like the sweetest of songsHere I find peace again, againI will follow, I will followI will follow,"
  • Edith Frost Follow
    "Ahhh we'll snort with pleasure Ahhh we'll forego washing We'll hold a holiday of love I'm a green tree you're the air I'll follow you there I'll follow you Engulf me lover Ahhh we'll take a tumble"
  • Drowning Pool Follow
    "Right now! Here I am... understand With this comes... frustration Chorus: A better way to follow through I'm far from done The truth is right there in front of you A better way to follow through I'm"
  • Gutter Demons Follow
    "Well you got nothing to keep me cold in the middle of the night nothing in your mind to scare me blind. Nothing hiding in the deep forest your madness is getting closer to my lowest interests. All the"
  • Mercy Drive Follow
    "Why the hell can't I say? "Will you just go away?" I guess it takes some time To get this off my mind I need some time alone Some time to call my own It's fucked up, how I'm locked up With you"
  • INXS Follow
    "Never had a spanner on her Says she sees it straight Never took the detour Always licks her plate Got a sticky finger On someone I know Best of everything now See the money roll Stupid people I won't"
  • Brandi Carlile Follow
    "Follow your heart and see where it might take you Don't let the world outside there break you They know not who you are inside They've never felt your hell Don't ever let them crack Hold out I know you"
  • Richie Havens Follow
    "Let the river rock you like a cradle Climb to the treetops, child, if you're able Let your hands tie a knot across the table. Come and touch the things you cannot feel. And close your fingertips and fly"
  • Don't Look Down Follow
    "Here I'm dead more than awake, not living, And here I see more in my dreams, while sleeping, Wait a minute I'm not quite through yet, Just a second, I could be your best bet. Love me, leave me, Just"
  • Papermoon Follow
    "Now it seems the snow is meltingCan't you see the sun comes throughSpring isn't far away anymoreAnd the birds all aroundTell their storyOf places we don't knowHow I wish I could followNow it seems the"
  • Fireside Follow Follow
    "It's ok In a way I just can not see it If you take What I have I just can't belive it Try to sort it all out It's a way of dreaming You will keep In my way As a case of sorrow Try to feel Not a thing At"
  • The Idle Race Follow Me, Follow
    "See how they go on the wings of a shiny bird And the resons for them leaving is not easy Follow me follow Follow me too far away Follow me follow Where you will go See how they go on the wings of a shiny"
  • Electric Light Orchestra Follow me follow
    "See how they go on the wings of a shiny bird And the resons for them leaving is not easy Follow me follow Follow me too far away Follow me follow Where you will go See how they go on the wings of a shiny"
  • Colby O'Donis Follow You
    "Excuse me baby what's the deal What's the deal? How you feel?) Could you tell me baby how you feel? How you feel? I never try to cross the line Cross the line girl But I stepped on it a couple times She"
  • Lasgo Follow you
    "I wrote a letter And I hope that you will see The way you make me feel And what you really mean to me Every night I dream of you I wonder where you are I look outside, into the sky I see you waving on"
  • Genesis Follow you - follow me
    "Staywith me,My love I hope you'll always beRight here by my side if ever I needed youOh my loveIn your arms,I feel so safe and so secureEveryday is such a perfect day to spendAlone with youI will follow"
  • Genesis Follow You Follow Me
  • Red House Painters Follow You, Follow Me
    "stay with me, my love I hope you'll always be, right here by my side if ever i need you Oh my love, in your arms i feel so safe and so secure everyday is such a perfect day to spend alone with you I will"
  • Alex Lloyd Follow
    "Careful steps we take Don't want this bridge to break again In this winter's cold Embrace the love we used to know Wherever you get, wherever you go I'll follow you With every new breath and every new"

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